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  1. @StevenG91 was worth a grand, but if you put something up for sale on here and no one knows its value, or buys it, then in order to sell it you reduce the price
  2. @whinmoor85 wrap towels around the clever!
  3. @khampal I cannot remember now! But I do remember both sets of seals gave sporadic performance. I bought the upgraded Londinium seals and remember getting very mixed results with the biting point, which I could never explain away!
  4. @khampal The Londinium seals are really difficult to fit because they are so rigid. The cafelat ones are easier but if you have one of Norvins tools, custom made it makes the job a breeze
  5. @khampal A bit late now, but this photo shows the seals fitted the right way round!
  6. Those are great videos Denis. Wonder how Londinium owners who sing the praises of single spring extractions, especially on lighter roasts will react. I suspect there will have been a group meeting somewhere else as to how to diss this owners video.....!
  7. @GrahamSPhillips absolutely nothing wrong with being an old romantic! I had a mint 1971 version of the 67. It had been fully restored, boiler stripped of asbestos, every seal changed, upgraded steam arm, naked as well as bakelite handled pf......and I sold it this year for £850......
  8. @Like Medium Strong Coffee Many ta's but I think with a long narrow spout added to the way the Evo drinks water I would spend hours each day carefully trying to fill it!
  9. @GrahamSPhillips Why? It is the wrong voltage, will cost another £250 to transport with probable import charges........its worth £800
  10. @MW11 My machine is quite tight against the left wall. I put felt pads on the front, and rubber ones on the back. I can move the machine to an angle and use a funnel into the tank or open the door and use a funnel
  11. @whinmoor85 How many kilos have you put through the Niche? The unknown quantity in all of this, is you and your taste buds......plenty of experienced Niche users on here swear by them for both brewed and espresso!
  12. @Chris Yorkshire I think he is alive and kicking. He did some early promotional videos for Londinium and as things do, the contract was awarded elsewhere and he vanished
  13. Many years ago when I was a lad, we used to go pheasant shooting with a small group. Whenever it came to lunch, one of the members would always produce a wicker basket with matching Tupperware etc etc. Then one week, he produced a new vacuum flask and unscrewed the top, put a couple of tea bags in and proclaimed that his tea would be so much tastier and fresher than all that stewed stuff we had. Then someone pointed out, that to make proper tea, you need boiling water............
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