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  1. You know it makes sense ha These look fantastic
  2. Buns came out pretty good for first attempt Yes that is black pudding ha! 100 buns in the last 2 days and some happy neighbours
  3. Same - If I am doing a big batch, I slice and freeze anything that won't be eaten within a couple of days. Sourdough is not so great for sandwiches after a day or so.
  4. Sure is! Going to have to bake a lot of bread to pay it off It is amazing though. so good to be able to get 12 loaves in. The stone retains so much heat. I used it for a few hours the other day and it was still hot the next day. Going to try a low and slow leg of lamb in it after the next bake
  5. Special delivery yesterday. Just got wait until it can be installed on Monday
  6. I don't think it would have overproofed in the fridge in an extra 30 minutes.
  7. Hey Baffo This could be an issue with any of the following; - Too little steam - Too much steam - Scoring not quite right - Oven/dutch oven too hot. Also, the top scores on the second loaf might have affected the spring. Every bake I do, even if there is 20 loaves, there will always be one 'ugly dud' that doesn't quite work
  8. Famag IM5 is great. Got one just in shot on the right Got the big sunmix so I can 20kg batches of sourdough - it’s a dream
  9. I had the same last week Someone was convinced I had called them - I hadn’t They sent me a screenshot of their call log and sure enough my number was listed as a missed call. Text spoofing has been around for ages but proper number proofing of mobile numbers is getting more common.
  10. Got a new dough mixer Profitec Pro 700 for scale
  11. Hey @Rincewind - I dropped them an email earlier in the week. Just waiting for someone in their tech team to get in touch Turns out they don't make them in house Aaron
  12. Afternoon everyone I volunteer at a local community cafe. On Sunday someone told me the steamer was 'leaking' - turns out the steamer wand gromet had somehow broken/moved and the unit was sending steam back up the steam wand into the machine I managed to fix that, and the unit worked for another few hours without issue. But then, a nasty burning smell and no more water getting into the heater coil. I suspected burn out solenoid, probably as a result of some unseen water getting somewhere. I have got the solenoid out, but it is too burnt to read the specs on it. W
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