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  1. dfk41


    Better than Poundland........
  2. dfk41


    When was the last time you put $850 on a horse race!
  3. dfk41


    @Cuprajake Yes it does, but the point is it has been around in one form or another for years. Somehow, if it is now done via Platform, then it appears often, as if the deal is ok. The Odyssey deal is appalling.....but others may see it differently
  4. dfk41


    Many years ago, a pal of mine was a Building Society manager and without naming the person, he told me that X had visited him to try to raise some funds for a commercial housing development. The basis was that he wanted to secure the total project cost by raising funds against the expected value of the deal.....not the actual value of the land which was even without planning permission. His comment was, he expects my society to put up all the funds, take all the risk whilst he walks away with all the profit. Crowdfunding at its best in 1985!
  5. You could have the worlds best coffee van, but can you make coffee? Have you any experience by making coffee at home? That would be a starting point. The market always looks pretty saturated but you might have a contact from with your 20 years experience who could give you a leg up. A van on a business park for example......but, as a salesman, you know, point one is identify your target market...........
  6. @Usagercoffee Each to his own! Not a big fan of your beloved Hoffman. He has a monetised Youtube channel and therefore needs to be reaching out to generate traffic to his channel to make money. He rarely does anything in depth and therefore the conclusions he reaches are iffy. By that I mean, an in-depth review of a coffee machine may take 3 to 6 months to live with it and learn it. there are loads of times he has reviewed things and then been found to not even have known it had certain features. Next is the ability of the individual to have taste buds good enough to detect these changes.
  7. @Usagercoffee For brewed coffee, an RO system might be excessive. I say this, as when you have an espresso machine siting perhaps all day with water approaching boiling, it is very easy for parts to become scaled up causing further expense. The waste water (1 litre in 5) does not bother me because it is a by product of the system. Losing the minerals is what I want to further protect my expensive equipment. Filters.....without them you cannot operate, but......let us say living in London and owning a certain type of lever coffee machine. They type of lever means that due to the way it is const
  8. @Usagercoffee A lot of us use the OSmio Zero. The current forum offer has just finished unfortunately. The Zero produces Reverse osmosis water but in a table top unit, about the size of a pc tower. The advantages are it strips everything out of the water that you would want it to. And in the long term, is a better solution than buying and lugging bottled water!
  9. @Usagercoffee It might also be worth, trying some bottled water, possibly in a dedicated kettle. I doubt the London water will be helping anything!
  10. @Usagercoffee Is this coffee pre ground or do you buy beans and grind them yourself. @MWJB is the resident brewed coffee expert but I do not think on a the French Press method, the temp of the water is that important. Perhaps you could tell us exactly how you prepare a brew including dose and water volume
  11. @DavecUK Well, I feel there is some mileage in this as a discussion thread. Of course, others my not but if it is given its own thread others can decide if they want to join in or not
  12. @Denis S Small business might not be the best description, I grant you that. Perhaps I ought to have said, business that seems to be driven by a single person at the helm. I am sure you will correct me if I am wrong as I do not follow Decent, but all the posts, on here anyway, seem to come from a single person
  13. I was just thinking, am I being unfair to the 'closed forum' brigade? Would anyone like to speak up and explain what they offer the customer. The advantages they offer the business owner are obvious. As a last pointer from me, I find it extremely interesting that the CF brigade (Londinium, Kaffatek, Decent) are all effectively small businesses.
  14. I have been thinking a bit about the topic of closed forums this afternoon, and came to the conclusion that as a customer, I can see absolutely no point whatsoever in benefitting myself, from stifling free talk. That is impossible as there are many many forums across the world. I used to be a member of the Londinium forum when it first established. Even though I have owned an L1 (and still do) for far more months than I have not owned one, I was denied access to the new Londinium forum when that established. Strange old world is it not? For me, the choice would be, why would I buy the pro
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