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  1. Hiya... I sent it back t expobar (cost me about £30). They found air in the pipes which was trapped and causing the system to knock. They took it apart, flushed the pipes and stress tested it. It's never made that sound since then! Hope that helps
  2. Hi all, it's been a while since I was on so.....Hi I've been using my rotary Brewtus for over 20 months now and wanted to just check I was doing the right things to get the best out of the machine. So firstly, my temp fluctuates depending on the coffee I use but if I'm not in tweaking mode it just sits at 95 degrees. I know the temp can be off and I still couldn't find the flash steam point even when I upped it to 102 degrees so any advice on that front would be appreciated. my pressure is 9.8 bar when the machine is in action so it's probably running at around 9 bar in reality? Is that good? I backflush weekly with pulfcaf and soak the screen, brass nut, gasket and wand tip in pulfcaf on a monthly basis. I use Ashbeck to fill the water reservoir and never use tap water. Does all all of that sound ok so far? I have NEVER de scaled as I've heard it's a nightmare. I didn't buy from BB so can someone pm me the de scaling guide so I can build myself up to the task only other things I wanted to know we're whether other people had upgraded their machines with simple bits (not the joysticks as they're too expensive for me). I'm thinking IMS screen, wand tip etc... Can anyone link me the wand tip and IMS screen for this machine as I'll only mess it up if I guess myself. Other than that, anything else would be appreciated. thanks
  3. Andy @ Coffeebean has been sorting this out for me all day (as expected) and I can't fault his customer service. Crem responded immediately and offered their take on what it might be...."anti-vacuum valve may be stuck and could need replacing, something which is a very rare occurrence but not beyond possibility" I'm planning on sending it to them to make sure it's working ok because it took me a long time to save for this machine and I want to make sure it's right. IT's just going to be a pain re boxing it and getting it all sorted. I'll let you all know what the outcome is. Thanks
  4. I'm already in contact with Andy and he is helping me sort it out. I posted this thread in case anyone could offer any relevant info but as already mentioned, most people are just guessing. Andy will contact Crem direct and I imagine they will want to send a courier to collect it so that they can have a good look.
  5. I'm not being funny but a £1000 machine should not be making a sound like that through a lack of water being drawn through the hot tap....surely not? I would understand if the boiler had run dry but it hadn't and I hadn't used the steam wand. The machine was at 30 odd degrees and warming up!!
  6. not several times, more like twice a day weekdays, 3 or 4 weekends. I always purge after use for a couple of seconds. Would you do anything different from that?
  7. I use the steam tap everyday and the hot tap on occasion to top up my drink....is it worth doing anything different?
  8. It happened on warm up. That's why the video shows the PID...which I think is around 30 degrees C. It just stopped rattling after a couple of minutes and I can assure you that it is not scaled one bit. It is only 3 months old and only ever been filled with filter water.
  9. It worries me but I've only heard it twice.....but that's twice too many!¬!
  10. I know....worrying isn't it. I actually bought it from Andy (Coffeebean) on this forum so I'm confident that it'll get sorted out one way or the other. I can also say that the boiler was full so I've no idea why it's making this noise.....it cost me £1000 so I obviously want it sorting.
  11. My machine has now made this rather worrying noise on two occasions. Any ideas? What's more concerning is the fact that it is only a few months old.
  12. Do you think the server will crash when CoffeeChap puts his 10 pence worth into this thread
  13. Thanks again....Cam, why do you suggest this blend?
  14. I know about the strength of coffee.....what I was referring to was the fact I prefer darker roast because I find it gives a stronger flavour over a fuller cup. I am open to spending more per KG but prob not more than £18-£20 delivered. And sorry, forgot to mention that I can't get to Brick Lane area at the mo....hence the reason for this thread.
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