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  1. -and is the Melitta Caffeo Gourmet any good ? Or is the verdict Varianza CSP all the way ?
  2. Hey guys, Thanks, yeah, more work-related absence... and yes, I have aeropress/oomph/v60 So is the Varianza a better bet than the Barista ? Anywhere close to miss Silvia ?
  3. Hi, I know this will sound a bit odd but, here goes. I'm wondering what I might expect from a Bean to Cup machine when compared to a dedicated and dialled in espresso machine. I have a Silvia paired with a mignon which works really well but it currently lives about an hours drive from where I find myself. I was wondering whether a bean to cup machine could give a comparable result with less hassle -which I guess is the main appeal. I don't add milk so foam ability is not really a factor. Looking around I see good reviews of Melitta's but unsure of the pros and cons of
  4. Hi there, Well I've had the Wilfa for a week or so and initial impressions seem promising. It's quite compact and fairly stylish looking, it isn't too noisy in operation (a little quieter and more refined than an MC-2) and it seems to grind quite consistently. Adjustment is easy and repeatable, just find a setting that works for you and you're away. Following an article online, I initially ground a bit finer (showing the 'aero' of aeropress) but I felt that this led to over-extraction with a 4-min steep time so I've backed it off a bit towards 'filter' which seems to work
  5. Hey folks, Thanks for the help and advice. So I did a bit of digging... as with most things, it seems you get what you pay for... I discounted the delonghi and the MC2 and did a lot of research into slightly more expensive options... In the end I was choosing between a Wilfa and a refurbed encore. I may regret it but decided to go for the Wilfa and it should be with me in a day or two... Unfortunately I ordered it before seeing your post, DFK41 -or I would have likely taken you up on your offer. Will post an update once the beast is here to let you know ho
  6. Hi There, I have a Eureka Mignon and a Silvia which satisfy my espresso needs, but I'm looking for an inexpensive grinder which will grind coarsely but reliably for French Press. - don't want to mess about with the Mignon as it's pretty 'dialled-in', and want something i can just switch on and grind with whilst bleary-eyed in the morning. I'm looking for something quite 'compact' as worktop space is at a premium, and I wondered whether anyone had any recommendations ? I've been looking at things like the Delonghi KG79 which seems to do an 'ok' job for something like French Pres
  7. I use to use their Caffe beans (green bags) and they were pretty nice - the only caveat is that they did seem to pack a pretty powerful punch caffeine-wise...
  8. Ok, so the votes are in... Finally got to try the (rested) Brighton Lanes and I have to say it hits the spot exactly ! Just deep and dark enough with the slightest hint of bitterness to give it an edge but with no acidic afterburn. Lovely, feels much more subtle than the Mocha Italia. Also, I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen such a lot of crema... I thought I'd blown it and over- extracted as the volume was rather more than I expected but the weight married up: 35g out in 25 secs from an 18g dose. Lovely ! Thanks for the recommendation !
  9. Hi All, Well, a quick sit rep. Couldn't hang on so have delved into the bag of Mocha Italia (5 days post roast) and it seems to fit the bill (Mrs J is happy -it 'tastes like coffee' apparently !), but boy, is it robust ! Certainly puts hairs on the chest when drunk as espresso -I shudder to think what the 'Hill and Valley' must be like if its more 'aggressive'. Going to wait on the Brighton Lanes to settle (a couple of more days) and hoping it may be a little more rounded. Definitely a world away from the citrus-heavy has-bean roasts -although I like both styles, albeit for
  10. Hey Kane, No I'm up in Scotland but used to lose many a weekend with friends who had a cracking flat on Arlington Road ! Happy days ! I'll try and get there next time I'm down in the big smoke !
  11. Hey KkAaNnEe, do you know the name or address of that roaster ? A friend took me there once and I've never been able to find my way back ! I was beginning to wonder whether I'd imagined the whole thing !
  12. Hi KkAaNnEe, I think I may have tried that some time ago from a tiny roaster somewhere down a backstreet in Camden -it was lovely... I have ordered some Brighton Lanes and Italian Mocha from Coffee Compass to try out. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks for the input !
  13. Hi, Looking for a wee bit of advice as I'm looking to try and find some beans which are closer to that Classic smoky Italian espresso taste. I've tried a load of different offerings from Has Bean over the last couple of years and they are certainly interesting, but having recently returned from holiday in Naples, I find we're now craving something a little heavier, and less 'citrussy' than the HasBean beans seem to offer. Ideally, Looking for something reasonably heavy, with plenty of 'bass-notes' but not too harsh on the bitterness front. A nuttiness would be a bonus. I ha
  14. It's baby blue and will be here tomorrow... Only to be hidden away for Santa...
  15. Well it seems the matter's been decided. My glamorous assistant has ordered a new baby blue Mignon from BB. It matches her kitchen and is to be a Christmas pressie... I was just about primed to go for a Mazzer too, hope the Mignon will be ok... What is that saying about gift horses ! Thanks all for your input !
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