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  1. Some beans are better at espresso than they are at milk drinks. Tell us what beans you are using. As a rule of thumb, and this is just my thumb, if I am drinking milk based I like a nice blend, but if drink espresso often prefer single origin
  2. dfk41

    My new l1

    Bet you it does not (at first!)
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    My new l1

    @CuprajakeThis might sound like a lecture, but it is not! With a lever, when you pull the lever down, you inject a set amount of water onto the puck. it is important (for consistency), to keep the lever cocked until two or three drips have fallen into the cup before you raise the lever. This way, you know two things, Firstly you have emptied all the water onto the puck and secondly, the puck has saturated which will help an even extraction. Does not really matter but I would aim for about 5 to 7 seconds for the drips to appear, which in turn will help you set your grind correctly. Do the same
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    ````All along the watchtower......as never heard before
  5. I was not sticking up for either party! Unfortunately, the social media using age groups seem more at home with a made up story that fits their lifestyle and often had pictures of the owners children featuring, seem quite happy to buy the dream rather than buy the coffee. Some folks on here drink blended coffee. Some drink SO. Forsome, the origin and the story are important, for others it is about price and quality. Be nice for the owner to pop on if he wanted to to try and rescue the situation
  6. I see nothing wrong with white labelling. Marketing always appeals to some folks, more than the product itself. As others have said, the mistake was to come onto a fairly specialist forum and try to pull the wool over the eyes. If Gordon Ramsay went to Iceland and bought frozen chips, then re-bagged them and stuck a premium on, would you buy them. So, the question is, are you buying a marketing dream or a coffee product?
  7. I always say, taste is king, and what I like, you might not.....so, not suggesting you have not the perfect right to enjoy or not.....I have had some top end kit over the years......sold a GS3 cos for me, it did nothing but the next owner is still in love with it....same with the Versalab M3......but that does not make @Nod any the lesser person for loving what I considered to be a discard!
  8. When i bought my niche, after using is a few days i wasnt overly impressed with the grinds it produced, alot of chaf, even with the nfc disk, i also got two beans stuck under said disk. .........sorry, I took that to mean you only kept it a short while based on a few days use!
  9. @Cuprajake. If I posted, that I had bought a grinder brand new, and after just a few days use had decided that the quality of the grinds was not impressive, I would bet my bottom dollar, that your advice to me would be along these lines.........how much have you used it? Do you know when you get new burrs, they need to be seasoned so that the manufacturing process all the ragged pieces get smoothed out. You will probably find, once you have run 5 to 10 kilos through, things settle right down and the quality of the grind reaches your expectations.........or am I wrong!
  10. @2cups. The Niche discussion has gone on on this forum for a long time matey. When it was still being tested, Niche collaborated with @Davecuk so that when they eventually came to market, it would hopefully be flaw free. Niche are run by Martin Nicholson, who for many years was Chief Designer at Kenwood, before going on to find his own "Niche" http://www.ndcltd.co.uk/about/ Look at the portfolio to see the pedigree. Davec was able to straighten out a few things before the Indiegogo launch. At this point the project was already 4 years in the making. There were three prototypes which
  11. There is no such thing as a winner! They are both designed as single losers. Taste is purely opinion!
  12. These were two RS2000's that I owned. The black one was one of the last ones made and had extras like the seats and headrests from the Custom whilst the yellow one was an ex-works service car
  13. Just order it and ring BB on Monday........or possibly miss out.......will saving £20 actually make your mind up...........no it will not........it is just a small saving for being early
  14. dfk41


    I like small bands where everyone gets the chance to contribute! I loved the drummer with the hair, and laughed when the band were introduced and one member was called Chewbacca! Around 15 years ago, an old friend asked me along to one of his regular jam sessions where he just in cited a few along. I dusted down my kit which I had not played in 20 years....after 3 minutes my arms had seized up and I was out of breath.....LOL
  15. dfk41


    I really ought to post this Tygers cover since I name dropped Rob Weir!
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