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  1. Thanks for the tips, well spotted. They're the exact same ones. Love the shape, and I don't mind a lot of Rapha stuff but I'd not be able to live with myself if I'd paid nearly 20€ for their logo!
  2. I suspected there might be a cycling thread buried in here somewhere! Does anyone recognise these cups? http://www.rapha.cc/rapha-cappuccino-cup-set I love the shape but I'm not gonna pay over 20€ each for a black stripe and a Rapha logo... wondering if they're available as a plain white cup somewhere.
  3. Good luck with the sale, fantastic machine. I was interested but cost of shipping to Spain would be prohibitive (strange how a Spanish made machine is almost impossible to buy here...)
  4. Thanks for the tips guys, I hadn't even heard of the OPV, nor considered a rotary pump so I've learnt something already! Looking on fleabay for used Classics, seems like that would be the way forward. Well, cheaper than buying the parts seperately to upgrade the deluxe. So, for a non-latte drinker, the Silvia wouldn't offer an appreciable increase in espresso quality (all other things being equal) than the Classic?
  5. Hi all, little conundrum here. My current setup is a Coffee Deluxe, which has been great for the 8 years or so I've had it. I'm also running a Mahlkonig Vario. I make 4 or so espressos a day, only use the steam wand for warming cups but wouldn't mind getting into lattes if the steam wand was actually useful. The only real gripes with the Gaggia are the wild temperature control, and the lack of a 3 way valve. So I was considering either spending a bit on the old girl, maybe a boiler and valve from a Classic (which I guess would work), and a PID. That, or upgrading to something like a Si
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