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  1. I've never walked up Leigh high street that far, next time i'm in Leigh I'll give it a try.
  2. Loving the orange paintwork. 😎
  3. I've just started my Rocko greens that I roasted recently, really happy with the blueberry notes.
  4. Thanks for replies, I'll leave alone for now and maybe just change the carbon filter at a later date.
  5. Just gone over 6 months now so due a filter change, are other owners going to change at 6 months or wait till the maintenance light comes on. I think the pure taste of the water has dropped off slightly.
  6. Hatch in old Leigh, Leigh on Sea, very happy with a Cappuccino and Iced latte over the weekend. They use Union beans.
  7. Roaster has now been picked up by @jaffro. Pleasure to meet you both. I hope you enjoy roasting coffee as much as i did on the Gene.
  8. Not sure their are any Huky owners on here. Hopefully you'll be roasting soon.
  9. No problem, pm tonight and sort something out.
  10. Ok, we can work out another pick up time, if needed.
  11. iroko

    Todays Roast

    Rocko Mountain Ethiopia 500g 1st crack @ 8.08 rolling @ 8.37 Roast ended @ 11.00 426.2 out, 14.76% loss
  12. Hi @jaffro If you up your offer to £215 then we have a deal. Would pick up after work Mon/Tue be ok if you want to go ahead.
  13. iroko

    Coffee Compass Mystery 11

    Thanks, sorted.
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