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  1. Same here, no photos that I can see
  2. My Fracino and Eureka towels arrived safely, Mildred. They're lovely, thanks so much. Steve
  3. Aeropress mainly for me, but also an Oomph and, very occasionally, a French Press. Steve
  4. Ha ha, hopefully I'll be neither demanding or demeaning (poor Nicknak, mugged by a typo 😂). I've dropped you a message anyway. Cheers both, Steve
  5. Hi Mildred. Apologies if this is a dumb question, but is this Eureka towel one you've made and, if so, am I able to buy one? Thanks, Steve
  6. Thanks all. Never heard of the Espazola but will spring for one I think. I assume that it will fit in the Heavenly E61 group?
  7. I understand that, Bolta, but that's a maintenance thing, not something anybody would do after every shot.
  8. Hi all. Wondering what others do to their shower screens after pulling a shot. I'm in the habit of a quick flush of water (used to rinse the portafilter too), but then I also tend to give the group screen a quick wipe with the bar towel. Does anybody else wipe as well as flush, if I'm honest I don't see many pro baristas do that (nor flush out the portafilter for that matter). Just curious what others do. Thanks Steve
  9. They're very helpful at Fracino, and have certainly "upgraded" the customer service in recent years. I wouldn't mind betting that if you gave them a few days notice they might get close to a "while you wait" service. It might involve you having half a day in Brum city centre, but it would save you a double journey. Steve
  10. I tried my new Specialita out for the first time last night. Previously I've single dosed, weighing 17g of beans then grinding them in the Gaggia MDF. However, I do tend to work through one bag of beans at a time, so filling the Eureka hopper then just grinding as required will be a change but not a hardship. I'm retaining the MDF for grinding for coarser brews (saves making major adjustments to the Specialita, which would be a pain), so could easily adjust that for any single dosing requirements. Loving the Specialita by the way, grinds are lovely and fluffy, no heavy clumping, and it's really quiet too. As Shrink says above, it's got a very solid feel to the build, is nicely weighty and looks great (I went for a chrome finish to match my Heavenly). Can't offer a comparison (other than to a very old Gaggia), but would happily recommend it. Steve
  11. Looks like I've misrepresented Fracino. The half service, presumably a flush, descale and general tweak-up, costs £105.00, it's other items that bumped that original bill up to £230.00. As it happens I've paid £230 again today, which includes new elbows, heat exchangers and even a new pump. The difference made by the latter amazed me. I assumed that my old pump was the norm in terms of noisiness, but the new one is so much quieter. Looking forward to trying it out properly this evening, whilst dialling in the new Eureka grinder. Steve
  12. I think that they are all standard size btw, but it would be better to check with Fracino than trust me.
  13. I only use the 4 hole tip on my Heavenly when I'm steaming a very large jug of milk, otherwise it's too powerful to control (certainly for a small jug). I prefer the 2 hole as it steams at a speed more suited to my limited barista skills.
  14. Thanks for the reply Beanbag. My understanding has always been that Cherubs and Heavenlies are the same machine in different cases. I visited both Bella Barista and Fracino today. Seeing the Apartmento in the flesh, I was surprised at just how small it was. In fact a lot of the Rockets were smaller than the Heavenly, but I'm going to get the Heavenly looked at before doing anything "upgrade" wise. David at Bella was brilliant and honest in discussing the machines, and also took the time to show me the ins and outs of all of the grinders. I suspect I'll end up sticking with the Fracino, but I will definitely be buying a grinder from Bella based on their excellent customer care and friendliness. Might even buy a few of their beans to try. Just after lunch I dropped in to Fracino (with my Heavenly), expecting them to have the machine for a week or two until slotted in to their service schedule. It was a delightful surprise to discover that I will have a report and repair/ service quotation tomorrow morning, and will probably be able to get it back on Wednesday afternoon. The old place has changed a bit since my last visit - there is a bright and impressive showroom where there were once tatty offices and storerooms. In there I briefly met Frank, the "Fra" in Fracino, and all in all it was another great customer service experience from both office staff and the lads in the servicing factory. Looking forward to Wednesday now!
  15. That £300 is based on the fact that the "half service" cost me £230 two or three years ago. If I recall correctly the difference between the half service and full one (didn't ask how much that was) is defined by the parts that they replace as a matter of course. I think I'm going to drop it in at Fracino on Monday and let them have a look. They've always told me what they need to do (and quoted the work) before undertaking any repairs in the past.
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