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  1. @Cuprajake Do not judge the finished article on Daves cobbled together Frankenstein matey! Daves machine was build out of very old parts, just as a concept to se if it would all fit in a Vesuvius case, to work out additional strengthening etc. The first machines should be out there very soon, then we can all judge it!
  2. @Cuprajake I plumbed a couple in......well, @ The Systemic Kid did for me. Simple to do and when plumbed in makes life so simple, especially if you plumb the waste out but in my day, you did not play with pre0infusion the way some do today
  3. @Sbug Back on topic! The problems are firstly who to buy from, then what to buy. The retailer is very important and in Bella Barista and Black Cat Coffee (both forum sponsors) we are lucky to have two excellent retailers. Black Cat are ACS agents in the UK and they will have a machine in or around your budget. BB will have a wider choice but not the ACS machines. Have a look at both, but as always, everything you desire will be just out of range, but thats life! Talk to them. BC use the forum whereas BB you will need to ring or email them. People have said put a Pid on the Classic. Personally,
  4. @Cuprajake I get the first run thing. I bought a QM Veloce from BB (I was a little bit involved with the project and for my sins they asked me to name it). It turned out to have a few problems! The Evo Leva is slightly different in as much as Davec put the project together fro a design perspective. It uses on the whole, parts from other ACS machines which are a known quantity. Dave has had the Frankenstein as we cake it as a test bed for some 3 monhs or so. In that Time it has been been thoroughly tested, and is now at a stage where I believe half the first run of ten are built and just finish
  5. @Cuprajake as much as I hate saying it Jake, £2500 is about the price of the new Vesuvius Evo Leva......you should drop TSK a line when he is back from holidays, and put a ski mask on and pop over and have a look at his.......people call me a Londinium basher, but that is because it suits their narrative. I have had a few L1's and really do admire them, but I also know their limitations and it seems a no bargainer buying a used LR to a new Evo.......but, I am quite prepared to be wrong!
  6. @Cuprajake Jake, I know it sounds daft, but if you get good results with your L1 using medium roasts, and enjoy them, why not stick with that and perhaps save the lighter stuff for a bit of brewed? It sounds like you will need the latest itinerant of LR, prior to the 24 to allow you to have the transducer and ap to play around with
  7. @Cuprajake Hiya, can you remind me what roast style your preference is again. I have only had the original L1 variant but plenty on here, such as @The Systemic Kid have had the older and the LR variant. Sometimes it is a shame that new price increases have the effect of raising second hand prices, but anyway, let's see if we can identify and help you to get the best out of your L1.
  8. @DavecUK I have no problem wit him dissing the Niche, after all, thats his opinion, and we can all have opinions. I was just trying to scratch below the substance
  9. @shadow745 So, aesthetics matter more to you than taste? Interesting. I bet your house is filled with design classics. So, tell us about this awesome hand grinder you own and use. A grinder is only a set of burrs at the end of the day, and the Niche uses the pretty well respected Mazzer Kony. burr set. Not the biggest nor the best but nonetheless, they cost roughly a third of the price the Niche sells for. You seem vey keen to diss the Niche. We get that the grinder would not have a home in your kitchen, but an awful lot of folks would disagree with you. You too, must be a single dose ch
  10. @ajohn Think I readvsomewhere that the funds are now not passed accross unless the offer is fulfilled, whereas at one time, if they did not reach target you lost your money
  11. £11,000,000 plus in sales revenue so far, plus they can sell everyone they can produce! Maybe I am missing something!
  12. dfk41


    @adam85 Decaf often is roasted slightly darker than normal beans, but that does not mean a nasty taste. This is a bleter https://extractcoffee.co.uk/shop/coffee/hero/sugarcane-decaf-espresso-1kg/ and it used to be if you visit the homepage and join the mailing list you get a one off discount voucher!
  13. @Nightrider_1uk I would watch this @DAvecuk video first of all matey. You are not going to detect a difference in taste by running 700 gms through. Needs to be 5 kg at minimum and is better after 10 kg
  14. @Okigen The Heavenly and the Cherub look similar, but for me, the cup tray wire makes it a Heavenly. When I said the grinder is worth nothing, I meant it! It is manky! It has been used in a low budget cafe or similar where they have no cleaning regime which in turns means no tic. As attractive as you think the pair looks, the seller could not give a toss as he is a box shifter. He knows nothing about them. Can you imagine what germs are in that grinder? Do you know what condition the boiler is in on the machine? No, and he cannot tell you. Are you handy with the spanners, 'cos you are going to
  15. @Okigen The machine is a Heavenly. The grinder, not sure but Fracino used to re badge Cunhill grinders, but either way, the grinder is probably one to avoid unless it is being given to you! The Heavenly is a reasonable HX machine but before you go parting with your cash, how much are they? The parts are readily available Based upon the pictures they look unloved. The seller has obviously bought them to just move on. Machine without knowing its history and presuming you are going to have to do a minimum of all seals and descale, £100......if it was being sold mint in full working order, £3
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