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  1. Also, they make them really dark roasts, almost burnt, so that some taste can break through the gallon of hot milk they use in most of the drinks. If I have to use Costa I ask for the Old Paradise beans, or at Starbucks I go for the speciality single origin (they call it the "blonde roast" at the moment I think). I find them far more pleasant and palatable in small milk drinks (Cortado or macchiato). Steve
  2. I have the Specialita and, although I wasn't looking for a digital touch screen, I find that I really like having it. Really pleased with the machine overall, so quiet compared to my old Gaggia MDF .
  3. Thanks Dave, that makes sense now. I've taken the lid off many times, and I'd say it's close to impossible so to do without the side panel popping out :-) Steve
  4. So when you say reservoir, are you talking about the tank then, aka the sweet jar in the case of the Heavenly? Steve
  5. I realise that this is an old post, hope nobody minds me resurrecting it with a (potentially) dumb question. The cleaning regime being discussed I wholly agree with, but could somebody explain where the reservoir would generally be please? I have a Fracino Heavenly, but can't find any mention of reservoirs on the schematic, and must admit I'm not entirely sure where I'd find it, much less how I would clean it. Thanks, Steve
  6. Same here, no photos that I can see
  7. My Fracino and Eureka towels arrived safely, Mildred. They're lovely, thanks so much. Steve
  8. Aeropress mainly for me, but also an Oomph and, very occasionally, a French Press. Steve
  9. Ha ha, hopefully I'll be neither demanding or demeaning (poor Nicknak, mugged by a typo ?). I've dropped you a message anyway. Cheers both, Steve
  10. Hi Mildred. Apologies if this is a dumb question, but is this Eureka towel one you've made and, if so, am I able to buy one? Thanks, Steve
  11. Thanks all. Never heard of the Espazola but will spring for one I think. I assume that it will fit in the Heavenly E61 group?
  12. I understand that, Bolta, but that's a maintenance thing, not something anybody would do after every shot.
  13. Hi all. Wondering what others do to their shower screens after pulling a shot. I'm in the habit of a quick flush of water (used to rinse the portafilter too), but then I also tend to give the group screen a quick wipe with the bar towel. Does anybody else wipe as well as flush, if I'm honest I don't see many pro baristas do that (nor flush out the portafilter for that matter). Just curious what others do. Thanks Steve
  14. They're very helpful at Fracino, and have certainly "upgraded" the customer service in recent years. I wouldn't mind betting that if you gave them a few days notice they might get close to a "while you wait" service. It might involve you having half a day in Brum city centre, but it would save you a double journey. Steve
  15. I tried my new Specialita out for the first time last night. Previously I've single dosed, weighing 17g of beans then grinding them in the Gaggia MDF. However, I do tend to work through one bag of beans at a time, so filling the Eureka hopper then just grinding as required will be a change but not a hardship. I'm retaining the MDF for grinding for coarser brews (saves making major adjustments to the Specialita, which would be a pain), so could easily adjust that for any single dosing requirements. Loving the Specialita by the way, grinds are lovely and fluffy, no heavy clumping, and it's
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