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  1. iroko

    Too much for me

    Where is the dark roast theme, I cant see a drop down thingy ?
  2. I'm just confused, too much information for me. I need a lie down.
  3. iroko

    Too much for me

    Noooooooooooooo, I was still reading the forum on the green setting, even the change to brown was too much.☹️
  4. Just had success in posting a photo from computer.
  5. iroko

    Todays Roast

    Another roast of Costa Rica SHB 500g 1st crack @ 8.20 rolling @ 8.46 Roast ended @11.10 415.8 out 16.84 loss [ATTACH=CONFIG]40356[/ATTACH]
  6. I haven't been able to post pics from my PC for ages, so I have been using my tablet instead but that doesn't work any more. It normally says upload has failed but I don't get that message any more.
  7. [quote name='coffeechap']And where were you on the day of the lever event @iroko[/QUOTE] Sadly unable to make the date. :(
  8. How did I miss this, I can't have been paying attention. Excellent work and looking forward to seeing the finished machine.
  9. Welcome home, what a road trip.
  10. Gutted to see your car didn't quite make It, but glad to see It sorted out now. Safe trip home.
  11. Looks like you all had a great day, congrats to RobW enjoy your new LR.
  12. Great work on the car, I hope you finish everything you need to do. Good luck with the journey and enjoy the road trip.
  13. iroko

    Todays Roast

    Looking good, I have to load pics from a tablet now, computer say's no. Tried the Costa Rica yesterday, not as nice as the Nicaragua. Im going to leave It for a few more days while I finish of the last of the beans.
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