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  1. Yes, same bean. Arcangel Bolivia from Foundry. Roasted medium.
  2. Hope they taste good after the longer rest, I've just roasted my 2nd batch which I wont touch till 2 weeks.
  3. My last natural roast took about 14 days to hit the spot, I started it at 10 days and I was disappointed, by day 14 I was very happy with the roast.
  4. Excellent job, the red looks very cool. 😎
  5. I'm thinking a long the same lines, I love the simplicity of the LI, I keep thinking about going for the LR but also wonder about the added complexity in the long term. I'm unable to plumb in so I have to run with the vibe pump, but part of me would like to mess around with the pressure PI and do some lighter roasts.
  6. I always steam while the shots extracting.
  7. Awesome, thanks for the pics during the rebuild, the machine is gorgeous. ?
  8. The brown and beige paint job is pure seventies, reminds me of old Ford Granada's, Cortina's and Escorts.
  9. I hope everyone had a good Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you all.
  10. Looks good, have you unpacked yet and started making some good coffee.
  11. iroko

    Todays Roast

    Arcangel Bolivia from Foundry. This is my Christmas Roast. 500g 1st crack @ 8.50 rolling @ 9.45 Roast ended @ 11.04 426.1 out 14.78% loss
  12. A voltage meter is a good idea to check to check it's not to low, try roasting without preheating. Can you roast somewhere warmer, maybe the kitchen vented out the window ? Try starting your cool down about 20 secs before the colour your aiming for, the beans can go dark very quickly at the end.
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