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  1. I would have willingly lent you a Brasillia RR55 but unfortunately @JesmondJester beat you to it matey!
  2. I suppose since you know that you cannot apply a discount code to a Mystery coffee then either you've contacted Coffee Compass or tried to obtain a discount yourself? Morality check? Yes, I guess if you do not know the difference between right and wrong then you rely upon others to help you. I was not rude, sarcastic or impolite in my response.I merely pointed out the facts, as I see them. You of course, are quite welcome to you own viewpoint and I am happy if it is different to mine, as that is what makes the world go round
  3. I have used them for years and tried most of their offerings. They only do 500 gram or kilo bags so this offer of 8 x 250 is good to start with https://www.coffeecompass.co.uk/collections/gifts-trial-packs/products/assorted-medium-roast-coffees
  4. am I the only one looking forward to next Wednesday?
  5. Why would you want a further discount on something that has been hacked back to £14.50 per kilo? I appreciate you are new and might not be aware but the Mystery roasts are heavily subsidised by the roaster to allow people who support them as a business to receive a little thank you from them.
  6. https://coffeeequipmentreviews.files.wordpress.com/2019/03/niche-zero-review1.pdf
  7. WhatsApp_Video_2020-09-28_at_14_40.24_(1).mp4
  8. https://www.cerinicoffee.com/collections/olympia-express-cremina-maximatic-service-parts/products/olympia-cremina-bottomless-portafilter-380414-49mm-free-2nd-day-shipping
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