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  1. Happy with that Bruce. Can I pay you through Paypal? Move to PM?
  2. Hi Bruce Do you have the original box for this? I'm interested but up in Edinburgh and so it would need to be shipped. I know that it can be a paid shipping grinders without the box and packaging because of the weight of them. Any idea on how much shipping would be? Thanks Colin
  3. If Mr O doesn't want then I will take but I think I'm too slow :-)
  4. Money wired. That should keep Mrs Colin T happy. She hates my present knock box.
  5. Start-up Business so as cheap as possible!!!!! Thinking if anyone on here has something suitable knocking about it might work for both parties.
  6. Hi all A colleague of mine has recently set up an indoor cycling studio in Edinburgh. They have been loaned a 2 group Fracino machine but I think that is too big for their premises. If anyone knows of a second hand dual boiler machine or HX machine in Edinburgh at a reasonable price then please let me know. I can then tell my colleague and it may lead to a sale. Many thanks Colin
  7. Post removed sorry! Need to buy something from BB and just as easy to add a new one in. Colin
  8. Good on you Peter. You won't regret it and you've saved me a small fortune!
  9. Pebster My understanding is that it is for Josh to accept any offer made. I have only asked whether or not he would be prepared to send everything up North and so others are able to make bids which it is for Josh to accept. I got a very similar deal on a Duetto last year which a guy in Edinburgh sold as he was moving to Canada and their electricity was different. Claudette had actually suggested that he come to us to try and resell it (is that the case here too Josh?). I do not regret that at all it was a great buy and so I'd take this for my dad as an upgrade to his Silvia and Ascaso. Someone will get a very good deal here and a beautiful machine which will last them for years. Just in time for Christmas too :-)
  10. This is a ridiculously good deal. If someone doesn't hurry up and pay the asking price then my dad might be getting a very expensive present. Josh, if it comes to it would you be prepared to send these items to Edinburgh for me? I'd be a bit wary about sending the money without seeing the machine, but perhaps we could find a clever way around that? Colin
  11. Thanks Everyone. Coffeechap sent me a PM to say that he might have something. I think the MC2 may be too big for my Uncle's kitchen Danny but I'll keep you posted. Andy, I think £140 will too rich for his budget but he may get upgradeitis quite quickly if he's anything like the rest of us! Has anyone used a hand grinder with a classic?
  12. I have just given my uncle my old Gaggia Classic. The cost of a Mignon was a bit much for him and so I sold that in the forum on here. I'd be interested in trying to find him a grinder which could be paired with a classic and produce good extraction. The budget would be low unfortunately though (say £60-100). Does anyone have something small (not sure my aunt loves her kitchen being taken over) and decent that they would be willing to part with for that amount? I was hoping something like an old Ascaso mini (although I realise that may be above my budget). You'd be doing me a favour.
  13. That was quick!!!!!! Happy to move to PM to sort out payment and delivery
  14. This was bought for my girlfriend to go with a Classic that I got for £60 on Gumtree. She has now moved in to my flat (lured mainly by the Duetto and Mini E!!!) and the Mignon needs a new home. I'd be surprised if it has had more that 1kg of beans through it since March and so I'm looking for what I paid for it (£220 + postage) I have the original box and the original pictures and description are still accurate. http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?16263-SOLD-Eureka-Mignon-f-%A3220/page1
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