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  1. I understand M! What you cannot quite bring yourself to say, is that the Monolith popcorns just as much as any single doing grinder does, and so as a result, Dennis did exactly what Niche did and came up with a solution. So therefore the Monolith, despite its more expensive price tag is actually no better or different than the much cheaper Niche in that department. Regarding grind quality, it needs a scientific approach as no owner of any kit, is going to tuen around and say the thing they have bought fails or is not very good in any particular department, are they!
  2. Human.....ah yes.......M, 15 beans will not popcorn about I doubt with the depth between the burrs and the flying saucer.....but hey ho, it is what it is! Agreed, the Niche, like most other grinders does popcorn but seems to have been fixed with their new plastic thingy, which I think further supports Robs view that flow is more important. I also forgot that perhaps a lot of owners use those speciality Mexican Jumping beans which will not help of course!
  3. @MildredM Interesting.......was there 15 gm of beans in at the start, so the grind chamber below the (Can I call a flying saucer!) flying saucer must hold quite a bit of beans as there was virtually nothing visible above it. Does the Max have a variable spin speed M? Just closed the banner down and realised that you had already ground some of the beans as they are in the collection cup. Is there still no pop corning when it is feeding the start of the dose? If not, then the flying saucer must be doing its job
  4. Many thanks for that......yep, definitely no pop corning (if you close your eyes!)
  5. Interesting.....Einsteins Theory of relativity.....Please explain that to us Mr Einstein......no, just take my word for it........works every time!
  6. I don't begrudge you anything matey. I would have had a play to make sure it was as good as you hope, before making bold claims.......
  7. Actually, I could with ease if I really wanted to, and in cash without borrowing one penny
  8. At one time I would have M, but cannot afford it now so I rely upon the generosity of other owners to show me their claims
  9. Sorry, is this a five minute argument or the full half hour. Ok, put me together 125 chopped Mythi please for 2 weeks tomorrow.......oops, you cannot.......I am simply countering your argument so it is actually you who are counter arguing my statement! I see the eventually word has now crept in as well. Simple truth is you have been able to produce a nice looking one off Mythos and no one could argue with that. But, whilst you might indeed be able to produce the odd one from time to time, it will never go beyond that because you are not able to control the process, whereas Niche, since that is who we are discussing, are fully in control and supplying a brand new grinder with warranty and brand new parts for £500. Shortfalls it may've, though I am not aware of any of the alleged £10 motors breaking down yet etc etc etc.....
  10. Of course it is irrelevant! Niche have successfully sold a lot of grinders off the shelf, all over the world.....not given some diy instructions to follow, always assuming that you can find a donor machine to cannibalise and praying to the grinder gods that it does not have anything wrong with it or needs burrs or any spare parts as we all know how much anything Mythos related costs......but there again it is a commercial.......so, it really is an irrelevant comparison, to me anyway!
  11. Pretty irrelevant unless you can supply and sell for the same price matey......and in the same sentence Romanian and Chinese copies.....I bought some Cadburys chocolate the other day. It was really beautiful and cheap, but I am sure it was spelt with a 'K'
  12. All looks very nice M. All I am doing is asking questions. AM not out to suggest or prove that your grinder is Better or worse than any other. Whilst I can see that the playground roundabout (takes me back) device will certainly help feed evenly beans in, that has to be with a weight behind it. If you dose at 15 gm, then once there is nothing left to push them through, or probably more accurately, once there is not enough beans to cover the device, then those remaining beans are not influenced at all and left to their own devices. Which is why you must get hubby to help you take a video of it grinding a single dose for us.
  13. Still comparing a £500 quid domestic grinder to heavyweights I see......
  14. Rhys says his M3 popcorns......just because you have a fan base, does not make it a good product, or that seems to be your thoughts in reverse when comparing the Kaffatek to the Niche? Never tried an R120 or EK. Presumably they have a very wide aperture designed to munch through kilos at a time, so a relatively small dose of beans simply goes straight in...?
  15. All it proves (or not) is that the Kaffatek suffers from the same problems all other single losers do, which is the last beans to go through have nowt behind them to push, therefore affecting the grind. M assures us that the Max etc does not popcorn. That is hard to understand for the likes of me who does not own one and has not really looked into them at all. SO I wondered if M could show us
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