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  1. Different ships, different captains. Some folks say when you freeze you are trapping moisture in and in any event, domestic freezers do not go cold enough to suspend ageing. Vacuum packing you can wait until the beans are finished degassing then seal them properly. No air or very little air in the packaging....a much neater job
  2. Try Coffee Compass. They often offer different roast levels on the same bean. I have drunk their stuff for years. I have a bad memory and am just finishing off the last bag but I cannot remember what it is! I have only drunk it is amricano though and can tell you it is either, Cherry Cherry, Java Jampit or Gusto Gold! https://www.coffeecompass.co.uk/products/coffee-compass-espresso-selection
  3. Right, Niche coming. where about are you? There might be a kind forum member within walking distance with a spare grinder
  4. The OP started it.....! Even worse is I can remember the bloody original version!......anyway, back on track! @espressoSquirrel if the burrs have to be so close to getanything like a proper grind then it is probably either alignment or the burrs are shot. When is you birthday?
  5. It certainly was when Middle of the Road sang it........
  6. If you wanted to be really anal (try it once and see f it makes a difference), grind into a cup, then using a tea spoon addict into the pf, shaking as you go. The idea is to end up with well distributed grinds across the pf. If you have too much on one side and not enough on the other, when you compress it down you will have an uneven puck so the water will pass though at different rates. What beans are you using? If they are supermarket specials then that may well be your problem. If you ask why folks will explain, but if you are happy with the taste........
  7. There is not enough resistance for the water. I take it you are tamping with the plastic sage tamper? You need something that is a better fit. The puck needs to be flat across its surface and sealed right to the sides. You might think these small changes but making coffee is a craft
  8. There is no weight of beans in th hopper which means there is no uniformity as to how they are fed into the burrs. This in turn creates a pop corning effect which again in turns means you will not have a unifrity in particle size. If you have bigger particles mixed in with smaller ones the tamp, when you pull the shot the water will not detract evenly across the puck, causing channelling and a poor extraction. Stick more beans in the hopper and keep it topped up!
  9. HAs it though? Are you confusing extraction with infusion.Until drops leave the puck, the extraction process has not begun
  10. do mushrooms count? If you bring the ever down, you inject water onto the puck. Until you then raise the lever, pre-infusion of sorts occurs. I am very probably wrong, but personally, the amount of time I leave the lever in the don position varies and I go for roughly a 20/25 second pour. Never seen anything definitive that that is not as acceptable as the way you describe!
  11. But keeping it simple, what causes you to 'cock' the lever? For some, it is just a matter of counting to a pre-determined figure, for others it will be when the bloom show, for others again when the drips start (in earnest).......point being you still have to make a decision
  12. On a lever, because of the lower pressures, it is normal to count from first drops, but probably 20 to 25 seconds whereas on a pump the water is forced through the puck at higher pressure
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