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  1. Strange, didn't get any notifications about a reply. Jordan from bellabarista kindly helped me out with a replacement pipe.
  2. The pictured pipe on my brewtus is leaking, can anyone tell me where I can source a replacement pipe? Thanks
  3. That's my 2nd order with coffee compass where my beans have been delivered a week past roast date. Would not mind that much if it was only 1 bag but 3 bags.
  4. That's the only negative I have with my Mythos is that it's quite clumpy.
  5. Any decent deals about chaps? Fancy a change from my usual at rave.
  6. £32 plus shipping for a kg of their espresso blend? Bit too rich for me!
  7. That's me in trouble then with my four or five doubles a day!
  8. 1. Mrboots2u 10p a mile completed 2. ronsil 10p a mile completed 3. Heligan 10p a mile completed 4. Systemic Kid 10p a mile completed 5. Walter Sobchak 10p a mile completed
  9. Extract original is my favourite blend, wish they offered a decent free postage deal though, think it's over £65 for free shipping.
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