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  1. John, they are not that good! Folklore and immense ownership values make legends go a long way!
  2. dfk41

    Saint Greta

    Now, if like me, you are always deeply suspicious of people who allegedly appear from no where to lead the world, then take 30 minutes to watch this video, released two days ago. The Swedes have a knack of making the world think they have a fantastic society without problems......anyway, if you love Greta you will hate this, and vice versa
  3. I think when you are pretty confident in your shot prep, you do not need a naked to confirm things. originally, they were just used on an ad hoc basis by baristas to check the consistency. If you use a single, then that can also hide inconsistencies caused by bad prep that might show up on a double (uneven flow) or a naked
  4. as said, the coffee grind is the problem. Re heating up.......give it 10 mins then feel the boiler. When the boiler is so hot you cannot touch it, it is nearly there. You then have to make sure the group comes to the same temp so either pull water through or let it sit. The boiler temp will heat the rest of the machine in about 20 minutes. A gauge will help to a certain extent but you will in time come to understand and love your machine.
  5. exactly why links should not be posted.....
  6. Yes yes yes......but you are the only person talking about those 3. This was really the Niche v Monolith. Very few have seen a ZM to try, a few more the R120 and lots more the EK. How can they get it so right then matey if the Moanlith has to have a device made to stop pop corning?
  7. See if I can help. The resistance you are not feeling, is the natural resistance of trying to use the lever to force the water through the puck. SO, you will either be needing to grind finer or dose more. I suggest tighten up the dose until you have that resistance. If when the lever has completed the sot is short, you can always raise it again to put more water through. I cannot remember the basket size on these, but someone else may know or you can tel us and I am sure someone will suggest the right dose
  8. Is that you being self critical again M.....
  9. That would make me very old..........
  10. I posted on another thread, that the Monolith obviously popcorns as much as most single dose grinders do, and the result was that Dennis came up with a solution, much the same as Niche did which was to aid/control the flow of beans into the grinder. This might solve pop corning but it does nothing to solve grind quality deteriorating. The Niche thing offers a better solution as it restricts the bean flow into the grinder in a uniform way, whereas the Monolith solution seems to merely stop pop corning. Either way, it is a good grinder, without doubt. I am not trying to knock it and I understand why owners defend it in the same way as Niche and Decent owners protect their items....they believe in them
  11. I understand M! What you cannot quite bring yourself to say, is that the Monolith popcorns just as much as any single dosing grinder does, and so as a result, Dennis did exactly what Niche did and came up with a solution. So therefore the Monolith, despite its more expensive price tag is actually no better or different than the much cheaper Niche in that department. Regarding grind quality, it needs a scientific approach as no owner of any kit, is going to turn around and say the thing they have bought fails or is not very good in any particular department, are they!
  12. Human.....ah yes.......M, 15 beans will not popcorn about I doubt with the depth between the burrs and the flying saucer.....but hey ho, it is what it is! Agreed, the Niche, like most other grinders does popcorn but seems to have been fixed with their new plastic thingy, which I think further supports Robs view that flow is more important. I also forgot that perhaps a lot of owners use those speciality Mexican Jumping beans which will not help of course!
  13. @MildredM Interesting.......was there 15 gm of beans in at the start, so the grind chamber below the (Can I call a flying saucer!) flying saucer must hold quite a bit of beans as there was virtually nothing visible above it. Does the Max have a variable spin speed M? Just closed the banner down and realised that you had already ground some of the beans as they are in the collection cup. Is there still no pop corning when it is feeding the start of the dose? If not, then the flying saucer must be doing its job
  14. Many thanks for that......yep, definitely no pop corning (if you close your eyes!)
  15. Interesting.....Einsteins Theory of relativity.....Please explain that to us Mr Einstein......no, just take my word for it........works every time!
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