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  1. MM can be challenging. They are often quite a large bean but with little density so whatever you have in the pf appears to be a lot. Keep the same dose and tamp harder, or drop another 0.5 gm in and tamp the same. You are probably not far away with what you are doing
  2. Jim, big difference between posting reviews on your own website which is there to create an impression, and trying to influence a forum. They are not daft and have had plain advice from myself on others. I have been friends with BB for probably 10 years. In that time, DAveC has always only agreed to review items if they publish exactly what he writes, good or bad, and they do. For them, a forum would simply be a chance for like minded folk to chat, with zero chance of it becoming a love in for BB fans.....ask Steve Leighton if that approach works.....but let us say I am wrong. I can promise you, if the BB forum ever starts up and they start to mod like idiots then that's another place I will not frequent!
  3. I am sure cc would part ex if you asked him nicely. That said, yours should sell easily enough
  4. Wonder when the Bella Barista forum will be up and running. Bet this gets modded....LOL
  5. Nothing.....the retention is minuscule because even though flat burred, they lie at a 45 degree angle therefore they can give both a slow spin with the only place the coffee to go is downwards and out of the chute. I drink mainly milk based and never purge unless changing beans
  6. Trust me.......there is! If you cannot taste the difference, time to sell up and buy Nespresso! Only other consideration is the roast level of beans you prefer. many say a flat is better suited to a lighter roast and a conical to a darker
  7. I am sure others have mentioned the channelling problem before. I think you have to reach a stage, where the kit in a domestic environment is hard to justify. others will be quick to point the finger at me as someone who up until fairly recently, had had everything going, but with one difference. I rarely bought anything in the belief it was the best thing going. I bought it (if secondhand for a good price) because I wanted to try it out. If I bought at a grand and lost £200 I just mentally said I have rented it at £50 per moth for 4 months. This allowed me to look at things for what they are. I stopped doing this some time ago. I had my name down for the second batch of Monoliths but never fulfilled. My tastebuds are average and I simply refuse to believe that many if any, could line up a bunch of shots and say with any confidence what grinder they were produced on. There are simply too many variables involved in the coffee making process. To carry on further, and without knocking anyone who has bought a Monolith or any other top end grinder (your money, you buy what you want! as I did) but for me, I would be unable to tell the difference, or put another way, appreciate the finer differences. A decent single dosing grinder fulfils many tick boxes for the average Joe. After that, if it comes down to taste and that is subjective. I can taste a difference between the same bean through the Niche and Clima Pro but that is certain to be the flat v conical debate. I would love to try a Monolith conical if anyone has one in the Newcastle area, to see what it is all about of course
  8. The burrs on the HG are 83mm from memory, whereas the Niche are 63mm. There is bound to be a difference in taste because of that, but only. you can say if the Niche taste is equal to or more or less acceptable than the HG. A lot less faff and effort for sure. I have had a couple of HG Ones and never kept them long! I have a Niche and a Clima Pro. The pro is easier to use but with darker beans the Niche tastes slightly better, but hey ho.....bottom line is do not believe what people tell you and go try for yourself!
  9. There lies a question! When someone recommends a bean, or a machine or anything, they are telling you what they like. I would go bak to the roaster who supplied you with the dated beans and tell him you have been advised to get something roasted within the last couple. A roaster ought to put a roasted on sticker on but a lot do not and simply go best before 12 months ahead. The in itself tells you a bit about the roaster and his approach. Can you tell us where you are in the country. There maybe some very respected roasters nearby. Go and talk to them, tell them your taste preference as someone here might recommend a really light acidic bean and you actually want a darker roasted fuller flavour bean. Keep away from brands like Lavazza and Illy
  10. Okie dokie. Once roasted, coffee takes 4 to 10 days to degas, depending on roast level. It then stays reasonably fresh for a month or so, depending on how air tight. Tell your roaster you want beans roasted within the last 2 weeks and I expect your problems solved
  11. some people are just born worriers......
  12. The bottom line for me, would be this: Is there an electric grinder on the market that can produce as good a result as the hand grinder for the same price bracket?
  13. Believe me, if Dave reviews this roaster, he will tell all what he thinks of it. If it is as good as others think, then they will be happy. If not, the opposite. Just for the record, when you have known someone as long as I have known Dave, no fan club is necessary
  14. Sorry matey, I forgot to update the thread......I swopped it with a friend for some other bits......am sure @coffeechap will have something similar at the same sort of price
  15. By gum, you spout a load of tosh mr keyboard warrior......if you had ever taken the time to read through similar posts about Dave and his habits, you would know the following: he does not review for money alone, and the fee he charges is not remotely comparable to the time and effort spent (take Niche, he charged something paltry like £75 and that was donated to a guineau pig hospital) he has to have an interest in what the item actually is, since he is not being paid in the honest sense of the word to do the review the firm have to agree to print his findings without redaction, so they know in advance it is warts and all do I have to go on or are you going to continue mouthing off
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