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  1. I get that but do you have any information as to the actual difference in temperature between the L1's and Lr 24's brew temp?
  2. Really? You can reduce the PI pressure, and on the fly, to 1.5 bar which is the same as the original Londinium. Given that nothing else is different between the LR 24 and the original Londinium - group/spring etc, the LR 24 is able to extract optimally for dark and very dark roasts.
  3. Should have added, lighter roasts had been going well before 2014.
  4. Not sure it's fairly new thing. Had an HG 1 when they first came out paired with a Londinium and was very happy with the coffee it produced until my curiosity drew me to HasBean whose roasts, being lighter, were incompatible, IMO, with the HG 1 producing sour shots so I sold the HG 1 and got an EK 43 - that was 2014.
  5. Running my Evo at those temps exactly. @Coffee by the CasualsMikari Kenyan is a perfect test for the Evo both in terms of the inherent acidity of Kenyan beans but also the roast level which is pretty light. Kenyan beans were the only ones Steve Leighton, Hasbean, wouldn't drink as espresso - found then too bright and acidic. Evo tames the acidity effortlessly and in 30 sec shot range running 1:2.5 ratio. As said earlier, have pushed extraction into the 40 sec range which produces more muted acidity at the price of bitterness creeping in. At 30 secs, the shots aren't sour - lemony pineapple cutting through milk like a knife. Very enjoyable.
  6. Agree with Boots. Kenyan beans are challenging for espresso - quite acidic. This one is acidic on stilts so it's important to get extraction spot on. Pulling 1:2.5 - 1:3 helps tame the acidity. On my set up - 30 secs is best. Over that, acidity is more muted at the expense of bitter notes creeping in. Coffee by the Casuals' Mikari is, roast-wise, on the lighter side too. Really enjoying it through pour over and espresso.
  7. As you've dismissed the DE1 that leaves the Bianca and Londinium with a price difference between the two being in the region of £1,300 plus in respect of the Londinium R 24. That said, there is a Londinium R in the classified section priced £2,000 which would make a fairer comparison. Not sure the Londinium is easier and quicker workflow-wise over the Bianca. It's down to whether your preference leans towards an E61 machine or a spring lever. Speaking of the latter, ACS Evo is another recently released spring lever which is, when comparing new for new, more is nearer the Bianc, price-wise, and offers many innovative features and might be worth looking at.
  8. Ideally, leading edge of drip tray should be flush with the counter space so it doesn't jut out.
  9. Plus one for that. Mine arrived day before we went away for a couple of weeks so it was nicely rested by the time we got back. It's very bright with the Kenyan trademark acidity. Enjoying it as pour over and espresso - lemon pineapple notes for me.
  10. Evo will come with transit feet attached to the pallet. You attach the feet as part of installation.
  11. LR without the digital PI kit. Considered fitting one but put off by price and Reiss blogging he didn't think there was anything to be gained by going over 4 bar PI.
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