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  1. Looking forward to trying these two babies. Great service from Hasbean.
  2. Glad you managed to order one. I ordered one for the July drop.
  3. Just received a email from Niche stating that pre orders for August delivery will be available from tomorrow at 7pm gmt.
  4. Have you looked at the Brita systems. They have filters for coffee machines. I’m not sure how they compare on price to other options that are available. It is an option that I would look at. I was alway changing the bottles at the IKEA store in Croydon which were fitted on the steam ovens, they were on for most of the day which was the reason why we were changing them so frequently. If a unit was not changed the scale in the oven would show pretty quickly so the chefs then called us in.
  5. I took the plunge and ordered my Niche last night. At 7pm I was ready and waiting. All I need to do now is convince the wife that it did not cost much more than the porlex hand grinder I bought 12 years ago. I don’t think she will believe me somehow.
  6. Thanks Dave. I have decided to stay as I am.
  7. After quite some time I have come back to the forum with the hope of reinvigorate my enjoyment of coffee. I was wondering if I could change my user name to Chicco Di Caffe.
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