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  1. I think @PPapa needs to explain himself more clearly, for the elder members amongst us, like me. I would hate to fall foul of some trickery by evil forum members with their own agenda
  2. dfk41

    Levers Please!

    Levers....all depends on what you want from a machine and the type of coffee you drink. The first ones were Italian and since they drink 100% dark roasted poor quality coffee then a simple lever is best for darker roasts. As the lighter roasted bean became more the norm, then r & d kicks in. Londinium came out in 2012 I think and unlike many others, they have kept pace with the ever changing needs. The early machines are great for dak beans but not so good for lighter stuff, so the latest versions have blueetooth apps allowing you to change certain variables. The group they use that is available in other makes is the best for a variety of reasons. SO, tell us more of your needs but even an early Mk 1 Londinium will cost a few bob more than a grand
  3. A joke with 2 punchlines My friend said to me. "The only time I won a gold medal was when I came first in a premature ejaculation contest' I replied, ' and I remember coming second '
  4. Gone back to lever land with a Mk 1 L1
  5. Many ta's indeed matey. Can I just publically pay tribute to CC. He had arranged a trip up north, 720 miles round trip. Things did not work out and the other items were not available, despite the snow he still came up! The attached was his 'reward'! Dave and I are true pals and I thank him from the bottom of my heart!
  6. I bought this from BB (of course) in June 2018, so it still has a good warranty left on it. Technically, it is a semi pro, rotary pump HX with a 3 litre boiler. It does not require cooling flushes. Nice and quiet and a total pleasure to use. Built to industrial standards and in my view, quite good looking. This is the second one I have owned, and in my preference, having has a GS3, Profitec 700 and countless others over the years, it is the only one I have ever returned to. It is in fairly good nick. I look after the running needs of my machines but it has the usual little marks you would expect from a machine of this age, though no dents etc. Comes with original BB double boxing, a naked and a double handle with the stock 18 gm basket. The kit to convert it to plumb in, original instructions, the tray that sits on top of the drip tray to rise the height of the espresso cups. I descaled it a month ago but no scale as I regularly test my water and I am in a relatively low tds area. Being an HX it is a doddle to descale anyway. The machine is down near to Bristol at Coffeechaps and is available for collection or delivery, providing the buyer agrees to accept responsibility and organise the courier. I forgot to take photos of course, but I have attached a few random ones! Please ignore anything in the photos, other than the machine. Feel free to ask any questions. These are £2049 to buy. I am looking for £1350. Transferable warranty till June 2020. Roll up.......
  7. and remember, the old phrase 'coffeebollocks'....for many there is a wall that you cannot climb, meaning for many their tastebuds will not detect the unmeasurable differences some of these useful suggestions towards coffee nirvana make. Does the average coffee house have the time to pursue the ritualistic methods some home users go through to reach coffee heaven? I have seen videos lasting 3 minutes to make one cup.....compared to a decent on demand in a cafe......grind, tamp, pour, onto the next one
  8. I will take it Al.....will pm you to sort the detail
  9. I bought one of these for my brother. Very high spec, made by the design team who used to r & d for apple, till they outsourced to China. I have to admit I did not realise they used China Post so am still waiting for it, but for £155 https://xonephone.shop/limited-offer/
  10. @jSherz why not ask your questions on here. it is not so much about dialling in for brewed. Take a photo of your grind so people can see what coarseness is. Ask for recipes, explain your methods.......you maybe surprised at the wealth of knowledge there is on here @MWJB
  11. Niche was a different kettle of fish as a lot of input into it went in from @davec so we had a rough idea. Remember, Indiegogo is used to make the jump from the design stage to production. You are not buying anything but a possibility. I would never have chunked money into Niche without a bit of insider knowledge. In crowdfunding, words and ideas come cheap
  12. I never worried about offending anybody! And I can empathise, having suffered a double cardiac arrest several months ago, lasting 72 minutes. Just remember, the sun is going t rise tomorrow regardless.......
  13. I think Pumphreys are more into training for commercial type espresso machines. You could go into Pink Lane coffee opposite the Central Station, ask for Anthony, the owner. HE likes to chat and they used to do a lot of brewed coffee. I am sure he would point you in the right direction. Others will comment on your post, but there are plenty of serious brewed coffee enthusiasts on here who would love to help you!
  14. Thank you kind sir! Nowt to do with me by the way!
  15. luckily, it is not a pump machine!
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