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  1. You think so? I've tried those caffeine tablets they did absolutely nothing for me. Then again that could be because I'm so badly addicted that my body no longer has a reaction to caffeine.
  2. That is interesting to hear that some members can drink coffee regularly but stop any time without any ill-effects. I suppose some people manage to escape addiction and others don't.
  3. No you can't, hasn't stopped me trying though.
  4. I suppose this is a bit like asking a tobacco forum if they are addicted to cigarettes, but I was interested so I'll ask it anyway. I personally am addicted to caffeine. The very first thing I do (before even brushing my teeth or washing my face) when I come downstairs in the morning is to go to the kitchen and fire up the coffee machine. Before I've had my first cup of coffee I can barely string a sentence together and only after 2 or 3 can I have a conversation with somebody. If I sleep in for example and have to go out the door without any caffeine I am literally in a daze and a
  5. So to clear it up, espresso is the kind of coffee you get in little glasses and you can use any kind of coffee for it? That is interesting.
  6. Of course, for some reason I had a picture in my head of espresso being like cappuccino... I must be losing my marbles - well, the ones that are left.
  7. Ah I see. Can you make espresso in a standard coffee machine?
  8. Well congratulations on resisting coffee after 5PM!! I usually cave in at about 9PM and make myself a cup - the sinner I am!!
  9. Lucky you! At the moment I have nothing to do with my hours. According to David Cameron I should "GET A JOB!", well, give me one and I will you b******!
  10. It's a vicious circle though, because if you're tired during the day you have a coffee or two to wake you up but in turn that means you cannot sleep well, then you have lots of coffee the next day to make up for the lack of sleep, which in turn makes for even LESS sleep the next night.
  11. Well I'll be sure to try it some time - you have my word. I was thinking about buying some grounds from Taylors coffee, are they any good?
  12. But how big a bag is it? Bellarom is 500G for £3.50.
  13. Well I hope I can do that some day, I would really like to but the way things are at the moment (car-less, job-less and soon to be homeless) it is much easier just to grab a cheap pack of ground coffee. Perhaps in a year or two (hopefully sooner) I'll be able to get into coffee more but right now it's a no go.
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