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  1. I would say that effort in improving shaping has been one of my biggest step forward. I did a sourdough course and really paid attention to the shaping bit. I am still no where near as good as they were, but getting better
  2. Hey Jony Could be a number of things. What shaping do you do with your dough? A good shaping technique creates a taut skin on the dough, which helps the air stay inside and stops in flattening out. This a pretty good video -
  3. Thanks Rob! That loaf looks great Had a bit letter luck with today’s bake Went for a much longer autolyse
  4. Does anyone use a mixer for their sourdough? Wondering if that will help me get my extensibility and better rise
  5. You should be happy. Those loaves are awesome
  6. Ha! I bought 2kg of fior di latte and 2kg of smoked Mozarella
  7. Did pizzas this weekend. Actually remembered to take some photos for once These ones were the first 3 so probably the worst to take photos of
  8. Interesting... Tale of two loaves Both prepared in the same way, from the same bulk but cooked in different ovens One in the £1300 neff steam oven The other in the cheaper non steam oven Guess which is which
  9. Can you add spelt flour to increase extensibility? Current loaves definitely haven't over bulk, it's cold in the kitchen, I think I actually shaped them too soon, but had to fit in with todays schedule
  10. Hey bread fans! I am having some issues with dough not being be very extensible. It’s tearing during shaping. I am doing slap and fold after adding salt and 3 sets of stretch and folds I’m using 70% Shipton no 4 20% french t80 10% whole meal Wonder if I am not to bulking dough enough
  11. Are you perhaps using too much flour for shaping? I use very little now
  12. Good idea! Thanks I put the seeds in the baneton before I prove, and I prove overnight in fridge. Most of them stay put, but quite a lot end up on bread board
  13. What cloches are you guys using these days? I need a rectangular one as I prefer longer loves to boules, that and I smashed my round one
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