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  1. Hi all, I'm selling my equipment. The Gaggia classic has literally been used very, very little. I have however regularly descaled it and use Puly caff, etc to keep it clean. It comes with the upgraded Rancilio steam wand and a 17g Strada basket. I am selling the Mazzer Super Jolly automatic grinder which is in perfect working and excellent cosmetic order as can be seen. It will come with the bean hopper and as you can see, additional screw in pins/collars which help to turn the grid dial and set it. I'm based in Newcastle and would prefer collection plus, you'll get
  2. Hi all, Considering buying the above for the ease of use primarily. Wondered if anyone had this version and what they thought of the results: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Saeco-8753-11-Intelia-Touch/dp/B005DER22W http://www.philips.co.uk/c/coffee-makers/intelia-integrated-milk-carafe-stainless-steel-hd8753_88/prd/ Thanks, im333
  3. im333

    Mazzer Super Jolly

    How much would you sell it for? I'm in need of a grinder for my new classic.
  4. About to buy a grinder for espresso. What are people's thoughts on the Cunill CT1 Brazil grinder? Thanks. Im333
  5. im333

    Mahlkonig Vario

    I'm also interested, if it hasn't gone already. im333
  6. Thanks for the replies. I figured it out an easier way. I filled two glasses with water and put them each user a pipe, turned on the pump and saw which emptied! Ps for anyone else wondering, it's the left tube
  7. Hi I'm trying to fit.an in line water filter to my classic. Trouble is, I'm not sure which of the two tubes in the tank to attach it to. People talk about differing lengths but mine are both equal! Im333
  8. ignore the message, bought elsewhere.
  9. Hi, Just ordered internal, inline water filter hat fits onto the pickup line in the water tank for my GAGGIA CLASSIC. Silly question - which of the two pipes should it connect to? im333
  10. I've fitted the Sivia wand myself. Which tamper did you get? I'm going to wait for new baskets before I use the machine, not bothering withe the pressurised ones. Also thinking of getting an in-line water filter to sit in the tank and a Brita jug. The chap ay madebyknock hasn't gotten back re prices for VST baskets and appropriate tamper...I may buy elsewhere.
  11. Shinsplint, I'm in the same position. I have the Classic unpacked on the table and am trying to work out what I need to buy in terms of kit. I thin the baskets are a good upgrade and I/we may as well go for the VST; I'm for buying once, not over and over again. Question is, how do you decide which one you need?
  12. I'm interested as I'm new and building kit. Which do I need for a Gaggia Classic and which is best - flat or concave? im33
  13. Is the Cafelat group head brush a good choice, or the smaller, angled/slimmer type of brushes?
  14. Hello all Just purchased my first real espresso machine after lurking here and gathering info! Bought a gaggia classic for£180 brand new. My question is, apart from a new grinder (currently have azassenhaus), which other essential things do I need to buy? I'm thinking along the line of new portafilter and tamper, and if so, which do you recommend? Also is there a plug and play upgrade stream wand? As ever, your advice is much appreciated. I m333
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