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  1. Thanks friends! Given my busy schedule and lack of familiarity with Coffee in general, it may be easiest for me to start with a fully automatic machine...or an easy to use semi-automatic? I am also looking for a machine that I can try different flavors of coffee on, as I don't know what types of coffee I like as yet! Thanks, desidude
  2. Hi friends, I hope everyone is doing well. This is a great forum! Thank you for hosting and contributing to it. I just moved to Oxford, UK from USA. I am a Graduate student at University out here, and will need to stay awake for many long hours, studying! I am thinking of buying a Capsule/POD coffee machine, e.g. Nespresso, Tassimo, Krups. I am not good in the kitchen, and looking for a simple solution to make some great tasting coffee, and maybe even tea/hot chocolate at times. If the capsule/pod machines are not recommended, then what is another good alternative?
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