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  1. Gutted I couldn't make it, I screwed my back up last week and it's only just starting to feel better again Looks like everyone had fun though!
  2. I love my Forte (with BG burrs currently), it's a big step up from the Vario that's sat next to it. I'm using mine at work for batch brew with a Brazen. I tested with my DE1 for espresso before taking it to work and espresso was achievable (wasn't on my vario with same burrs and precisio before that). It's my third Baratza and I've never had a reliability issue with any of them. Retention isn't massive and there are mods to improve it but as I'm brewed it's not a problem. I don't single dose it as the grind consistency isn't as good as with the hopper loaded. I certainly wouldn't single d
  3. Great to meet you yesterday @nordberg. Mods could this please be marked as sold?? Cheers Spence
  4. Looks like we've got a deal folks. Looking forward to meeting Friday.
  5. Hey ATZ, I read nordberg's previous post to be an offer at asking price. Maybe he can clear that up or a mod step in if I've mis-understood Cheers Spence
  6. Interesting fact, I'm in Leeds Friday...... Does that help?
  7. Hi all, Not been around here too much recently, work and the little one taking up my days and evenings. Anyway, I recently took delivery of a Decent DE1 and following an audit from the other half it turns out that I have one too many espresso machines..... I'm selling my Sage Dual Boiler that I've owned from new. It's just a shade over 2 years old but has never skipped a beat. It's been OPV modded to produce max 8bar shots (happy to set this back if buyer would prefer) but this can further be tweaked using the pre-infusion settings on the machine. In my opinion this machine is
  8. My first bit of advice, presuming you re-zeroed after assembling again, would be 1. remove the face plate 2. Remove the shear plate 3. Rotate the drive shaft half a revolution using a screwdriver whilst holding the burr carrier still. 4. Replace facia screwing the screw both in until nearly tight. 5. Push the facia against the grinder body using the adjustment knob. 6. Finish tightening the screw a bit at a time whilst maintaining pressure on the facia and knob. That usually does the trick for some unknown reason....
  9. Haha, blame the little one and work taking all my time!! Still enjoying the coffee though!
  10. EDIT - Found the answer using search.... sorry I'll get my coat.... Can anyone in the UK who purchased a DE+ confirm the VAT/Tax situation. The website isn't clear. It looks like it's included but it's not totally clear... Also the $ to £ seems a bit off as for the Pro it's $3299 or £2884... current exchange rate says £2500ish...
  11. Obviously the tool only measures the chamber in comparison to the drive shaft. The tollerence before was visible with the tool (can't remember exact figure) now I see no varience through 360 with and without the burr.
  12. I decided to sand mine a while back, results have been great for me but obviously there's no going back
  13. There is, of course, an argument to say that the ek does what it does because it's misaligned out the box.
  14. Best guess is that they are using a grinder with flat burrs which might produce brighter cleaner shots. Maybe grab an e8 instead?
  15. 1. Coffeechap 2. dfk41 3. Mrboots2u 4. CageyH 5. Dylan 6. MWJB 7. Snakehips 8. Joey24dirt 9. Kennyboy993 10. LukeT 11. arellim 12. Stanic 13. AndyDClements 14. Jony 15. Johnealey 16. GingerBen 17. Flying_vee 18. Soll 19. MatBat 20. Steveholt 21. Johnbudding 22. grumpydaddy 23. Thecatlinux 24. Greenblood 25. David Bondy 26. jimbojohn 27. Joelarkin 28. Christos_geo 29. MediumRoastSteam 30. Tewdric 31. Heligan 32. blackstone 33. Salty
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