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  1. I'm not in any hurry - happy to wait until it can be collected legally and safely!
  2. Yes, that would be fine with me - as long as payment is either made in advance via bank transfer or your friend is willing to bring cash.
  3. Sure, understood. At the moment, I'm still not looking to ship, but will shout if that changes.
  4. Still available, now advertised elsewhere.
  5. Ah, sorry - didn't mean to put you in a quandary! I've seen a few for sale over the past month or so, varying quite wildly in price. I wasn't sure what to ask for mine, but figured it would be a bit mean to actually turn a profit, so I just set it at the same price I bought it (given that I have added a clean sweep mod and tube hopper). Below is the link to the thread where I bought it - the chap I bought from only had it for 6 months, but he also bought it from a user here, so it might be possible to trace it back further! As I understand it, the titanium burrs will basically last forev
  6. I'm guessing mine is one of those that you are considering! Just to be completely open, I priced it keenly because I'm aware the paintwork is not in great condition, and because I'd frankly feel bad charging more than I paid for it (I bought it a few years ago from another forum member). I did consider repainting it or taking it to be powder coated, but I never got round to it, and after I moved to a smaller house, I saved up for a Niche and plan to use that for the foreseeable future, so the Royal is literally just taking up space! Happy to answer any questions, of course.
  7. Still available, will be advertised elsewhere shortly..
  8. Sorry, at the moment, I'm really only looking for local collection - but will shout if that changes.
  9. I'm parting with my Mazzer Royal. It has been my go-to grinder for a few years, but it is just too big for my kitchen. I've recently bought a Niche Zero to replace it, and whilst I had planned to keep the Royal, I simply can't justify it. It has Titanium burrs, and I've applied a nice clean sweep mod (shrink tubing and egg timer dome). I have sometimes used an acrylic tube as a micro doser, though for the majority of time, I single dosed with a tamper (to stop popcorning). I will of course include both the tamper and tube in the sale. I may have the original hopper somewhere in the garage
  10. The levers move in any direction. If you push them away from the middle a little bit, they will 'click' back the the centre and close, but if you move them out fully, they stay open, no matter the direction.
  11. RikA

    FS: Mazzer Super Jolly

    @DavecUK Yes it is now sold. Sorry for not following up, but the thread can be moved to the sold sub-forum.
  12. Same problem here. Hopefully this post will allow me to respond...
  13. RikA

    FS: Mazzer Super Jolly

    Yes, I'd be OK to meet somewhere suitable in Devizes.
  14. I recall being very confused about the size of the connectors, and what adapters would be required to fit. The product page says "The connection at the back is 3/8, as well as the steam / water pipe. Do you want to mount this tap on your semi professional espresso machine? Then order the lever tap conversion kit.". (https://www.drtradingshop.nl/en_GB/a-59807930/steam-taps-and-attachments/conversion-kit-lever-tap/) I ordered a demo set, which luckily seemed to include all the right pieces. I /think/ @El carajillo is right, though - the item labelled '2' in your picture does look like one o
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