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  1. I have full electricity usage monitoring because of my solar. Once it's warmed up then it hardly uses any electricity, you can't see it's on above the background noise of fridges. I think because it's a PID it just strobes very low to nudge it back up to temp. As for the steam boiler that is under pressure and insulated. So when I'm around all day I leave it on, it appears to use less electricity than boiling the kettle for when I want tea.
  2. Something did occur to me. When the machine is off would it be advisable to leave the brew lever in the middle position so it is not tensed all the time? It occurred because now everything is new you can really feel the tension again.
  3. It's fixed! Thanks all. I still don't know exactly which bit it was, I suspect the springs but I'm not sure so just replaced everything and will keep the old bits
  4. Damien from BB got back to me. Apparently the Brewtus repair kit is the same as the Izzo repair kit. For some reason they don't advertise that on the site (took him a while to find out). I've ordered it with heap of extra gaskets and will keep you posted when it arrives.
  5. Thanks with the help of this and the above link I took the whole group apart. I honestly can't see anything that is obviously worn. I'm going to look to get a repair kit so I have items to compare too. It could be the rubbers as you suggest but I think I will just try and get everything. Got a friend coming over on Sunday so I've made an enquiry at Bella barista. I'm sure I can find it here in oz but expobar certainly are less popular and Bella sold the machine to Gary back in '08. I'm still fascinated by the group and feel so much better about my having taken it apart. It's feeling better than it wad but I know it's not perfect. If I'd had a coffee machine to deconstruct as a lad rather than a computer things may have been different!
  6. I've never really been on coffee snobs so thought I'd be best to ask here first. Will check Bella barista and if someone hopefully confirms that I'm correct in the issue I can ask on coffee snobs too. Thanks.
  7. Scratch the question about getting it off, worked out hat the cam and shaft just pulls out. So does it sound like I'm right? Where on earth do you get a replacement cam, I searched and all anyone seems to sell are cam gaskets
  8. Hello all, sorry to drop in after years with a question I find the time difference a bit restrictive from Oz and I don't get on with coffee snobs so well so I thought I'd come back and beg forgiveness! I have Gary dykes old expobar brewtus. At the end of the shot when I put the brew leaver all the way down (into the exhaust position) it doesn't release the pressure from the group head. If I push back hard it slowly trickles out. I thought it might be a scale/cleaning issue and most searches seem to suggest that. But I took out the mushroom and it is immaculate in there. I also took out the bottom section (the drain chamber) and that looked ok too. So I *think* to me it looks like the operating Cam is warn down and isn't applying enough pressure on the drain valve. It doesn't look that warn but I can't think what else it would be. Just to add one final bit of information it actually flushes much better when the machine is cold. So something is expanding a bit when it heats up, the margins must be pretty fine. I say all this with caution, I'm a software developer not an engineer. But I'm glad to have taken the group head apart. Makes the diagrams make sense and they are remarkably simple. If I am right and it is the cam I couldn't work out if you could just remove that bit or where I would find a replacement cam. A google search revealed nothing
  9. I've tried skillet and I do think the steel works better. Maybe my skillet had too high sides. But the fact that you can get the steel much closer to the grill and pre heat it makes it much easier and the results are better than I saw with a skillet. This concurs with the findings of serious eats too. Google your local steel yard it cost next to nothing
  10. Finally got around to using my baking steel again. Without doubt I can say that the steel is the best pizza I've ever made in a home oven. Preheated steel for 1.15hr in oven on full. Then switch to the grill for 15 minutes before cooking. As you will see from the pics some are a little over and some a little under. The problem now is that it's happening so fast (sub 3 minutes) that it's easy to get it wrong. You really need to be checking it more than I was. But this was my first real attempt with the steel last time was a disaster. The oven rise on the crust was amazing. They were light and chewy and not dry and baked as so often happens
  11. Hello everyone. Sorry don't really post so much these days, difficult with the time difference from Australia now. Anyway just thought I'd check in as I've now entered the world of home roasting. Just tried my first roast. Didn't hit the increase time soon enough and the auto cool kicked in just after first crack so I think they are probably a bit light. Looking forward to giving it another go https://vimeo.com/141313137 Some other beans for colour comparison
  12. Sorry I took two terrible pictures after the event. It was a bit of a disaster but not due to the the steel. The dough balls had spread a lot in the fridge overnight and spread into each other. I hadn't been able to put them into tupaware like normal because I had guests and don't have enough. So I put them on non stick paper which they really stuck to! So I pretty much got all the air out in getting them out the tin. I don't really understand it was my usual recipe of 65% hydration. The balls were bigger than I normally do (275g) I normally do around 200g I think. But the steel allowed me to do bigger pizzas. Any thoughts tips appreciated. Anyway into the steel. I preheated the oven for 1 hour with the steel in. First pizza for kids I just threw on the steel. Didn't really chat on top but anyway it was just for kids. So I hit the grill and let it warm up. The first pizza took 4 minutes. Towards the end I near burnt a pizza at 3 minutes. Last pizza took two minutes. I was getting a good rise on crust (despite the above) and good charing. The method definitely works, will post back hopefully better results next time
  13. Should be testing it this weekend. I did a loaf on it and it stayed hot for hours afterwards. It has some serious thermal capacity
  14. Just got a baking steel. It cost $24aud (about £12) from the local steel works. It's very heavy, must weigh over 10kg. Can't wait to give it a go. Will post back with results comparing to skillet method
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