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  1. Thanks Dave, will have a go this week when I get a chance. In the meantime I've bought an aeropress to tide me over.
  2. Sorry Dave, it's tripping the plug sockets RCD.
  3. Disconnected both heating elements and it still trips. Any idea what to try next?
  4. Cheers Dave will give it a go!
  5. It keeps tripping the circuit breaker when i try to turn it on. I've opened her up and can't see any obvious signs of leaks. Any ideas? Heating element knackered? It's 8 years old now.
  6. Evening gents, Quick update: checked the PID PCB which appeared to be fine and ordered a replacement sensor https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/expobar-temperature-probe-for-dual-boiler.html which was the incorrect size. After giving the probe a good clean the temperature is steady as a rock and seems to be working absolutely fine again. Happy days.
  7. Thanks, I've googled and will take a look. :)
  8. I have an issue with my Brewtus again. If the machine is left on for too long the temp goes up to over 100 degrees and get strange numbers appearing on the PID display. It will work fine from cold for about an hour or so and then the temp shoots up. Ive tried resetting the PID and all settings seem fine. Is this a faulty PID or temperature sensor? Not sure what to do? Would rather try and fix this myself, rather than sending the machine away. I've replaced the PID once before easily enough. Can anyone please advise?
  9. Placed an order for 2kg, thanks for the code.
  10. Strange, didn't get any notifications about a reply. Jordan from bellabarista kindly helped me out with a replacement pipe.
  11. The pictured pipe on my brewtus is leaking, can anyone tell me where I can source a replacement pipe? Thanks
  12. That's my 2nd order with coffee compass where my beans have been delivered a week past roast date. Would not mind that much if it was only 1 bag but 3 bags.
  13. That's the only negative I have with my Mythos is that it's quite clumpy.
  14. Excellent thread! I want one even more now!
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