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  1. Kilo

    Lelit Bianca

    Yes I run the Bianca plumbed. Paddle works fine. You can stop the flow by closing the paddle. The line pressure has no influence on the behavior of the paddle. The automatic pre infusion works also as planned. The pause phase stops the flow as the solenoid closes. One thing I find a little annoying is the sometimes loud noise of the solenoid opening, which is not there when the machine is tank fed. A bit like you can have with a washing machine. Most prominent when the steamboiler starts filling. Bianca looks tidy without a tank at the side.
  2. Kilo

    Lelit Bianca

    Problem solved. Only I don’t exactly know how or why. I disconnected the plumbing, I opened the casing and checked for lose connections or items touching, nothing obvious to be seen. Rebuilded everything. Surprise... no loud solenoid anymore and a softy whirring pump. Happy!
  3. Kilo

    Lelit Bianca

    I reduced the inlet pressure to 2 bar. This reduced the “water hammer” somewhat. Pump noise remains the same. Maybe, I should try out the machine in tankfeed operation to see if the noisy operation has to do with plumbing it in...
  4. Kilo

    Lelit Bianca

    Maybe I should add that I have my Bianca plumbed. With pressure reduced to 3 bar.
  5. Kilo

    Lelit Bianca

    I enjoy my Bianca very much. However, there is one thing that worries me a little. Every time a solonoid valve switches on there is a rather violent metal noise from the switch clicking on and of. Even the whole machine shudders a little. My old Vivaldi valves made noises, but much less. Also I find the machine not very silent at all. Pump noise and I think some resonance. Are other users having similar experiences?
  6. Ah thanks. The sweeper arms they are called. No reason for worries...
  7. I had a look at the vid. From DaveC on removing and cleaning the burrs. After that I removed the burrs from my Niche and noticed that the vanes under the burr of my grinder are different from the ones in the vid. The ones in the vid have a pin that falls in a hole in the middle burr. This is obviously to ensure the vanes are turning along with the burr. My vanes are without this pin. So the system relies on pressure from burr to the vanes alone. I wonder if this is a design change and why, also wether there is a risk the vanes will slip relatively to the burr. I didn’t see any signs of damage from slipping, so probably no worries. Love my Niche by the way.
  8. This is what can happen if you read reviews from DaveC!
  9. I use these. They hold just over 19 grams. Cheap, that is if you have any use for the cream.
  10. There is no tap to empty the boiler. There is no need to empty it. However, the pump can stick if you don’t use it for a while, say two months or so. You should let the pump run once in a while. To do that, the machine needs to be plugged to water. Best option is to find a buyer soon.
  11. Obviously. And forum members don’t look easily over the border in this respect.
  12. Funny, how views differ in different countries or forums: in the German coffee forum, the KINU grinders are considered top of the bill in handgrinders. The Niche on the other hand is hardly talked about there.
  13. Would you be willing to ship in this wooden box?
  14. One would like to know more about this. Which part or parts are missing? Where do they come from? What does British made exactly means? Parts from all over the world, assembled in the UK? What tooling has been invested for what? And how does this relate to the production model that recently has been tested by DaveC? Is there a production model without certain parts or were these parts muster parts? I fully understand the prime goal of the Niche team is to produce the grinder and that communication about the production process is secondary. But one message to the backers, explaining things takes maybe half an hour. Sure there is time for that to be found. Of course I am disappointed a bit about the delay and more the late announcement of this. Hope it’s not a quality issue.
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