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  1. No partner considerations. Was just the best place for the toaster
  2. Toaster a compromise? I feel I’m missing the joke
  3. I use SM coffee quite a lot... in Edinburgh, a friend of mine owns a few shops and he sells it at retail, but without the London markup! so at £7.90 a bag for 350g it actually becomes quite good value. I've found that SM tend to be pretty high up the quality ladder, and red brick consistently delivers. Although they did get it spectacularly wrong last year... you know they got it wrong because the "seasonal" blend was replaced within 4 weeks with something else. Ive never seen them change out so quickly. I didn't get a single nice drink out of that batch.
  4. what about temperature..... anyone got any links to an E61 group temp probe?
  5. shrink

    Mazzer Mini E - £225

    I had an MC2 and made the jump to something a bit like a mini. The changes were revelatory. The Mc2 while better than pre-ground, is a nightmare to work with, super noisy and really not that consistent. You could fit some super jolly burrs to this bad boy and get superb performance that would put the MC2 to shame.
  6. in fairness its not THAT far out of my way. I visit our govan office often (well its just opposite the BBC building near the IMAX), and usually just pop round to the guys at cartel... but this is only a 5 min detour, so i'll make the effort next time.
  7. Let’s hope so! Will be good to get everything 100% spot on
  8. Looks like that’ll fit my spouted PF Thanks, probably just easier to buy that
  9. I’m very much out of touch on forum and remember a couple of years back these were doing the rounds. Does anyone have one I could borrow for a couple of days in exchange for beer tokens or some coffee related compensation Have reason to beleive dial on expobar may not be reading all that accurately! Ta David
  10. shrink

    Portafilter funnel

    I use one like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/58mm-Black-Metal-Screw-in-Hood-for-Wide-Angle-Lens-with-58mm-Thread-UK-SELLER/332930281810?epid=24025035667&hash=item4d8430f152:g:bPMAAOSwY0ZcCVyT more compact, smooth sides, metal construction
  11. So this year (well last month in fact) I bought my first home. Finally able to drill holes and plump in the beast! Expobar Dual Boiler Rotary (plumnbed) Mazzer Super Jolly with 320g Hopper Made by Knock 58.3mm Tamper IMS baskets and shower screen
  12. I'm a fan of steampunk because of their "naked coffee" concept.. means I can try to avoid packing. I usually pick some up at the Sunday market at Stockbridge in Edinburgh. Catherine is a complete star and really enthusiastic about coffee, and the environment. She's really paved the way for a few coffee roasters in Scotland to change how they deal with waste. We need more like her.
  13. shrink

    Portafilter funnel

    I just use a metal 58mm screw in camera lens hood from ebay. Cost me about £3
  14. this is how out of touch I am! didn't even know this place existed. A little out of my way for my usual Glasgow trip, but if i'm over on a Friday i'll try to come round to the shop.
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