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  1. Sam - forget about crema. Loads of crema is not the bee all and end all of judging a shot. There are quite a few factors that relate to crema - one of which is age of the beans. Are you relying solely on the leveller before pulling the shot? If so, might be a good idea to use a tamper, lightly, after levelling. You might also consider stirring the grinds to ensure good distribution of fines across the puck before levelling. A toothpick of darning needle will suffice. Also, to help avoid channelling, once you've stirred the grinds, give the portafilter a sharp tap on your work surface. D
  2. Apologies Jake - will return to 'for sale'.
  3. As @DavecUK says @OldFruity was first to offer asking price so he is the buyer. Thread moved to sold.
  4. That didn't take long - @ckrhodes bagged a great bargain. Thread moved to closed.
  5. It can be like descending into the rabbit hole. Take your time - ask yourself what do you really need and ask questions on the forum.
  6. Many of us will attest to that😀 Welcome to the forum.
  7. Agree with Northern_Monkey. In a side by side comparison using a Niche and EKs on two different types of Londinium, Niche held up extremely well which is fulsome praise when you look at the price differential.
  8. Welcome to the forum - great first post. Good buy with the Classic paired with the Mignon will do you proud.
  9. 1980's iconic Ferrari - as long as a Volvo XC90 - 5ltr V12
  10. You have to see one in the flesh up close. Pneumatic suspension years ahead of its time.
  11. Old motto, 'if it isn't broken, don't fix it'😀
  12. Unless you're experiencing noticeably cooler shots which also don't taste good, best leave it be IMO.
  13. Supper?? We used to dream of having supper.
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