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  1. That looks canny! The 67 models are harder to find, in good original condition. I wonder how many of them still have the asbestos on the boiler! Surely this will not hang around too long!
  2. As a total side issue, I bought one for my son in December 2016. It is the gloss black model. It is only used at weekends. Our tap water is soft enough to use without a filter, but that is irrelevant as the machine tells you if it wants a clean or descale cycle run. It is obviously the DB model. Comes exactly as a new one would with packaging etc. I paid £1049 for it. When we sell it very shortly, I want a fixed £500 for it. If the cranberry one has no warranty, and I bet it does not (all sellers offer the standard 2 year consumer protection warranty, but that is what Sage give them. Only Coffee Compass are authorised by Sage to repair them.) then why pay £650? If they have lasted 3 years without issue and ours has not missed a beat, then with luck, it will go on for some time yet!
  3. I rarely post these days, but I am afraid your post needs answered. A 1975 LAda Niva has 4 wheels, seats and an engine but cannot be compared to a 2019 car, the same with coffee machines. Whether you are using a 5k set up, or a £400 set up, without the basic skills sets required, you will produce nothing that is consistently drinkable, unless you are lucky. There is a reason why a Sage DB is 4 to 5 times the price of the lesser model you mention, At one time on here, the Sage DB was the darling of the forum as it actually can be a serious coffee machine, but the downside is or was reliability and the fact that they are simply not made to last. If you want to see one in 10 years time, visit a museum. If you buy a basic machine buy a used Gaga Classic. Readily available, last forever and lots of modifications you can do if you search on here. Pair it with a Eureka Mignon that again, you can usually source on here. They last forever. They have small burrs but if you are on a budget needs be. Others may howl, but I would not buy an entry level Sage grinder or coffee machine regardless of how much the relevant promotion will pay you to take one away
  4. There is not one I am afraid. The Niche was designed by the same team who did a lot of work for Kenwood, hence it fits with their in the average kitchen theme. The trouble is with it, it does perform as it was designed and tested with a sense of purpose. Due to its small footprint, you could keep it in the cupboard and only bring it out when needed. other than that, you are stuck. I have had a couple of Sage grinders and I am only being truthful by saying they are not very good. I know @Ajohn tinkers along with them, but I think it is fair to say they broke the mould with him. I would tell folks where you are and see if anyone local to you can let you have a play. I have a Niche that I use exclusively for brewed and a Nuova Simonelli Clim Pro that I use for espresso based. Although you are starting ut on your journey, I doubt if the next grinder you buy will be with you foray length of time unless of course you get the right one now. the Niche will take you a lot further down the road than then Sage. There are names such as Monolith and Versalab which are better but 4 times the price
  5. If you ask for help, then pin your ears back and listen, eco warrior.....Sage are grade one shite, aimed at numpties who either do not listen or convince themselves that for the price it suits their needs. The Niche is a proper, adult coffee grinder that punches well above its weight..........even factoring in the lid. I know which one I would rather be hit on the head with and it aint the Niche.....have you handled a Sage? Better put gloves on.....it has quite a bit of plastic
  6. Buy a Sage. They are obviously superior, half the price and if you close your eyes and cross your fingers, just as good
  7. Just to confirm, I met Marty this morning and concluded the sale. A true gent, and thank you very much. Am off for a snooze now
  8. For the benefit of the snoozers, have arranged to collect on Thursday. Offered a choice of the usual transfers or cash on collection, the latter being chosen. Better luck next time!
  9. I will take at asking
  10. Well, having confined myself to the sidelines for the past few months, although I admit I still glance at what's going on every few days, and without those who dislike me accuse me of popping up to stir up trouble, I simply wondered if those forum members who have been around long enough, have any thoughts as to how the forum is compared to how it used to be. In other words looking at the changes that have taken place with new ownership.
  11. I did have a Torr glass one. Will have a look tomorrow in the loft to see if I can find it. Was Green. I think it is the design of the third one along but the green colour K 024T Will. report back tomorrow morning https://www.torrtoys.com/glasshopper-1/glasshopper-colour-300
  12. There is a relatively infamous play set on Tyneside, called 'Close the coal house door pet'. In it, 2 old Geordie characters are talking, and one says to the other, 'thats an example of diversification.' Eh, says the other, please explain.........'why man, it's when you knock down your coal mines and build yer perfume factories'. Progress means different things to different people
  13. dfk41

    Coffee car

    I once received a forum ban, for stating that I was going to visit a prospective fraction seller in Newcastle, and whilst there, agreeing to buy it, finalising and completing the sale then informing the forum afterwards. Funny old world at times
  14. dfk41

    Data Removal

    @Tait I have respectfully asked via this thread for you to remove my data. You have not bothered to reply. This is the last time I will ask politely. Do not pm me. You know my email. If you do not know it ask @Mildred. I do not expect to have to ask again @Tait
  15. dfk41

    Data Removal

    I would like to ask, since the forum has a nice new shiny look, if I can have all the posts that I have made, deleted to respect my privacy whilst at the same time deleting my account. I do not intend to log in again so please keep your answers (forum administrators) on this thread where they may be viewed as I will not be replying to any pm's sent,
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