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  1. Hi all, I have a Gaggia TS that has its water light on and so won't function. Is there a sensor, a quick check I can do or some other common sense checks? Thanks, Charlie
  2. Thanks all, The no water light is on, even with water in the tank. They repaired it I think by replacing the sensor. Thanks for the offer Bacms but I haven't got time to travel to Cambridge. Happy to fix it myself and will post this in the repairs thread. Citizens Advice is pointless. I know what to do - ask for a refund by letter then start the legal process via moneyclaim.co.uk . Charlie
  3. Had a very frustrating experience with Gaggia Service - they are based in Nottingahm. They collected a Gaggia TS with a fault, charged me nearly £100 and returned it to me with the same fault. Now they are refusing to fix ir or refund me. This is annoying but I see that there are a few negative reviews about them on Google so I am obviously not the first. Does anybody have a recommendation for a reliable Gaggia fixer in London? Thanks all, Charlie
  4. Working perfectly. Was serviced last year. Correct pressure. With manual. Has the improved stainless steel steam wand and comes with a couple of portafilter handle things. A great machine for making professional coffee at home. It took me about half a day to go from never having made a latte to making coffee better than my local coffee shop. A very easy machine to use. Collect from SE15 or send your courier. Charlie
  5. They are great machines. I had one, then I had another one, now I am looking for another one. If anyone has one for sale, please send me a PM... Charlie
  6. I have had a variety of beans in the last few months including regular deliveries direct from espresso coffee experts. None have been as good as the beans I am using from Carpo in Picadilly, London. Here's a link: http://www.sainsburysmagazine.co.uk/eating-out/item/head-to-piccadilly-for-healthy-snacks Worth a punt as they are lovely. Charlie
  7. I have a nice Gaggia TS machine for sale. Was at London Espresso a few weeks ago for a check over and a new motherboard (£240). Working perfectly. Has a new group head seal (these tend to go rigid over time and can leak). Pressure stable at 1.3bar. Makes great coffee. Comes with a single portafilter. In East Dulwich. Collection only. Charlie
  8. I have the black plastic wand - I assume this is the bog standard Gaggia item. Charlie
  9. I picked up a Mazzer grinder last weekend. It's a great unit - small enough so it didn't annoy the wife and fits well in the kitchen. It looks cool and set me back a reasonable £160. It is a Mini Aut. Assume this is smaller than the Super Jolly and aut = automatic, ie it will stop once the doser is full. I haven't filled it as I don't drink that much coffee. I can rotate the grinding adjustment but if I go too fine I get a high pitched whining - sounds like two things rubbing where they shouldn't rub. If I set the coarsest grind at 10 and go down I can only really get down to four - it does the job but I could do with a little finer. For owners of Mazzer grinders, is this normal or can you set your machines at 0 on the course/fine scale? Should I replace the grinding wheels (what are they called burrs?)? I'm on my second small tin of Illy red coffee beans btw. I like the taste. The TS is still producing excellent coffee and the milk is going well but probably too frothy for my liking. Would the posh steam wand make the milk less frothy or is there a technique to this? Charlie
  10. Fair point. Back to the Illy in a can (no grinder yet) and it's getting pretty consistent. Sill 30 secs. Normal volume again. Good flavour, not bitter. Once I get the grinder I'll be onto stage two. I have the black plastic steam wand - it does a good job of steaming and frothing. I have read about changing it but I like what it does. What other wands are available for the TS and what difference do they make? Thanks all, Charlie
  11. Yeah but can a little difference in the grind equal the difference between a shot of espresso or three shots of espresso coming out in the same 30 seconds? Thanks all for the input. I'll keep with the Illy and see if I can work out what's going on. Charlie
  12. Thanks all. I get the variations in coffee but this is the difference between a choked trickle and a major flow. A major difference. Will go back to the Illy for a few days til the proper grinder arrives. Anyway, think I have found an Iberital MC5 cheap so should have that soon. And yes, have been timing all the shots at 30 seconds. I'm in south east London. Been looking at a Gaggia TS for years but never found one cheap enough until recently. Charlie
  13. Hi all, I bought a Gaggia TS a couple of weeks ago. I don't have a grinder yet so have been using a tin of Illy espresso ground coffee. So far so good. 90 or so espresso shots at 30 seconds duration each have given me consistent coffee. The machine seems to work OK after I renewed the group head seal (bitch of a job as it had turned to rock hard carbon!). Pressure is at 1.25 bar. Once or twice I have seen about double the amount of coffee come out of the head. Today I tried different coffee (Lavazza) and in 30 seconds I filled a medium, sized coffee cup in 30 seconds. Previously I was getting less than half a cup in 30 secs. What's going on? Same pressure, same amount of coffee in the filter, all conditions equal, and yet suddenly the coffee is flowing much faster! Any ideas? I'll probably go back to Illy for now anyway. Thanks all, Charlie
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