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  1. Given that my Baby Twin is faulty and having just read the thread "Is it a good time to buy a Gaggia" i can see it taking some time getting it fixed. So i'm not prepared to be without a machine for any length of time and would appreciate an alternative suggestions to a Gaggia. I've only ever had Gaggia's and know nothing of what's out there. Many thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply Meatman. No easy fix then, so i think i'll just send it to Gaggia to be repaired. Cheers.
  3. Thought i would say hello to you all from the edge of Scotland where tea drinking is still king, but only just. I have a faulty Gaggia Baby Twin, (fault question on another thread) and a Gaggia Grinder and have been happy grinding Lavazza beans for the past six years or so. However from some of the threads i've been reading it would appear that i have been missing out and should try some different roasts! Cheers.
  4. My two and a half year old machine has started cutting out about fifteen minutes after being switched on. It also seems to be a bit hotter than usual when this happens. Any ideas on what the faulty component could be would be appreciated. Many thanks.
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