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  1. I never went higher than 250g when I had my Gene, If I remember correctly does BB guide mention going up to 275g ?
  2. iroko

    Cream pot lids

    You could transfer the cream into a reusable pot with a lid or an old jam jar.
  3. iroko

    Todays Roast

    Roasted last week and starting in a couple of days Coffee Compass Mystery No 12, no idea what to expect with these beans. In 500g 1st crack @ 9.02 Rolling @ 9.35 Roast ended @ 11.52 Out 415.2g Loss 16.96%
  4. iroko

    Todays Roast

    Sounds like a bit of a nightmare morning, It's good you can look back and smile.Hopefully we all learn something from the mistakes we make.
  5. @wan You don't need to do any mods on the cormorant to control heat or fan, both fully controllable as it comes. I use mine like this. If you go to the new Cormorant website you can spec artisan as an option. http://cormorantroasters.co.uk
  6. I've never had the chance to use a Dalian so I'm not sure, but I think the Cormorant would be easier to use for a beginner. Maybe a Dalian owner will chip in with their view.
  7. I think their are only two Cormorant owners on here as far as I know. 1. I went from the Gene Cafe to the Cormorant so a big improvement on control, but I also really liked my Gene. 2. I enjoy roasting on the cormorant, your a lot more involved with the roast than on the Gene, and much easier to hear 1st and 2nd cracks. 3. Nothing to dislike from me, I have the 2nd gen roaster. It has recently been updated again, see new website. 4. I opted for the SS, no paint to scratch or chip, although I'm sure the powder coating is very tough. I also use the roaster as It came, I don't use Artisan, although I might in the future. I'm very happy with the roaster and you get good support from Johan. Hope this helps.
  8. iroko

    Todays Roast

    Last of my Rocko Mountain, I've really enjoyed this bean. In 476.6 g 1st crack @ 9.15 Rolling @ 9.43 Roast ended @ 11.22 Out 413.7 13.19 % loss
  9. Job well done, It looks fantastic. thanks for posting the rebuild.
  10. No bits from mine, doesn't sound normal.
  11. I'm roasting with the analog gauge on the roaster, I presume the analog dial is much slower than digital but once you get used to the roaster you get great roasts. I haven't got a permanent place to put my roaster, when I have I might look into going down the digital path but I do like to keep things simple. the digital route might take the fun out of what i'm doing.
  12. No idea on the Kaldi, but I went from Gene cafe to the Cormorant and have been very happy with the roaster, and you will get good support from Johan.
  13. iroko

    Todays Roast

    Hi @wan video is way beyond my tech abilities, I'm not very good at this computer stuff.
  14. I use the standard 200um screen with no problems, I prefer it over the 35um screen. Maybe it makes more of a difference with the LR.
  15. iroko


    Did you use a voltage meter, it really helps to know If you have low voltage when roasting with the Gene until you do the mod.
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