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  1. Well, thank you kind sir! I would never have thought to google that......(I had to ask my mum if she remembered but at 92 it was a no.....luckily it was easy to find)
  2. Brilliant!! You have jogged my memory! I am sure it was called "The relapse or Virtue in danger". If you had seen the size of some of the wigs!
  3. Odd how neither of us can remember the name of a Restoration Comedy eh @Grumble
  4. to make myself clear for those who either do not understand or do not wish to understand......if there were no markings (yes, you would waste coffee) you would turn the dial, make a shot, then adjust it to where you need to be, make a mark and make a note detailing the type of coffee and anything else. This then would be a point of reference
  5. Tell you what, if Niche removed the dial completely and just gave you a pencil and rubber, your coffee would taste exactly the same as it does now because you would trust your senses and stop worrying about numbers!
  6. Lets talk about GBS......seriously.......am not looking to draw in opinions that could move this from a cultural discussion to anything else......perhaps we could have a new sub forum entitled Cultural Matters? Could a mod see to this please?
  7. To give you a taste, many many years ago I saw an RSC production whose name I cannot for love nor want remember now, but I do remember 3 things Sir Novelty Fashion Tunbelly Clumsy Lord Foppington Bring back the good old days!
  8. I have a secret admiration for Restoration Comedy. If you are not aware, there was a period of time between 1660 and 1710 or so, when English comedy looked at manners in society coupled with love and marriage. The plays were written in the manner of quick wit and repartee and so quite topical. That said, they only appealed to a very narrow band of society. So, when perusing the online Daily Mail, as I do from time to time, this story caught my eye: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8727849/RADA-students-demand-George-Bernard-Shaws-dropped-drama-schools-theatre.html My jaw drop
  9. I was looking through some old photos recently, and some more recent ones and it got thinking if folks wanted to share a snap pf themselves that would be classified under, Photos we would rather forget ' As always and never one to shy away from taking the piss out of myself, I will start it off. The first one was when I was a doorman at a nightclub and the sad fact is that it was not a fancy dress night The second was on my honeymoon. About 2seconds after the photo was taken a wave crashed over th rocks ad drenched me from head to toe!
  10. This bunch used to be the only official spare parts/engineers in the UK for Ceado https://www.backupcoffee.co.uk I think it is Fabricio Carvalho
  11. dfk41

    Itunes ahhhh

    Best thing I ever did was to jump ship. Apple are so restrictive in their policies. They think they have such a fan base they can get away with anything. Android has its issues but it is also like a breath fresh air
  12. There was only one at one point, started by me......I never understood the need for a second one to be started. Technically this second thread should be merged into the first (and not vice versa)
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