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  1. There is a relatively infamous play set on Tyneside, called 'Close the coal house door pet'. In it, 2 old Geordie characters are talking, and one says to the other, 'thats an example of diversification.' Eh, says the other, please explain.........'why man, it's when you knock down your coal mines and build yer perfume factories'. Progress means different things to different people
  2. dfk41

    Coffee car

    I once received a forum ban, for stating that I was going to visit a prospective fraction seller in Newcastle, and whilst there, agreeing to buy it, finalising and completing the sale then informing the forum afterwards. Funny old world at times
  3. dfk41

    Data Removal

    @Tait I have respectfully asked via this thread for you to remove my data. You have not bothered to reply. This is the last time I will ask politely. Do not pm me. You know my email. If you do not know it ask @Mildred. I do not expect to have to ask again @Tait
  4. dfk41

    Data Removal

    I would like to ask, since the forum has a nice new shiny look, if I can have all the posts that I have made, deleted to respect my privacy whilst at the same time deleting my account. I do not intend to log in again so please keep your answers (forum administrators) on this thread where they may be viewed as I will not be replying to any pm's sent,
  5. I have barely visited for over a week, and do not even bother to sign in. The forum is eating itself up with this, which begs a question. Can we safely assume now that Glenn has given the day to day running of the forum to a third party, which in turn would suggest a financial arrangement, after all, no one makes an investment into something without expecting a return. Perhaps Glenn had taken the venture as far as he was able to. Anyway, this is my final post. I do not like the changes that have taken place, or the way that they have been implemented. I know bugger all about IT, but have a fair bit of experience in implementations and expansion and it is not how I would have done it. Bye all.....has been fun over the years
  6. Which all suggests that this is now being run as a business and not a community forum. I am not sure what expenses you incur, after internet costs and the cost of hosting the framework for the forum. Anyway, as stated, the new look (and seemingly new rules, especially around bloat advertising) do not appeal one bit to me....
  7. Without being negative, is this is the new finished article then I am not going to bother posting any more. The new format makes no sense when compared to the old format, except perhaps to techies. For those who want to, enjoy......
  8. http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/Faidate/diy-arrarex.htm
  9. I bought a set about 3 months ago. Be a zhame if he has stopped
  10. I bought my last ones from Francescos website. No idea if they are any cheaper than Brooks mind you but his service is good!
  11. Look at the clues........I'm currently about 4 numbers coarser than when the burrs touch. With the Cedar, you take the hopper off, then the large rubber ring. That reveals the mechanism. The slider is held in place I think from memory by2 screws. Take them out and move the slider (you will have to work this bit out but it is the reverse of what you expect as it is back to front). This will then give you a whole new range of grind settings. Your grind is too tight. Forget the numbers. Go off weight and time the shot takes
  12. Decaf on the whole requires a tighter grind. Do t worry about numbers! It is a dark, but It not that dark. From memory Rave roast quite light
  13. One of the reasons I choose the Nota over many other machines, was the fact it was not stainless steel. The thought of all that polishing makes me shudder!
  14. dfk41

    Kopi Luwak

    I think we all know the ethical argument by now, but if I received a bag in the same circumstances, of course I would drink it
  15. This is an 07 model and was bought by me for a friend from Ronsil who was the original and only other owner. It has been used daily, but I doubt it will have averaged 10 shots a week. I will have it in my hands later this week. I will try to give it a clean and hoover out. The hopper is broken as you can see. I would have thought £175......agree or disagree?
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