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  1. I measured grounds in and out after a proper burr clean, I’ve also tracked grind retention between shots. I would say I’m getting around 0.5g retention after the initial clean, after that I get around 0.1-0.4g variation between shots after the initial grind post clean. I normally leave it running for quite a while to make sure all the grinds are out and sometimes give her a slight tap to release anything. For a machine that’s not designed to work for single dosing it’s done well for me. I admit it’s far from perfect but can be used for single dosing and is far better than any Mazzers etc, it n
  2. I have just read this topic and have been using the K30 for single dosing for the past 3-4 years with little to no issues, and very low grind retention. I have made up a small chute to pour in beans.
  3. i managed to get an order on a Flat. The wait now begins....
  4. So the time has come to sell my Rocket R58 dual boiler espresso machine, I've owned now for a few years and am selling due to upgrade to a La Marzocco GS3 MP. Machine is in excellent fully working condition with very minor cup marks on the drip tray (I always weigh my shots so these are probably from the scales), it has only been used approximately for one shot a day for about 4 years using only BWT filtered water. I have regularly back flushed the machine and recently stripped down the group head and re-gressed interfacing moving parts of the e61 group head using Molykote 111. The
  5. Im currently looking at a new version of the GS3 MP, prices have some what increased over the past few years...
  6. Gutted i litrially ordered one new yesterday. Someone I'm sure will buy.
  7. I have a Rocket R58 and for the past couple months I have been experiencing the following problem: When turning the machine on after about 15 minutes the steam pressure continues to rise past the 1-1.5bar green zone on the dial to around 2.25bar, this is the point where the OPV releases, the OPV activates and releases the excess pressure, initially this was intermittant but now it occours every time the machine is turned on (I have now turned off the steam/service boiler). The heater doesn't shut off and the water in the boiler is continued to heat, so my initial thoughts were that its a
  8. Hi Jeff, I'm just about to post a similar topic for my Rocket R58, this does a similar thing. When turning the machine on after about 15 minutes the steam pressure continues to rise up to the point the OPV releases the excess pressure. Its as though the heater doesn't shut off and the water in the boiler is continued to heat. I suspected a relay problem at first, but this didn't fix the problem. I have taken apart the temperature sensor to check if it was scaled up but it all appears OK. So like you I'm going to try and pick people brains on here for a root cause. I would appreciate
  9. I didn't want this post to get into a debate, I am am obviously interested in feedback on potential new machines (good/bad). I wouldn't spent that amount of money without doing my research and tasting espresso shots from all. I am also in no state to make that change at the moment, if and when I do make the leap to upgrade my machine I would like more control over pre infusion and would like some form of pressure profile control for extraction. I will just enjoy the setup I have for now...
  10. What machine are you running now? The thing is there isn't a lot wrong with the coffee the r58 does, especially with the attention I put into it and the low volume output for home use.
  11. Yes it does work without the hopper fitted, I alway use in barista mode, and always weigh beans in. The big difference is I only get 0.5g retention from what I put in compared to the jolly 1.5g. The fist couple shots were about 0.8-1.0g. I don't think there will be an upgrade until I get a house/kitchen upgrade. But we all need to have things to dream about..
  12. After 18 months without an upgrade Idecided to get my dream home grinder, Mahlkonig K30 Air. Mainly because of its compact size. All that is required is one of the following, Slayer single group, La Marzocco GS3 or KVDW Speedster. Unfortunately one of these will have to wait... I just need to modify the hopper to fit under my kitchen cabinets.
  13. I can get postage for £10, this is not insured. It's through a currier a friend of mine uses for his business. I always prefer Royal Mail for convenience. I can look later for other options if needed. But the £25 is a worst case scenario.
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