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  1. Thanks for this. I've never personally heard or seen this brand, but it definitely fits the bill for the size of grinder I'm after. Any idea how it compares to a Eureka Mignon?
  2. Thanks for this and sorry for not replying sooner, I've only just got back round to this thread. I appreciate the link but I'm definitely after something that I can just press and enjoy. The thought of hand grinding at that price is not for me, but glad you're enjoying it.
  3. Quick update from me on this. I eventually set aside a couple of hours yesterday and managed to change both valves and the pump. I followed the video tutorials on YouTube for WholeLatteLove and I'm pleased to report it was a great success 😃 I can't believe what a difference a new pump has made (when compared to the old one). I've also changed the gasket for good measure and given it a good once over to ensure it's firing on full cylinders. I'm definitely back in love with it, but can't seem to get rid of that urgraditus itch!
  4. Very nice set up for your first machine. Enjoy!
  5. Hi all, I'm looking at upgrading my grinder and coffee machine, but looking at the former first. I've got a Eureka Mignon which has served me well and what I've loved about it the most is the fact it's so compact. I don't really want anything bigger, but I definitely want an upgrade. I've been out of this for a while so can anyone recommend some good places to start? For info, I've already seen (and love) the Niche Zero. It's already on my short list, but note that it's out of stock for the foreseeable. Thanks in advance Tony Ps, budget is anything up
  6. Don't you start 😂 you got me started when I was happy with a gaggia classic!
  7. Very good question.... And the answer is, I don't know.... Yet! I have this and a 2013 eureka mignon. I have one or two coffees a day (more often one than two) so even though it's around 8yrs old, it's had fairly light use. I fancy an upgrade based purely on the fact I've had this set up a while. I've always loved the expobar and prior to this, I've only had one problem with it (trapped air causing a weird noise), but other than that it's been spot on. What would be a natural upgrade from this?
  8. I've got my bits mixed up! The safety valve was £23.50 + £5 postage. The vacuum breaker was £16.20 + £4.20. I did consider a cheaper one, but I'm looking at selling and upgrading so I wanted to use genuine parts. I appreciate it probably won't make a difference to the sale, but it's peace of mind for the sake of an extra £10
  9. Unfortunately not. The pump was postage free. The safety valve was £18+£3 and the vac breaker was £21+£7
  10. Morning all, I've decided to replace three things - the anti vac valve, the water pump and the safety valve. For anyone in a similar position, the parts have cost me £16 for the pump, £21 for the anti vac and £28 for the safety valve (all with shipping costs included). I'll update the thread once I've fitted them, but I just wanted to say a big thanks for the help you've given me. I joined this forum years ago for that very reason and it's nice to see nothing has changed ☺
  11. I will Defo clean them even if I don't replace them. I just want to try and find a video to follow to ensure I don't mess it up!
  12. That's my initial plan, but I'll have a close eye on the valves.
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