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  1. https://www.lacabra.dk/blogs/news/we-should-be-resting-our-coffee
  2. The wall thread was stupid as it was deleted and we were expressly forbidden from talking about it or referencing it. In terms of trolling it was pretty poor, by other forums I posted on at the time anyway.
  3. Thanks for looking after my coat, at a coffee fest long ago that I have no idea when it was. Met you, Reiss, Callum and a few others. We also had some good Norwich forum meets back in the day, and met some really nice people like OP Burnzy through here in real life.
  4. How do you know it's the same lot? They just give you the station on the website?
  5. Done it before (but with broken up pucks not whole) but to keep slugs away. It didn't work, or seem to do much as a compost. Can confirm my cat, the neighbours cat and other neighbourhood cats were not phased by it in the least.
  6. Agree with this. I think there's a bit of overlap in customer bases, but not as much as people think.
  7. I still use mine all the time! not convinced of all its claims but its beautiful.
  8. Using an IMS B70 2T H26.5 basket and dosing 19g.
  9. Not under the current owner, but under the previous owner it was not specialty grade coffee or environment.
  10. I don't like Alchemista, always found them friendly but the coffee average and no filter. Norwich has always had some fantastic shops for it's size. Kofra for me all the way still. 3 shops around the city. Strangers are really nice guys but I don't enjoy the roasts or ambience as much. Fika (in what was The Window) is fantastic. Ancestors is good. Artel not my scene. I think Smokey Barn has changed owners again. Bread Source are a great bakery doing good coffee too, 4 sites in the city now. Red Roaster not been to in ages. There's another new one happening soon too.
  11. Try 5 and see what you think.
  12. What setting is your peak on? I was using Volvic for the same reasons as you and noticed an improvement, and also had issues with the test strips. If you look at the latest comment on the nonstarter it's noted by Maxwell the test strip results aren't great. The manual suggests dialling a bit lower if you use lighter roasts IIRC, whilst La Cabra recommend setting it to he max for their roasts. I've been alternating between 4 and 5 and not sure which I like best. I definitely prefer it to volvic and get more clarity but feel I'm lacking something with some coffees.
  13. The latest comment on the kickstarter and reply are interesting. "margin of error" on the test strips, with people reading them low? I was very surprised at the result mine gave me as we have very hard water. Just whacked it back up to 5 from 4 again based on that. With that said I am pleased with the taste and mouthfeel improvements. Another 4 filters arrived just over a week ago so 4 more to come. I also sent 2 off to be recycled, a bit of faff inputting information into the website for the label and further faff as the self checkout in the post office wouldn't scan the barcode and ma
  14. Reiss was a resident of the UK for many years. Long ago they removed most customisation options to streamline, I suspect that plays a big part. I agree with the above that nobody is going to sell their machine without their logo though.
  15. Hope your cat is OK @AndyDClements Mine was unwell a couple of weeks ago. She's 15 so was pretty worried but it was just an infection and she's a lot better. Weird times at the vets - not allowed in so they come out to you then take your pet in whilst you wait outside.
  16. I've used grounds in my garden before. Has not killed either my cats or the neighbours cat. They haven't shown any additional interest in areas with coffee grounds.
  17. As a lifelong cat owner I can confirm my cats have never been the least bit interested in my coffee habits / beans, other than thinking me being in the kitchen might result in extra food if they dance around my feet and meow at me.
  18. Where are you located? I can recommend some good Dutch roasters (assuming you are in NL) but they're a *long* way from Hema industrial dark roasts.
  19. I've turned my dial from 4 to 5 just to see what would happen. Had to grind quite a bit finer for espresso, I expected less of a gap. Conversely had to coarsen my Chemex grind up a bit. Body has changed but I'm not sure how to describe it. Flavours seem a bit more intense. I'm going to stick with it for a bit but I can see why a bit of bypass is needed.
  20. Would strongly recommend eneloops - but buy legit, there's probably more fakes than real ones on Amazon marketplace / ebay these days. I've got them in my DECT phones and shaver and they last ages between charges.
  21. Where's the best / cheapest place to get one? Prices seem to have shot up massively.
  22. I've had La Cristalina Washed and Natural from a different roaster, it's a fantastic farm with super quality. I've had other coffee's from Gardelli and they're a fantastic roaster. Im sure you'll enjoy.
  23. Couldn't agree more with Boots and Dave. You get what you pay for.
  24. There is a massive thread going back years on here somewhere. They were and possibly still are a forum sponsor despite all that.
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