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  1. Hi Joe, I would like to take the knock box and tamp. can you email me a price delivered to sw london to [email protected]?
  2. I compared the grind to that done for me at my local independent on an expensive conical grinder and could not pick out any differences which is why I assumed it to be capable! Haven't owned it long so will be disappointed to go buy another. Nonetheless I see it as entirely feasible that the grinder is the cause although I couldn't make it choke on a very fine grind from the independent again? Confusing stuff
  3. Hey there, new to the forum and in hope/need of some advice. I recently moved from an espresso pure to the classic. First thing I did was to remove the pressurised basket and put a regular double in the pf. Now I cannot get a good 20+ shot, it is around 10-15 max and the crema is inconsistent. I have tried experimenting with different grinds and Tamps but I can't help but feel I am putting far more than 30 lbs in. The grind is like talc but I can't choke the machine and i am getting grinds in the bottoms of the coffee. Could the quality of the basket be the problem? It seems to go through
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