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  1. My friends (from the UK) were there on the Rancillio stand slinging coffee on the RS1 for all 5 days. Seen some pics and it looks great.
  2. It's been on tour at a few trade shows over the last year. Id rather it was done right than rushed but communication has been terrible at times (often only when people asked for an update on KS) and were now a year late with several missed deadlines. As much as I hate to say it I'm expecting another excuse in November. As for the delivery address survey (which we can expect 'in the next few weeks')......
  3. Harris + Hoole Stansted Airport before the Nero ownership was surprisingly good!
  4. It's quite central, a few stops on the tram and then a 2 minute walk. I don't really know the area names sorry ( I come in from Utrecht for the day). They usually have a few options for espresso and same for filter including some interesting and out there choices as well as the boring ones (The Cape Verde washed espresso was something very unique). I know an independent place that uses them but is very coffee focused and has high standards but as you say I suspect sadly not all the places using them have the same standards. They're perhaps not quite as bright and light as Friedhats or White Label either. Just realised I haven't mentioned Caffenation Amsterdam - technically the Dutch outpost of a Belgian roaster they are incredible. For years their beans made up 90% of my purchases - a local cafe here imported them as they were far ahead of any UK roasters.
  5. Bocca are great. Linked to importer Trabocca. Their flagship cafe in Amsterdam is one of the nicest fit outs I've seen and definitely needs a visit. I'd buy their beans over the majority of UK roasters any day. Friedhats as suggested already are a good shout, as are Keen who do a lot of roasting for competition but don't have as bigger range. I've also had some fantastic coffee from White Label (who also have a nice trendy shop).
  6. I actually went to Omotesando. The espresso wasn't to my taste (probably Assembly?) but had a great La Cabra filter, better than a lot of coffee I've had in London past few years. Very friendly barista who started chatting coffee to me when he realised I was a coffee geek and knew La Cabra. Cakes are pretty good too. Great for a different experience and tasty filter.
  7. There's also queues at McDonald's but it isn't a quality product. A firm no to both those places.
  8. I've got a first version L1 (which is what I assume 'first run means? mine was off the second production run end of 2012 but identical to the first run) and am very happy with it. I use light roasts too. The answer id say depends on price being asked, what you're willing to pay etc. The side panels really aren't an issue, I've taken mine off maybe 3 times since I bought it. It should have had new seals on the piston at least once I'd have thought but check when they were last done and factor that in if its needed. Maybe a new shower screen and seal too and you're good to go.
  9. I had some issues with these guys when they were known as Espresso Services ordering some IMS bits that came in appalling condition. Very poor customer service and resolution. Reordered from Bella Barista where they (as always) went above and beyond customer service wise and the same items were pristine.
  10. Anything of interest near either London Bridge or St James Park / The Mall? Roasting Plant maybe? Looking for unique / interesting experiences and tasty coffee rather than just a shop banging out square mile shots on a Slayer / La Marzocco. Thanks!
  11. Personally I feel more and more are. My 2 favourite restaurants in Norwich both have done speciality coffee since they opened 4/5 years ago, but they like to do filter. I *love* filter coffee but not after a huge meal and bottle of wine. Sadly a different long standing restaurant has just switched from commodity coffee to a small local commodity coffee roaster who chats a lot of **** and clearly wants to be seen at speciality but is not and cannot be at their ludicrously cheap prices. Another new restaurant has just opened (Benoli) doing Italian food (poorly) and serves lavazaa as the owner believes you need very low quality dark roasted coffee to compliment that type of food 🤨
  12. 30ml are awful. t'koffieboontje use Bocca who do roast some excellent coffee's but not been impressed at t'koffieboontje itself. Bocca's flagship in cafe in Amsterdam is stunning and they run some interesting coffee's, had one from Cape Verde that was insane. Koffie Leute are good for filters as they have a dedicated filter bar. Dagger Coffee is best for espresso. Will def go to Ohoj next time, hadn't been in a while so had a lot of family catching up to do. Utrecht's a great city but so much busier and more touristy than 15 years ago, but then where isn't I guess.
  13. In answer to the question not that often, but I tend to do my research heavily beforehand and stick to known good coffee shops if possible. I find London and UK roasters very disappointing these days. I'm only interested in lighter roasts not burnt commodity coffee.
  14. I'm curious how you ended up there? It's pretty out of the way of most things! Not managed to make it to Ohoj yet but really want to, was in the city for a long weekend a couple of weeks (its where my mum is from) ago but had a lot to do so only managed to make it to The Village and Koffie Leute. If you are back then check out Dagger Coffee - the owner always does very well in competitions and standards are very high. It's a bit out of the way again but if you can make it to ohoj you can make it there.
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