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  1. With the Strega just taking 15mins or so to warm-up I only use the Wemo to turn the machine on-off remotely so haven't set-up any timers. To that end it works fine now they've updated the Android app (previously the only annoyance was that it might crash but would always work again when reloaded). Glad to hear you're getting shots you're happy with
  2. Geordie Boy

    belkin wemo

    Have to agree with the comments on the latest Android version. I haven't had any crashes with the App since the update.....about time as well!
  3. Sorry to go back to the original questions but here's my opinion as an owner: - I've read 12 mins from cold to fully heated up. Is this true? I generally give it 15mins minimum however I have used it after 12 when in a rush. I don't do any flushes either. - If so, how do you know exactly when it's ready? Time does it for me. 12-15mins wait isn't a big deal for me. - Since that is such a short period of time, do you tend to leave it on in the daytime, or on 24/7, or just turn it on and off as needed? I just turn it on-off as needed. I have a Wemo so can turn it on for when I get home. - Steam power is amazing but very wet for quite a while, is this normal? Yes. I get the water as well. I just purge the steam in the driptray at the start. - Boiler seems to fire up, albeit briefly, literally every two minutes. Again, normal? Every couple of mins ties up with what mine does. - Finally, any top tips for great results? Aside from "mind you don't get an uppercut" I never played round with pressure profiling to be honest however I do let the pump work for 6s or so (really I go by the noise of the pump changing as the time isn't constant) then release the handle so it springs up. The thing I find with the Strega is that there's lots of variables in it and the important thing is to keep the routine as consistent as possible. Sorry if that all sounds a bit vague but the more you use the machine the more you'll learn its ways (and I mean that in a good way).
  4. Is there any news on what the country of origin is?
  5. Geordie Boy


    Biggest thing I noticed going from a MTB to a road bike is how much more speed and acceleration the same effort gives. The bike is so light by comparison it was almost as if I'd do a wheelie each time I went to go faster.
  6. I'm still up for it. Potentially have to do stuff in the morning but should be fine to get into the city for 1:30ish
  7. I think it's fair to say that a good day was had by all and it was obvious that a lot of effort had been put in to make it run smoothly. Has Patrick actually left the building? I've just got visions of him still there brewing coffee....he just seemed to be in his element! I helped him tidy up at one point and then 10mins later looked back and all his brewing equipment was back out all over the table again
  8. Thoese set-ups look excellent. Can't wait until tomorrow now
  9. We don't need to lock anything up from the Scots, we just make sure the roads are rubbish so you can't reach us easily
  10. I just go for cheap ones but buy them in person and check that the spring seal looks decent. I've seen some shockers out there that leave massive gaps at the side. I'm back on the French Press again, there's something about it's simplicity that's ticking a box with me
  11. Geordie Boy


    I really wish UEFA would just stand up and leave FIFA. FIFA need UEFA more than UEFA need FIFA and it would really hurt them financially. A good chunk of the European countries are hacked off with the timing of the Qatar World Cup to say the least, so if there's one World Cup they could turn into a fiasco, this is the one to pick as it would be more of a blessing in disguise. I don't think UEFA have the balls to do it though as i get the impression they're not quite 100% in unity (Spain and Russia being reported as Blatter supporters)
  12. I'm nearly through a bag of this already and really enjoying it. Espresso is pretty forgiving. 21g in 42g (EK) brings out a good chunk of sweet orange. Prefer this as an espresso to a milk drink mostly due to the orange flavour. Also being drinking this as a French Press at work. Brings out more chocolate bass with only a slight orange twang. Fairly gluggable still
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