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  1. My Duetto has developed a small leak in the back right hand corner as looked at from the front. Only occurs when the machine is on, does anyone have an idea as to what this may be. The machine seems to work fine apart from this, it is about 3 or 4 years old. Many thanks for you help Paul
  2. I have used Ashbeck for several years, bizarrely it is cheaper in 6 packs of 2 litres than any other way. This is good as one bottle virtually fills the reservoir when the alarm sounds.
  3. Yes, absolutely delighted with it. Tank fed as Essex water is rubbish, use Ashbeck all the time. Pair this with a better grinder and you will be in coffee heaven. My two pennyworth is that the EK looks very old fashioned and huge for home use, I would get a versalab, tried one at one of the days at Rave, easy to use and a fab grind, I cannot afford one at present but if I could I would! Paul
  4. Surely the problems arise when you mix volume, mls, pints, drams with weight, stones, kilos, grams, you can use one or the other, any mix of units is fine provided you don't mix weight and volume, distance and area, don't worry about the units get the concept the same.
  5. Perhaps you could sell them to Charbucks!
  6. Sorry for the late posting. Many thanks to Dave for organising an amazing day out. I have never seen such an array of amazing machinery in one place. It was very generous of Dave to let us just loose on all his wonderful toys and I think everyone had a go at most combinations of machine that interested them. The EK is such an ugly thing, produced a great espresso with the L1 but many people felt that the lack of mouthfeel made it slightly less successful than the Versalab which not only produced amazing coffee but looked great too. Many many thanks to Callum who selflessly served great coffe with beautiful latte art all day. Also to Rave for hosting. My first forum day out but hopefully not the last. Good to meet you all. I hope that Patrick gets united with his new machine soon. Paul Ps will post some photos if I am ever home to do so
  7. What is wrong with a simple adaptor? Example https://www.euronetwork.co.uk/converter-plugs/euro-to-uk Paul
  8. There seem to be very few mistakes that I have not made. Paul
  9. Where am I now? At this moment I am in Citerna in Umbria in Itlay, water is soft but it is difficult to get freshly roasted beans here. Normally I am in the Essex countryside about 5 miles east of Sawbridgeworth, as no one has heard of that I am sure the Rodings or Roothings as the Anglo-saxons called them are beyond the pale! The water is hard so it is Ashbeck only for Alex. Paul
  10. The new machine looks the dogs b*****ks! I am sure the coffee is great, there must be a learning curve, I hope that you have fun exploring it. Sorry that you cannot make the Titan event. Paul
  11. Payment made! Very much looking forward to the event. It will be great to put faces to peoples names. Paul
  12. 16 grams in, 24.5 - 25.5 out in about 25 seconds. Usually use Rave Signature. Paul
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