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  1. Iv'e got the same set as CocoLoco, very happy with them. What Londinium model are you getting, Fantastic machine, you wont be disappointed, along with the top support you get from Reiss.
  2. The App for the LR24 can programme the machine to turn on/off whenever you want it to, you could also use a plug in timer, but also adjusts the PI as well to suit whatever beans your using ie light roast or darker.
  3. Maybe Cravendale have started to water the product down to make it go further 🤑 joking aside I haven't noticed any difference with the Asda full fat I'm using.
  4. Maybe it's to do with what the cows are eating at the moment ? 🍔 🐄
  5. They just about pip the Rocko Mountain I had from Foundry a while back, although they don't seem to have greens for sale on the website anymore.
  6. iroko

    Todays Roast

    Roasted some of my older beans today PNG Kenta 500g in 1st crack @ 9.20 rolling @ 9.48 Finished @ 11.05 429.5g out Loss 14.1%
  7. Hopefully they'll get some more in this year.
  8. Thanks for the Video, I like the roaster, big step up from the Cormorant ? Interesting for me to see the Artisan in action as I don't use it, and what was your moisture loss for this roast.
  9. I've still got 2kg of greens to roast 😁 these have been my all time favourite so far.
  10. So sorry to hear, I hope you can stay strong and make peace with the world.
  11. The toggles on my Londinium lock out in any position, no mishaps here.
  12. iroko

    My new l1

    The lever creaking is probably just the sound of the spring. I tend to favour the IMS B70 2T h24.5M basket, although currently I'm using the VST 15g as 15g of the bean I'm using at the moment is not enough for the IMS. Try grinding finer and concentrate on puck prep, try not to get frustrated and enjoy the journey.
  13. Updated app downloaded (Android) and now working.
  14. @Benjamin8732 @lune @Heligan I still can't connect to server, I'll wait for new app (android). Using machine manually without app for now. Just good to have coffee this morning.
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