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  1. I've seen a couple of threads that mention backflushing but no details on how to do so. The Manual I have (for Gaggia Classic) doesn't mention it, but Its a downloaded copy and not the original manual which was lost, so it maybe that its incomplete. I also have an old deluxe model that is suffering from lack of pressure through the main grouphead although plenty of steam from the wand, - any suggestions? Thanks, Roger
  2. On the question of getting an older machine serviced, can anyone suggest somewhere in the southeast (Surey preferably, and not in London or too far east!). I was lucky - I think - in getting my Classic back from the Gaggia service centre a couple of months ago - unfortunately as I left the UK for Saudi (where Im currently working) just before it arrived I haven't yet been able to test it however, but hopefully it'll be fine. The thing is, whilst it was away being serviced, I got so fed up using a cafetiere that I bought a cheap deluxe off ebay for 50 quid, which just about lasted out, but had
  3. Just A quich Hi to all you coffee lovers. I've just registered and look forward to some interesting topics on machines/blends/roasts etc. I've been a coffee lover for a number of years now, but only just thought to join a group dedicated to promoting this wonderful drink. Cheerrs for now, Roger
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