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  1. Sounds like the usual LM scam advert to me....payment only by bank transfer, stock photos, good price etc
  2. 1. No, No 2. No 3.I would go to my favourite roaster and buy my own.....
  3. Technique......the foam is sitting on top of the milk. I probably cannot explain this very well, but imagine a couple of stages. Firstly create the foam then distribute the foam into the milk. Try practicing with 100 mis to allow more room. Try using cold water with a single drop of washing up liquid in. The end result should be a shiney velvety liquid!
  4. dfk41

    Coronavirus humour

    The bloody cat just asked if I would like the radio left on for something to listen to while he goes out. If you receive an e-mail from the Department of Health warning against eating tinned meat due to possible COVID-19 contamination, just ignore it It’s just Spam
  5. dfk41

    Coronavirus humour

    It might have been. I got into Somerset and got my right and left mixed up and got a bit lost on the way down.......cannot go anywhere tase days, even in cognito!
  6. @pantherish Hiya matey, I think @jony might be thinking of selling his Vesuvius. See if he responds
  7. I think it adds to its good looks!
  8. I have had a couple of Gaggia TS machines. Ugly, well built to industrial standards and remarkably good at making coffee. Does yours have the cartridge to assist warm up? from memory, they need a very small cooling flush as well. How have you modded it (apart from the wrench!)
  9. I should add, that our very own @jimbojohn55 took this machine and gave it a bottom up refurb This is a very early Mark 1 machine and is actually rarer than hens teeth
  10. dfk41

    Brave Browser

    I tried it for an hour, but to be honest, I was getting inundated all of the time with the request to subscribe to/buy things so I binned it and went back to Safari!
  11. dfk41

    Brave Browser

    Is anyone using this? I know there are some very clever IT folks on here of which I am not one, but the way it was explained to me over not tracking data etc, seemed a good thing https://brave.com/?ref=bra413
  12. dfk41

    The FFFrench

    No it's not........Yes it is......
  13. dfk41

    The FFFrench

    You would not be too far wrong matey!
  14. dfk41

    The FFFrench

    I happen to be quite partial to gruel........
  15. dfk41

    The FFFrench

    You know I was simply referring to the ability we used to have of popping out whenever we wanted to, whilst highlighting the effect of not having blueberries might do to destroy the core family values..... Did you ever look at that link I sent you? They specialise in older people
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