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  1. Mines just landed, looking forward to it. Don’t think I’ve had anything from these guys before. Grateful of the short sub break too, get through some freezer beans [emoji106][emoji2532]
  2. Nope, no red card. They should of been delivered to my work address and there’s nowhere where parcels get hidden either. Cheers Liam
  3. Hi guys, I’ve been busy with work and only just noticed I’ve not received mine yet [emoji30]. Was really looking forward to trying these beans. Any idea if there’s still some to be shipped?
  4. Not sure if this is the right place, but since this is about the next delivery it might be the best place. I need to change my delivery address for LSOL, who’s the best person to send the new one to? Looking forward to this one [emoji1305]
  5. There’s a really nice little shop called Bianchi Kiosko. The guys there is really into his coffee, and makes a very good cup.
  6. Mines waiting for me at the post office to pick up on Saturday. Got about 40g of last months LSOL that will hopefully last me until then!
  7. Liam


    North tea power and Grindsmiths are great suggestions. Grindsmiths is definitely my fav in Manchester. I had a Chemex at Foundation in the Northern Quarter last weekend that was very good. They were serving Origin coffee. There is also Coffee and social affairs (think that’s what it’s called) open near Piccadilly gardens. Not been there yet since it’s only open Monday to Friday during the day. If I think of anymore I’ll let you know.
  8. Still got this for sale folks [emoji4]
  9. So excited for this! Two favourite coffees of last year both came from Crankhouse [emoji1316]
  10. I’m the same, really enjoying it but still don’t feel I’m getting it spot on. Had a few nice chocolatey brews but not much more. Still got a good bit left to experiment with so going to try and go courser as @fatboyslim has suggested, maybe a few more pours on the v60 than the 2 I’ve been doing too.
  11. Going to drop this to £80 or a reasonable offer if anyone is interested.
  12. I think they’ve opened a shop in Manchester now, been meaning to try it for a few weeks
  13. Little New Years bump [emoji51]
  14. Wow, this looks gorgeous. The words ‘wall mounted’ sold it to me for some reason...
  15. Having a clear out of coffee kit I’ve not used in a while and this is one of them. During the time I’ve had it I’ve used it a few times, but it’s mainly been on display in my kitchen since it’s such a nice looking piece of kit! It comes with all the original accessories: -Portafilter -Milk Frother -Double pour spout -Rok spoon/tamper -Storage tin Looking for £80 plus postage, although I’d be happier if it was collected since it will be 4-5kg once packaged.
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