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  1. dfk41

    True Detective

    Without defending 2, it is a completely different storyline set in a different era. Anyone expecting more of the same may have been disappointed but with all things, ignore what others say and watch it. By all means come back and shoot me [email protected]
  2. dfk41

    True Detective

    I found 2 better than 1.....but Enjoyed 1 as well....3 takes a different type of story........I really enjoyed the final episode of 2, the way it played out!
  3. dfk41

    True Detective

    Has anyone watched the above? It is made by HBO, same mob who did Game of Thrones. Was made in 2014 with 3 series. HAs to be one of the finest shows I have seen. Each one tells a different story with different characters over 8 episodes. The first series is a little odd but if you make it to the end of the first episode you will be hooked! Series 2 is brilliant. Series 3 I am watching!
  4. dfk41

    Freedom of Speech

    I used to find All Garnett, Little Britain, The Inbetweeners, The Young Ones etc etc, as funny as can be.....nowadays though, I find them even funnier.....odd hey......why is that? Because humour is humour.......I do not hold with this rule that it is ok to find humour in some things yet not others........ok, perhaps it should no longer be aired on main stream tv, but if I want to watch it and laugh, what's wrong with that?
  5. I am not sticking up for them, but (!),.........they roast mainly for cafes and such where roasted date does not matter. When you buy coffee as an individual we think this is vital information as we all know beans only last 21 days before they explode (joke).......their coffee is normally slightly darker than medium and I often leave it a month before opening. I but kilo bags and it takes around 3 weeks to drink a kilo. I have a large airscape and sometimes I also bag into 250 gm bags and freeze them (though not often). If I am using the Mythos with a hopper as opposed to the Niche then I might just freeze the whole bag, open it the night before, take a couple of hundred Grams out......Hoffman says to let them defrost naturally overnight......I normally just chuck them into the hopper and with the Mythos there will be 200 grams in the system to use first. My taste buds are not able to note any discernible difference but please, do not copy my bad coffee habits! In short, they put a best before 6 months label on. If they were roasted in June then the BB is December, July is January.....they roast lots every day!
  6. You cannot subjectively compare flats to conical. You might spend and buy Monolith conical then draw a different conclusion All you have discovered is that you now own a Monolith and prefer flat burrs
  7. Just because one forum member decides to effect a comparison of an apple to a grapefruit does not set a logic or a bench mark
  8. Agreed, bur people throwing 2k plus into a grinder, naturally want it to be the best out there. That is fair enough. To compare a Monolith conical with a Niche would be closer, but tbh, if the Monlith did not win hands down, then the laws of nature are malfunctioning
  9. I am not knocking the Monolith......you cannot compare a flat with a conical in any sort of test, other than to say you prefer the taste of one over the other
  10. You cannot really compare the taste from a flat to a conical......you might as well compare peeling potatoes with a knife and a wooden spoon! If you doubt me, put the same beans through and half decent flat grinder.
  11. dfk41

    Coffee from the Cat

    Though I would give a quick update on the Pineapple Candy. Was roasted on June 22nd. Over the last few days, have had it a variety of ways. I know it is a brewed coffee but first out was an Americano on Monday. I next came to it Wednesday and had an espresso and a small flat white. Left it Thursday and Friday and today have had it in a Clever, a Trinity One and later on, will do a 25 minute steep in thee Boilbrew. I am having difficulty nailing this one. It has so much promise but I cannot quite get it over the line. I think my favourite attempt so far was actually the Americano which is daft. I am looking for the initial taste from the first sip to carry on as the drink cools, but as it cools, I am losing the taste! Any comments will be welcome I also opened the Chocolate Point Blend yesterday but need another couple of days play!
  12. dfk41

    Fun Competition

    By all means start us off then, or would you like to start a new thread in your own name as you thought of it!
  13. dfk41

    Fun Competition

    The Simon & Garfunkel blend......one of the worst I have ever tasted. Apparently the roaster had real problems identifying first crack, as all he could hear was the sound of silence
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