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  1. @ZwiGGy Lots of questions......good! Taste is subjective. There are only 20 to 30 Evo's out in the wild with another batch being released now. The Evo is the brainchild of @DavecUK who wanted to show that there is an alternate to Londinium in the very small lever manufacturer market. Londinium and Evo both sell their products directly to consumer to avoid price hikes for middle man profit, but, there are some subtle differences and I need to explain those. The Evo is made by an Italian company called ACS who make coffee machines as well as things like slush machines. They are a small family run business with a small staff. They rely upon high standards of manufacture and reliability. The direct sell model has been very successful since the introduction of the Vesuvius pressure profiling machine. They have no website as such, but perhaps ought to. Choosing this model allows the owner, Paolo to offer exceptional value for money. In addition, he offers a 2 year warranty on a parts only basis, but he will fall over backwards to assist. Londinium is owned by Reiss Gunson who a few years ago, moved back to New Zealand and runs the business from there. His products are made in the UK by Fracino in Birmingham. They effectively make and manufacture the range and supply them to Reiss in a box. He then arranges the courier and sticks his % on, a bit like a drop shipper would do. He offers a 12 month parts only warranty but I believe you can return the machine within the first 2 (might be 4!) to Fracino if things go pear shaped. His after sales service is well known for being very good as well. There are a range of machines in the stable. The LR24 is the main retail machine with all others being aimed at commercial and semi commercial business. The Londinium uses a 58mm Fiorenzato group which is very popular and also uses a thermosyphon system to regulate temperature. The 24 also has a box of electronic wizardry which lets you adjust the pre infusion pressure up to a maximum of 6 bar, although I think it is generally accepted that anything above 4 bar has little effect. The single group Londiniums also have a single spring which generates the pressure applied to the puck to extract the coffee. There is no other adjustment possible on the LR24 (I am ignoring the ability to adjust bar pressure on the boiler as any machine can do that). This means that there is very little that you can do to alter shot parameters. The Londinium also has a single 3 litre boiler which is responsible for both producing hot water for steam as well as the shot. The Evo takes a different approach. It has two boilers. One dedicated for shot extraction, the other (which you can turn on/off) for steaming. The La San Marco group is 53mm so the basket is narrower but far deeper. The LSM group is substantially more expensive than the cheaper Fiorenzato group, and then ACS further modify it. The Londinium group relies on the boiler to come to temperature then the themosyphon runs water from the boiler through the group then back. This makes it extremely difficult to regulate the heat in the group with any accuracy. the Evo does not need water to heat the group. It has two heater cartridges that bring the group up to temp using a PID to control it. Both steam and water boilers also have a PID each again allowing for full control meaning you can tweak a shot quickly and accurately. All of this is controlled by a small colour display. The Evo also uses a commercial spring configuration by having two springs as opposed to the Londinium domestic single spring. The Evo also has a manometer of the group, so that you can see what pressure the shot extracts at. When you cock the lever, the (gear) pump kicks and is factory set to 2 bar. This means that the water is saturating in the puck at 2 bar (you can adjust this in the usual way). When you cock the lever the pressure rises to between 10 and 11 bar with most of the shot pulling between that and 7 bar. This compares to the Londinium which peaks at a lower figure then falls away very quickly. There are videos demonstrating this but and if I can find them, will post them but if anyone else has them, feel free to add. So, there are substantial differences between the Londinium range and the Evo. The Evo is bang up to date from a design perspective. Most of the parts it uses are from other ACS machines so well proven. The Evo is substantially cheaper, even though Londinium did not increase their LR24 price by 5% earlier in the year, indeed they reduced the price in the UK by 20%. The Evo has stainless steel boilers and chassis and is made by the designer. Think long hand hard and ask as many questions as you like matey. I am not bashing Londinium. I still own one but I think you asked some pertinent questions and I have tried to answer some of those
  2. @benanderson18 Everyone has an opinion, and we can all be right. My question, would be take away the LM badge, and what are you left with? If you want a badge, then buy an LM of some sort. People when you ask them what they would recommend, simply tell you what they own. Everyone knows what I own, so I am going to suggest you consider a Bianca. You can read about it here https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpress.com/2018/07/17/lelit-bianca/ and if you explore the site, there are plenty of other in depth reviews as well. Then I suggest you go and hunt and see if you can find another person giving any LM the same treatment. Most reviewers are not reviewing. They are selling.......something Dave dislikes intensely
  3. @ZwiGGy greetings.....quite a few years ago, I had a Vesuvius. These were the first machines with the ability to profile and mimic just about anything else through building your own profiles. It took me about a day to realise that I would only ever use the basic lever profile! Whilst I have a strong interest in serving good drinkable coffee I am not one who enjoys tinkering. The Decent gets plenty of press, but how many people buy a machine, especially an expensive machine then slam it publicly for its shortfalls? The Decent has the ability to mimic just about any sort of machine. Unless you want to constantly play with bean types and roast levels what's the point? The Londinium....they were king of the lever pile until recently. They had very little real opposition in the lever world, and so, built up a large following. A lot of Londinium owners have left this forum, along with someone who promoted them as the answer to everything. You may have seen threads on here referring to the ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva. I am not going to list its attributes, of which there are many, especially when comparing them to the LR24. What I will say is why would you want an LR24 lever machine, when there is an alternate offering far more in the way of features, and with a more competitive price
  4. @levvieman Grind is off a bit but not much canneling. Little donut but who cares. Shot tasted too fresh of course. I never level the coffee or do WDT.Grind into the portafilter and tamp the pile of coffee flat and lock in. A man after my own heart!
  5. When I made my comments, I was not saying the Niche is better than the CP.......I was saying that for my lifestyle and current needs it is better. In addition, I never drink anything less than a medium plus bean, yet I have had maybe 9 or 10 Mythos and would have another one tomorrow. In an environment where you need grind speed, any single dose would be a pain in the ass and you must be mad to entertain one! Pre lockdown I averaged maybe a dozen shots a day and any hopper fed grinder would be preferable. Lets face it, if you live in the country, a 4 wheel drive is needed, if you live in the middle of a city, you can certainly have a 4 wheel drive but there maybe other more suitable vehicles
  6. @Jamesdd Is the choice of car for marketing reasons or are you just pulling our legs a bit? The simplest way to do this unless you are both skilled at all aspects is to buy a ready converted one. People tend to buy coffee from vans, because they want one, not because it is a Reliant Robin
  7. We look forward to helping you on your journey to coffee heaven, and in 6 months, if you are not preparing better drinks than you can buy..........
  8. Are you unable to discuss things in a normal pleasant manner? I certainly am if you wish to continue the conversation. I never mentioned anything about any other lever machine being crap. I never mentioned anything about Reiss. I passed no comment on Londinium machines. I think you did. You asked a question and I answered it. Sure, you do not have to agree with my answer but that represents my view point in just the same way as your answer represents your viewpoint. I respect your viewpoint even if I think it is wrong.
  9. Makes very little difference. It has been shown, that the effect PI variance has on the taste of a shot is negligible. The real way to influence a shot is by pid control of group and brew boilers
  10. That sounds interesting! Please make a video of your first few attempts so we can learn from it!
  11. Coffee making is a combination of having both the right tools and the right skills! As has been mentioned, there are a lot of unwritten rules but they all revolve around taste. My palate is not the most refined whereas other folks can detect a spoon that has been used to stir a cup of tea from 50 cups that have not! Just remember, as long as you enjoy what you are drinking, then be happy
  12. As soon as the machines are collected by DHL they go onto their system and you receive system led information. I also have a second machine coming for a friend
  13. @davecUK I for one, and I am sure others would be interested also in my request. Could you compile aa table comparing two sets of data. 1) The difference in make up of the LSM group to the Fiorenzato 2) Could you compare the features of the Evo to the LR24.....to show that there is more to shot adjustment than the ability to increase/decrease the PI. I aam sure folks would find this most interesting, especially given the price point differential
  14. I know, we should have a new competition. A blind cupping sort of event where the beans are discarded and we base our thoughts purely upon the packaging
  15. @MediumRoastSteam Well, I am hoping to make this an annual thing, but it needs people to participate matey.....we could do grinders next, brewed, tampers.......sky is the limit. These results are only relevant to the 41 who entered
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