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  1. Yeah I’m sure I can make that work. If you can pm me your address I’ll get a postage quote and work out the difference thanks
  2. Maybe I'm out of touch on pricing here? feel free to chime in? would £20 posted seem more appropriate? that's about half what these things cost new
  3. I don’t see a lot said about this little grinder on these pages and it was one that interested me hugely at the time. So I thought I’d add my impressions here for those shopping in this segment. I went from a super jolly timer. I liked it quite a lot and it worked for me, but I did fancy liberating some counter space and I found it noisy, no way you could carry on a conversation with that beast running. a good friend of mine was persuaded into the dark world of manual espresso machines and bought himself an r58 and one of these little grinder. And from pretty much the first shot, I was impressed. great looks, lovely build, clever design features and funky colours. The LCD screen looks and responds great, and the on demand chute is well placed and doses well. the resulting grinds were fluffy and clump free, the only complaint being that on occasion they were so fluffy that a mid grind tap was needed to make space in the basket. Dialled in I’m getting 18-19g in about 10-11s, which is no slower than the super jolly. There’s significantly less mess on my counter now, and the retention is incredibly low. Probably only a few grams kept in the burr chamber. I’m generally happy just putting in the beans I need for the day, safe in the knowledge that I won’t have much stale in the shot. how are the shots? Great. Good pours and just as much flavour (If not more) than with the super jolly. Lovely syrupy shots with plenty of mouthfeel. adjusting on the fly is quick and easy and making small adjustments to your grind time is also super easy. i feel I’ve gotten a grinder that is on par with the SJ for performance and taste but ups the game considerably in terms of noise (it’s super quiet), retention, usability and neatness. All in a package that gives me back a hell of a lot of counter space. Highly recommended if this is what you’re in the market for!
  4. Also if it helps buyers, this PF has fairly slim and shallow lugs, meaning it turned round a lot on my expobar, probably to 5 o clock for a tight fit. so this may help determine if it will fit other E61 groups you may have
  5. I have for sale a portafilter to fit the e61 group of an expobar. It may fit other e61 machines (ecm is likely) but there’s often a litttle variance in the clearance so in saying expobar to be safe. I’ll be including an IMS competition basket. This is an 18g basket and works up to about 19/20g depending on grind and headroom in your group. I bought the IMS as the opening on this basket is a little tight for VST 18g and sometimes the flow was catching the edge of the PF. works perfectly with the IMS. only selling as I was given another PF for Christmas that takes huge baskets, so I’m running that now. How does £25 posted in the UK sound for the whole lot?
  6. Should be a few more pics here https://imgur.com/a/PlFzBsw
  7. Here are the pics as promised. If you’re happy to go ahead, drop me a pm, ta
  8. I wouldn’t tamp half way, just tap the portafilter to collapse the pile until the grind time is done. if you tamp, you’re risking creating a channel between the two layers and getting very uneven extraction through the puck. ive used the Specialita a bit myself and im Aware that it does leave a rather large pile of fluffy grounds which can be messy. I just stop half way through, shake the portafilter and give it a wee downward tap before finishing grinding. other option is use a dosing funnel. It’ll prevent the mess.
  9. No other offers as of yet, so will sort you out some pics tomorrow. As long as you don’t want it to look mint, you’d be pleased with it I think. It’s a superb workhorse just a tad big for my needs and I’ve been dying to try a Specialita.
  10. Eureka mignon Specialita i should be popping home tomorrow so will throw up some photos. Unit is black and has some scuffing to the powder coating but still looks in good order.
  11. Forgot to say. It’ll also come with a genuine mazzer grinds tray
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