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  1. bronc

    Pourover kettle

    My budget is around 40 quid for a stovetop kettle. Don't have the room for an electric one.
  2. I want to up my brewed coffee game and for this I need to get a pourover kettle. Is the Hario Buono still the one to go for or are there better options? Not looking to spend top money though.
  3. Still not able to There is a Barista Hustle jug on the 1st page of the section but when I search for "Barista" I get 0 results.
  4. I'm not able to search in the For Sale/Swap section of the forum. I select the "This forum" option in the "Search in" option but no matter what word I'm searching for, I always get zero results.
  5. I've had my fair share of these It's most likely underproofed and the large holes are due to shaping mistakes - probably a lot of flour used which left pockets of air. Fool's crumb is what Trevor J Wilson calls this I believe. Err on the side of too long a bulk ferment. If you have a glass bowl, use it. The dough should have lots of bubbles that you can see on the side of the bowl.
  6. This loaf definitely looks overproofed. Look at the huge pocket of air just under the crust. That's a sign of an overproofed loaf - there was too much air and the structure "collapsed". The other telltale sign is the fact that the score barely opened - this means that there was no strength for the cut to burst open.
  7. Anyone else feeling the newsletter/email communication has become a bit too pushy lately? I've started receiving a lot more emails the past few months than I did before. I know I could unsubscribe but I do enjoy the occasional news about new beans, etc.
  8. Mixing would actually increase the elasticity and limit the extensibility (especially a long mix at a high speed) due to the strong gluten development. To be honest, I don't think you need extensibility to get a better rise. By the way, what flours are you using?
  9. Thanks.. (un)fortunately was asleep when this was posted
  10. You definitely could but it shouldn't be necessary. Maybe this particular dough required a mire gentle shaping approach? Or a longer bench rest.
  11. If it's too strong and not extensible enough you might be booking too much not too little. More gas = more strength
  12. @aaroncornish on the BBC Radio 4's You and Yours about his experience at Pollen Bakery's workshop: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0003z8k (starts around 25:30).
  13. Went to a workshop by the owner/head baker of the best local bakery. We made some amazing breads and the 2-day event left me with so much food for thought about sourdough, flour, fermentation and my career choices so far..
  14. Vanessa Kimbell's book has been recommended here.
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