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  1. Reiss is providing a 9% discount for BACS payment? Is that available for all Londinium purchases?
  2. First Londiniums with vibe pump were set, as I recall, to 1.5 bar. With the Compress, the max line input pressure is set to 3 bar. If your line pressure is above that, you would need to reduce it. 1 - 3 bar is great for medium to dark roasts and 3 bar is probably fine for lighter roasts too.
  3. It's a problem when anecdotal accounts are unquestioned and repeated as fact. As a user of a large flat burr grinder, I will be interested in your findings and might just test it out myself down the line once I have got to know what the Evo does with lighter roasts with the double spring set up. It's nice to have the option of a double or single spring set up in the Evo.
  4. Drip tray to bottom of group is millimetres shorter than the Londinium and from memory that was a pain with a single or double spout fitted.
  5. You would be able to use Acaia Pearl but only with a naked portafilter using an espresso or shallow flat white cup.
  6. As Reiss prices his line up ex VAT - guessing the 'around £1k' will be subject to VAT but that's speculation. Will be interesting if it has the versatility of the Odyssey which according to more speculation is set to be priced very competitively.
  7. Guaranteed I would have thought given his relationship with Reiss and Londinium.
  8. If you've got an Aeropress or cafetiere - you can do an immersion brew and not worry about degassing - same with pour over V60 etc
  9. With a Londinium - it's a boiler out job. Not heard of anyone actually doing it. If you use the right water - you don't have any worries.
  10. You won't on that new beast.
  11. Stock up on lighter roasts👍
  12. Nice composition - rule of thirds
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