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  1. Yeah no problem hope it got there safe I tried to pack it as best I could.
  2. @Wildcat where abouts in NI are you ?
  3. sub7

    Sage items for sale.

    @Iris Would you sell the distribution tool separate. I'm in Belfast today but work there during the weekends.
  4. sub7

    Sage items for sale.

    Delete. Duplicate post
  5. Payment received send me shipping details in PM and I'll send tomorrow if I can get a courier lined up ok if not I'll pay the extra and send it parcel force.
  6. Does this come with the shim kit fitted ? I believe this would have been available from Sage at no cost back in the day ?
  7. I would accept £190 posted, it's a 2003 model so has the big 3 way solenoid valve. I did replace the boiler and swapped out the pump a few years ago, everything else is original and original pump also comes with it, was nothing wrong with it but just swapped it while I was rebuilding.
  8. Price dropped to £200 posted. If the price is too high folks I can split the extras and just sell the Classic on its own. Open to offers
  9. @RonanRaver I just kept this same thread rather than relist, the enclosure has now been fitted and machine is good to go. Just had a look at the valuations page looks like a bog standard classic not even a steam wand done, I think everyone here would agree that a modded classic and a stock just can't really be compared.
  10. @RonanRaver I'm just on the border so can ship via whatever the Republic uses. I assume An Post would be rather expensive for an item this weight ?
  11. Cheers had quite a few PM's awaiting to have this enclosure fitted, so hopefully it gets a nice home now. Almost a shame to sell now how tidy it looks. I regret not contacting MrShades before now it's the finishing touch this machine always deserved.
  12. UPDATED: MrShades PID enclose now fitted and cables tidied up. Price has increased by £10. Enclosure alone cost me £20 which @MrShades can confirm but as always I'm open to offers.
  13. Yeah there was bits of it all inside the machine so I took the opportunity to strip a few panels off it and give it a deep clean. Other than the group gasket and stainless scratches it's in good shape considering the age/usage.
  14. Received and in one piece thanks again. A good clean and this DTP came up well.
  15. Can any of the moderators remove this thread it's no longer for sale. Will be listed again once I receive the housing from MrShades and will then be safer for sale. Thanks
  16. I'd be interested in taking all of the other bits off your hands if you have a ball park figure in mind.
  17. Contacted @MrShades to see if I can purchase one of his project boxe's to make this safer to sell. If it's too costly i'll have to remove the PID and sell this with the original thermostats which is quiet a shame but I guess I was not aware how big of an issue it was running it like this. This machine has been run in this state without issue since 2015.
  18. Most of these are wired without metal enclosures unless you buy the complete kit from MrShades at £94. (This actually was PID'ed before he made the complete full kit but does contain his thermocouple). I don't personally see the issue unless you pour water over the terminals ? Either way a cheap enclosure wouldn't offer much protection in that case either but for this price if anyone has issues can add the enclosure themselves to tidy it up.
  19. Thanks, I think it's priced very well considering mostly stock setups go for £150. Here's hoping it can get a nice caring new home.
  20. Thanks, i've updated too include price and list of items included.
  21. Gaggia Classic Pre Philip - Heavily Modded (PID, OPV, IMS shower screen, Silvia Wand, bottomless PF, IMS double filter) - £200 ono inc postage Machine was stripped and rebuilt and descaled this week I did notice that after the descale the steam wand may not be fully closing but this really is minimal when at steam temp and I assume with passing more water it would close fully again as it worked perfectly before. This comes with a lot of extras to list for this so will do my best but everything you see is included. Motta 58mm Tamper 2 xGaggia portafilters Bottomless porta
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