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  1. Update from OP will be added later.
  2. Surprisingly easy to do. You apply the lightest touch (one finger) to the lever to impede its movement during extraction. The gauge is fast reading too so if you overcompensate you can quickly correct. As for impact in the cup? More than happy with results I get employing full spring pressure of 10 bar and steady decline to 6 bar where I cut the shot. Maybe I should experiment more but the coffee is so good am following the dictum, 'if it isn't broke, don't fix it'.
  3. If the shot is pulling OK, looks like the pressure gauge is faulty? Contact Paolo at ACS - he will respond quickly.
  4. Don't be put off - with a bit of practice and guidance, you'll soon master espresso.
  5. Welcome to the forum Brian. What beans are you using for your espresso - are they freshly roasted? Are they pre-ground or are you grinding to order? Crema is a product of carbon dioxide released during the extraction process mixed with oils and insolubles. It is, by itself, not an indicator of how good the coffee is. Try tasting a spoonful to see what I mean.
  6. Adding the beans two by two actually increased extraction time by six seconds from 29 to 35secs which wasn't what I was expecting. Will repeat the experiment tomorrow to see if the same happens.
  7. Seems a waste just cooking one pizza so baked off a blank pizza which makes a really good base for a sandwich. Very satisfying watching it puff up like a football in the oven.
  8. Haven't fired up the oven in weeks. Something really enjoyable cooking pizzas after sundown. Simple margarita.
  9. Last few years has seen the debut of burr set options - espresso or pour over specific, unimodal etc. Grinders have hit the market with variable speed options going down as far as 22 rpm. Guess anyone using 22rpm to grind a dose could use the time needed to, well, go and make a cup of coffee while you wait for the dose to finish grinding. Many grinders designed to be used in conjunction with a hopper require a mass in the hopper to weigh down on the beans during grinding. As the hopper empties, adjustments to the grind have to be made to compensate. Grinders, like the Niche, are designed specifically for single dosing. Chatting with @DavecUK, he asked me to run an experiment on my EKs which is fitted with unimodal SSP burrs. If a little masochistic, Dave asked me to grind an espresso dose by introducing the beans into the shute two by two. Dialled in the bean in question which, including pre-infusion, gave a total shot time of 32secs. Dave thought the two by two bean test would result in a gusher. What do you think the result was?
  10. Successful or more common doesn't necessarily mean better. Betamax lost out to VHS despite, arguably, being the better of the two formats. 58mm became the dominant thanks to the success of the E61 format. Had Faema released it as 54mm, guessing the majority of derivative E61 machines would be 54mm not 58mm.
  11. Colombian Cafe Granja Tres Dragones - blueberry on steroids.
  12. Take a flask. Better still, take a Clever and a hand grinder and just ask for hot water. You'll be the toast of your ward and the nursing station.
  13. Usually head for Jaunty Goat when I'm in Chester. Funnily enough, cafe I mentioned was a couple of shops down from. Don't think it's open now.
  14. Dropped by a cafe boasting the best coffee in Chester. It wasn't. It was so bad, I told the manager who offered a refund which I accepted. The beans, predictably, had had the life and soul roasted out of them and, for good measure, the 'sell by date' was several months ahead.
  15. That's clearly not an Americano then. Whether true or apocryphal, origins of the Americano go back to WWII when American GI's stationed in Italy found the local espresso too strong for their tastes (being used to percolated coffee) and added water to dilute shots of espresso.
  16. Had a coffee from a cart parked inside the entrance of a National Trust property we were visiting recently. Normally, avoid concessions such as this like the plague but I wanted something to go with the overpriced sandwich I'd just ordered. While the coffee was being prepared noticed the beans were oily and black and the portafilters clearly hadn't been introduced to proprietary cleaner in a very long time. Coffee was predictable - completely one dimensional with only one taste note - bitterness on steroids. Amazes me people pay to drink coffee as bad as this, including me, on this occasion.
  17. Quite like 'Greetings for Cork'. Welcome to the forum anyway.
  18. Once locked in position, trust me, it won't blow off under full spring pressure.
  19. Switching to IMS baskets in the naked portafilter locks it more towards 6 o'clock.
  20. Any vac machine will do the job in conjunction with vac and seal bags. Once you've bagged and sealed your coffee - store away from light preferably in a dark cupboard. Check vac sealed beans regularly as the vacuum seal can fail now and again.
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