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  1. Agree - E37s isn't suited for brewed coffee whereas the EK is in a league of its own.
  2. Aeroprix?? Aeropressi?? Pretty bombroof so unlikely to come to harm in a travel bag.
  3. If it's the aluminium boilered Classic, citric acid can react with it. Use cleaner recommended by Gaggia - not exactly expensive.
  4. @Jony what's the weight of your loaf prior to baking and what temp do you use and for how long? Hard to tell but middle looks more moist than edge of crumb.
  5. Great LSOL bean - works equally well as espresso and pour over. Just brewed a Chemex - balanced grapefruit notes - no sourness. Very enjoyable.
  6. From the oracle https://londiniumespresso.com/forum/londinium-i-owners-forum/858-cleaning-the-piston
  7. Ideally, you should use a fresh syringe filter for each new espresso in order to assured readings are really accurate. However, recall reading you can re-use a syringe until it becomes blocked - allowing two or three readings from each one. @MWJB thoughts??
  8. @Rhys 14 on the EKS which is around 5 o'clock
  9. Came across this method courtesy of Hasbean. Using paper filters - 65grms of beans per litre of water. So, for a 500grm brew, you will need 32.5grms of coarse grind. Water temp should be around 95C Wash paper and warm the Chemex 1: 125grms pour and bloom 2: At 30secs on the clock, pour another 125grms of water 3: At 1min 30secs on the clock, pour another 125grms of water 4: At 2min pour final 125grms of water Brew should complete around 3min 30secs mark. If it goes over 4mins, grind needs to be coarser. Been using this method for the last few days and really pleased with the results - more body/mouthfeel without sacrificing flavour notes. Refracting the brew shows extraction yield around 21%.
  10. We've all been there as Bronc says -chalk it up to experience.
  11. Main reason is the bean freshness - difficult to maintain logistically in coffee chain multiple outlets. If you checkout Starbucks' web promo guff, lots of mentions of using Arabica beans, forging relationships with farmers (good) but no mention on roast dates of beans used in outlets (bad).
  12. To avoid the dough sticking to the banneton liner, use a liberal sprinkling of coarse semolina or rice flour. If you rise the dough in a very warm space, e.g. an airing cupboard, this will drive moisture out of the dough and into the skin increasing the likelihood, it will end up sticking when you come to baking it off.
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