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  1. It’s been used to tamp coffee, not hammer nails lol, so face condition should be perfecto! you can see it quite clearly in the photo that is attached. jack, you have first dibs so let me know
  2. I have for sale a heavyweight (heft I think it was called) tamper from “made by knock”. this was a custom engraved model sold by Machina espresso in Edinburgh and is the 58.35mm version for VST baskets. due to being in storage I replaced it with another recently and as such no longer need this one. does £20 posted sound sensible?
  3. shrink

    WTD - Linea Mini

    Hey sorry, wasn’t ignoring on purpose just haven’t been getting notifications for this thread. vesuvius too tweaky for me..... I’m looking for a high end solution that has focus on simplicity and zero messing around. Linea appeals to my notions of straight forward espresso.
  4. Well I guess North Star roasters get the sale then, they’re a fair bit cheaper overall
  5. The rotary version doesn’t because the motor is huge, and combined with a pair of 1.5L boilers it has no internal space. it can run from an external reservoir if you can’t plumb though. First year I had it, I was in rented flat and I was able to have a 5L water bottle under the table. It ran from that fine. But I can’t make even that work in current home. besides after 5 years I fancy a change
  6. It’s been of great service to me and I have no operational need to get rid of it beyond the fact that plumbing just isn’t realistic for new home, and where it will sit I can’t even run an external tank. im considering stepping up to a linea mini
  7. PId is current Gicar type. Fairly sure there’s no fridge components in there
  8. It’s the IV version and bought new 5 years ago by Machina espresso in Edinburgh. E61 group has been overhauled by me once in that time and I also lubricated the pressure control valve on the pump head as it was sticking and causing over pressure. has never needed maintenance beyond the usual chemical backflush now and then and the replacement of the group gaskets. We don’t suffer scale up here and as such it’s never needed descaling.
  9. I’m considering a change of kit and having been out of the kit game for some time I wondered about a value on my machine. Expobar Dual Boiler - rotary pump plumbed version. Bought brand new by me and always run on the softest of scottish water spouted and naked portafilters, IMS competition Screen. in mostly perfect condition barring the usual little marks to the group where the PF goes in etc. And perfect working order aside from the classic PID LCD issue, where some segments are missing. PID still works And you can still make out what it’s doing. variety of baskets, bli
  10. Now I just need a friend with an NHS account to help me buy a linea mini
  11. Having gotten not bad at rosettas over the years, I've been trying to push myself to do tulips more often. I'm not amazing at them but they're slowly getting more consistent!
  12. shrink

    WTD - Linea Mini

    thanks... also combined with the remote app they've now added to adjust preinfusion time, temp and even timed turn on etc... makes this a lot more tempting to me
  13. shrink

    WTD - Linea Mini

    Anyone out there thinking of offloading a Linea Mini? I'm moving to a location where I can't plumb in the Expobar and having to run from an external tank won't really work either. So thinking about taking the opportunity to "upgrade" to the LM LM. If anyone was thinking of downsizing, id be happy to trade in the Expobar Dual Boiler Rotary against a linea.
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