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  1. Thanks - I guess mine are aftermarket then, so will probably try to hunt down genuine (but non-titanium) burrs.
  2. I have a Mazzer Royal that I bought second hand from the 'for sale' forum here a few years ago. The burrs are gold in colour, but have no marking on them to identify if they are T151A or T151B. Is there any way of working this out? They also don't have any indication that they are original or third party (but from my own investigation, it's hard to tell if they should have 'Mazzer' stamped on them or not). I don't have a specific reason of concern, this is mainly to satisfy my own curiosity about my equipment, and for peace of mind!
  3. I recently removed the teflon tubing from the inside of the steam wand of my Expobar, turning it from a no-burn wand into a 'yes-burn' wand. I haven't really noticed a significant improvement in performance since removing the tube, though the wand is easier to clean now. Of course, the steam wand now gets much hotter without this internal insulation, so I purchased some rubber protector sleeves (sold specifically for this purpose, seemingly!), with the hope of being able to handle the wand as I use it. However, having installed a couple of rubber sleeves, they do not offer enough protection - they get very hot when I use the wand, far too hot to touch for any significant time. Am I better re-installing an inner teflon tube to return the wand to a 'no-burn' one (and if so, does anyone know where I can buy something suitable?), or is there something more insulating that I can use externally to make the wand usable again? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  4. Dropped the pump pressure on my Expobar Leva to 6 yesterday (7 on the gauge, so presumably 6 at the group head) and the couple of shots I pulled certainly seemed pretty good. Looking forward to trying a few more!
  5. I've ordered one as well - but am not holding out much hope. Their current items for sale are these kettles (more than 10 available) and a fridge (more than 10 available), both at suspiciously low prices.
  6. RikA

    Scott Rao books

    Looking for (together or separately)... "The Professional Barista's Handbook: An Expert Guide to Preparing Espresso, Coffee, and Tea" "Everything but Espresso"
  7. Now sold (sorry, brokentechie!) - can be moved to the sold subforum.
  8. OK - now sold, subject to a successful pickup!
  9. Saturday would be ideal for me as I'll be in the area anyway (from about 3pm when swimming ends) - but I'm equally happy to travel up after work one evening later this week if you are keen to get it more urgently.
  10. No problem - Leigh Delamere would be fine for me, actually - I go up to Chippenham most Saturdays to take my son swimming.
  11. Still for sale, reluctant to drop the price further so will probably list on ebay soon (will obviously update the original post if/when I do so).
  12. Yes, indeed, my Fracino Cherub is still for sale @ £375 : https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?41941-Fracino-Cherub
  13. I've just upgraded from a Fracino Cherub to an Expobar Leva Dual Boiler - indeed, it's my Cherub for sale as a consequence of this upgrade (and I do apologise for not being able to ship!). My suspicion is that the Expobar single boiler (HX) model won't be noticeably different from the Fracino Cherub, so picking between the two, I'd go with whichever you can get cheaper (likely the Fracino). There is a second hand Expobar dual boiler on ebay at the moment, slowly being reduced in price (currently £675+£50 postage). Might be worth a cheeky offer?
  14. Sorry, I don't think so - I'm fairly sure that I do not have a box sturdy enough, or the appropriate packing materials to ensure it would be as secure as I would want to make it.
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