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  1. Thanks - answers below... 1/ Do you have good flow with no portafilter in place? Yes - seems to be fine without the portafilter, good flow of water through the shower head 2/ When you have coffee in the portafilter and start the machine do you hear the pump, is the machine stalling? Yes the pump starts with the coffee in, not stalling but does sound like its 'straining' when the OPV is screwed right down (the only time I get so much as a drip out) If the answer is yes in both cases could it be simply that your grind is just way to fine? Always used the same coffee (and a
  2. I don't have a back flush plate... After taking the picture I put it back together and again ran through trying to pull coffee with a full head, making small adjustments to the OPV - each time nothing at all until the adjustment is almost screwed right down, and then I get a very slow drip that would take an age to fill a cup. I can't say I hear any click when I press for coffee, would the symptoms I have point to a faulty solenoid? Is there any way of testing this part? Thanks for the replies with help so far.
  3. I've answered my own question - just found a link showing this is how it goes together. http://www.ruizs.org/archives/46
  4. Thanks I've just posed on that thread to see if the loan scheme is still running. About to click the order button on Amazon and get a new unit had no idea how much we rely on a nice latte! If I were to take the opv off and apart and post a pic would someone be able to confirm if I've put it together correctly? Feel a right wally taking it apart now!
  5. hey guys, is the loan guage scheme still running? I'd like to borrow it if is please. Thanks John
  6. Thanks I have just double checked and removed the solenoid valve again its 100% clean inside and no blockages, spring and piston moving freely. Im wondering if its the electronic part of the solenoid that is faulty as I cant hear it click when I turn on the water to the head (pump starts, not even sure if I should hear this part click though!)
  7. Hoping someone can help me out. Been getting worse over the last few weeks, the flow is almost nothing - a few drips every couple of seconds when coffee'd up. I've de- scaled with the stuff HappyDonkey sells and also completely stripped the unit down, there was hardly any scale inside and nothing blocked. I did make a mistake and took apart the opv before i understood was this bit did, hence i've unscrewed it completely and removed the spring! DOh! Anyway, have adjusted it so many times now with the inner nut screwed in and out, makes no change at all - still no pressure through head.
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