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  1. David, I fitted Cafelat seals to a Mk I LI some time back - Tom organised a group buy. Seals improved bite point from the start - biting markedly lower than with the previous seals. If my poor addled brain is correct, wasn't there some discussion on the dimensions of some Cafelat seals not being ideal for LIs?
  2. Wrong. Was referring to you David. If the cap fits......
  3. These countries are net budget beneficiaries from the EU. They aren’t going to give that up.
  4. America has been bankrolling NATO for decades as Trump has pointed out. Most EU members of NATO don’t meet the minimum 3% contribution so how an EU army is going to fill the vacuum of NATO is beyond me.
  5. If the climate activists have their way & manage to reverse the global warming that's been happening since before humanity existed, the water level may drop enough to drain the English Channel & connect us back to mainland Europe again. That’s a worrying thought.
  6. Was being ironic in a post modern way, David. The EU project, like all empires, is doomed to failure. History tells us that.
  7. It amuses me how those who voted leave have been routinely labelled ignorant - especially in relation to the economic arguments. Some facts. When the UK joined the EEC in 1972, it's economy was in the pits. The UK was dubbed, 'the sick man of Europe'. We even had to apply to the IMF for a bail out loan. The EEC, comprising six member states, accounted for in excess of 30% of world trade. It made sense for the UK to join a burgeoning economic project. Fast forward to 2020 and the EU is in a mess. Euro member states' economic growth has been woeful. Don't shout it, but the UK, outside the Euro, has outgrown Germany for GDP growth. The EU's share of world trade has declined now accounting for 15% of it as opposed to 30% in the 1970's. So, from a cold hard economic perspective, why would the UK want to remain part of a failing economic project?
  8. Good idea to stir the grinds to ensure fines are evenly distributed - can be done in the dose tumbler. Alternative to stirring is a damn good shaking before dumping into the portafilter. Pre-infusion ensures the puck is fully saturated before being hit by full pressure. Wondering if your puck isn't properly saturated and the possible cause of channeling.
  9. Are you stirring the grinds in the portafilter? Also, tap the dosed portafilter on the bench to settle any caverns. If using an 18grm VST, cut dose to 17.5 or 17grm and adjust grind to get 1:2 ratio. Are you preinfusing? On my L1r, I am preinfusing for around 10secs to first drips. Shot complete in 30-40secs.
  10. Is the gushing confined to one bean? Have experienced same thing - no change in barista technique. The grind setting I've used was correct - going coarser would not help. When I've changed to another bean, problem goes away.
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