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  1. Just makes me so glad not to have been provoked! Also, owning a flat and a conical is very therapeutic....to me anyway
  2. any form of heat control?
  3. Should folks, in this case @Thecatlinux be able to make such a bold claim in his signature without justification. He invited me to start a new thread on the topic, and without causing controversy, I would ask members if they think a signature should be relevant or should we be allowed to quote any old waffle, which after all is just opinion and better elected to T shirt slogans
  4. Come on.....share with the uninitiated !
  5. I know I have a bad memory since my cardiac arrest, but does this project not seem to be dragging along? I wonder what whispers you have heard Cat. Does anyone know what format the LC will take? Will it be a Londinium take on aLa Pavings?
  6. Forums fulfil different needs for different folks regardless of gender. years ago there was a book out called Men are from Mars, Women from Venus. Although I never read it I can imagine what it stated. People do not seem to understand that two people might have completely different tastes, and there is nothing wrong with that. How can you criticise women for not coming onto forums where like it or not, mainly men preside. Wonder how many Mumsnet type forums have many male members. There rebound to be some but they will be in the few. Why did Loose Women stay at the top of lunchtime viewing, yet loose Men crashed and burnt. I do not think this forum is particularly different to that of any hobby. Men gather on street corners, tis a fact
  7. Hiya Jim, is that signature because you do not know what you are talking about......LOL I take it an old pal can pull your leg still
  8. If you do not press a button, then you soon get struck off the list. They only retry those who they think show interest. I am as rude as I possibly can be at times, after all, they know exactly what they are trying to do....
  9. I get half a dozen of these a week. I have a variety of stock answers, ranging from, 'You have reached BT customer services, how can I help you' to one which makes me chuckle the thought of them ringing the police to complain.....it goes along the lines of, 'wow, you have a great voice....can we have phone sex'......LOL. As soon as you get them off script, they are lost
  10. dfk41

    Ignore List

    In the spirit of full disclosure, and the new spirit of bon hommie, I have decided to take those few honoured members off my forum ignore list! Welcome back!
  11. They always need restoration work! The boilers are particularly problematical. Forget what they are made of but impossible to solder or weld when they leak (and they do!). Hard to find back up for and spares!
  12. All you are going to get s opinions, and these will usually reflect the kit they own, as quite naturally everyone thinks what they own is the best. My twopence worth. Find a retailer (not a box shifter) with a showroom with a decent angering them, make an appointment and go see them. Take a credit card, you will spend more than you initially thought. There are strong arguments as to why an HX is worse than a dual boiler etc etc, but if the retailer is honest, they will discuss all these options with you and explain why thy think particular machine is good for you. Depending on where you are in the country, BellabArista are fairly central and certainly fit the above (and I am on a good commission rate as well.....cash in an envelope!) Just joking, they pay me by cheque.....oops
  13. Unfortunately,I could not careless. Surely the lot to target is the agency responsible for food packaging. Would not pay extra for it. The coffee is more important to me, than the packaging. I suspect you already know the answer to this. Those who have green interests will support, those who do not......
  14. Just in case anyone missed it, or could not read it, and since there are no other entries, I declare it the winner! Disclosure Statement: I participate in development, testing and review of machines, grinders and roasters I find interesting. This unpaid work with many manufacturers is a hobby for fun as I am retired. I don't usually publish anything for products I feel are not good enough to stand behind because I have little motivation to put the considerable time and effort required to produce the review. I sell nothing, have no affiliate links and don't monetise my on-line work (videos or web sites). Reviews are my personal opinion based on more than 17 years of experience and 100s of machines tested and reviewed. My experience may not match your experience and features I like may be unimportant to you. I do like to get underneath the skin of things and go into detail, simply because it shows up things that are not obvious (especially around repairability/maintenance). My work is there to improve prosumer espresso machines generally and inform you the best I can, allowing you to make the decision...nothing more. No manufacturer or retail entity controls what is written or videoed in my reviews. Review equipment is returned if requested by the manufacturer, often they don’t bother as they want me to do further tests in future with new software, hardware or firmware or create retailer level tech processes. So I am generally unable to sell or give away review equipment & have to store it. My goal is to be as honest and unbiased as possible when I review because I know it’s for you, not me. This is compared to my own signature of course which is Disclosure Statement:
  15. Never had one but if it is only for a short term, it will be a lot better than pre ground! Tell folks where you are. Maybe a friendly member with a spare grinder will help you out
  16. I would order a Niche as it is affordable and capable of grinding for any brew process you can come up with. That then gives you a fixed amount of time to make your mind up for your machine. The grinder is more important than the machine. Think of an oven.....it just bakes whatever you put into it. Personally, I would forget Sage. A decent standard type machine will last you a long time. The only way you will own a Sage in 20 years is if you put it in a box in the attic or visit a coffee museum! No thoughts on machines I am afraid as I prefer lever machines
  17. I often read peoples signatures, because most of us are very proud of what equipment we have, and like to let people know about it. So, I had a random thought just now as I was sitting in the little room. Who has the best signature on here? Feel free to nominate if you wish. I will start the ball rolling with Davec
  18. dfk41

    This forum

    Nothing anyone has said, goes to explain why a certain element on here think the answer to all problems is to cancel them. Why can we not talk about current affairs, politics, religion or what have you. The same rules apply to a thread talking about grinders as applies to one talking politics. Things get said, until a certain faction come on board and start cancel culture combined with mud slinging etc tc
  19. Would anyone buy it without the badge?.....at any price? Never had this one but there again never wanted to. Had a GS3 and apart from ownership pleasure did not think it was anything special......but what do I know?
  20. I dislike the water taps that are virtually impossible to control! I am not sure that the temp is really stable enough when pulling 3 or 4 shots as without an additional gauge there is no way of telling. I do like the shots the early models produce with slightly darker roasts. I fail to understand why everything you buy costs so much though.....thinking about seals, grease etc etc. No problem with the build quality (after the early models) but it would be really good if some way of seeing or controlling the actual water temp at the puck could be devised!
  21. dfk41

    This forum

    skylark, serious question......how did you find your way to this forum please?
  22. still equates to approximately 1.4 million votes though😀
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