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  1. Nah - got to be hundreds and thousands.
  2. You need five posts to access the for sales thread.
  3. There's an old joke in mental health circles. The only sane person in the world is the one who hasn't yet been clinically assessed. I am that person.
  4. Should be silent except when pump kicks in.
  5. Bought an OLED tv when it was first launched and paid a premium price for it. Had I waited a year or longer, would have saved a considerable amount of money. Was I mad and/or irrational and, more importantly, who gets to decide if I am or not.
  6. Just because something is expensive doesn't make it better. JBM commands high prices because demand exceeds supply. One major problem with getting your hands on JBM is the likelihood it was roasted weeks or months previously. Another problem with JBM is that more is sold than actually grown - i.e. provenance is key as a lot of JBM isn't authentic. Having been able to try freshly roasted JBM, can say that, IMO, it's nowhere near worth the price.
  7. Now you have to decide which one to get. Small is good for a couple cups. Larger Sowden brews 800ml.
  8. Beanie hat - tea cosy - tea towel or whatever. Keeps the heat in remarkably well. The ultra fine sieve retains most of the fines and a careful pour ensures what does pass through the filter doesn't end up in the cup.
  9. It's worth the price if you're prepared to pay for it. They are well made - especially the filter which is very fine mesh. Whether it makes better infusion coffee than other methods is open to debate. That said, making a long infusion in the Sowden - 30-40mins and having it still be warm to drink - 50-60c is really easy.
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