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  1. Can anyone recomend a hand grinder as bought a gaggia classic and want to use fresh beans not supermarket ground Im hoping to get a mc2 grinder for xmas but need a hand one asap
  2. miggsy


    cheers guys still looking as the wife wants certain ones
  3. miggsy


    Hi All Im trying to find some tall latte cups but proving tricky also i would like to get the espresso cups that will sit under a gaggia classic anyone got any links on both:)
  4. yeah dont mind buying the stuff just not a clue yet on what i need still looking to try and suss it all out
  5. havent got any equipment but its a bit like a minefield of what to buy want to get second hand as i have seen its quite a lot ££££££ to buy new so trying to read up on what to get but all me and the wife drink is lattes from costa,starbucks etc etc
  6. Well just stumbled upon this site and wow Going to be posting some silly questions as im a complete newbie to all this just bloody love proper coffee:)
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