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  1. I bought my Vario with them, great web store. They have a smart and secure payment metod.
  2. I bought a NS Oscar coffee machine at the store and was very pleased. They answer emails promptly, and were very attentive in meeting all my special requests. The machine was very well packed and I received it in perfect condition.
  3. Hello baristas, Thank you all for the help! The thing is I wish I could keep things simple, because I am brazilian, and I will be in London for vacations for a short time, and I don't want to be hostage by the delivery times. I wish I could go to a store, buy in cash, take the grinder in my arms and take it home... I already have contact the guys from coffeehit, and they was helpful. I will make my order with them today.
  4. Dear baristas, Could anyone recommend me a physical store in London, that sells Mahlkonig Vario grinder? Thanks,
  5. Hello Chimpsinties, My father born in Porto Alegre, did you tried the local beverage chimarrão? And the famous barbecue? Porto Alegre is cold and rainy in winter, but not as much as London, I think. There`s some very nice little cities near Porto Alegre, that I think worthwhile to know next time you travel to Porto Alegre, as Gramado, nice city that is the home of a famous cine festival. Yes Chimpsinties, all import goods cost twice or more here, we pay lots of taxes to a lousy government... And for the worst, we do not pay cheap for ground coffee!! I read here in the forum, th
  6. Hello Blackstone, On the other hand, São Paulo is a crazy 20 million people city, with a terrible traffic and everybody is stressed. Sometimes I wish to live in a quieter city, but besides all the problems I love São Paulo. Yes, we are preparing for the cold! But after five months of hot weather here (in winter!) we are looking forward for some cold. Is there too much rain in February in London?
  7. Hello chimpsinties, Do you also live in Sheffield? I saw the town in the google images, what a beautiful city! The Sheffield University, Botanical Gardens, the Balls of Steel. By the way, all UK is beautiful. My wife and I never went in UK, but we already love it, not only the landscapes, but the culture and tradition. My wife is a Tolkien big fan, and I am a big fan of the Peter Greenaway Movies. As for the languages, for me is the same, I can read English quite well, but speak and write is a nightmare! I also learned a lot watching films in English, although as I watch too much te
  8. Hello Blackstone, Your Portuguese is very good! I think Curitiba is a very nice city, did you enjoyed live there? I like Brazilian coffee too. Now the producers here are starting to improve even more the quality of the coffee they produce, as a response to a increase demand of Brazilian coffee lovers for better coffees. As for the upgrade, me and my wife will be in London on vacation from January 28th 2013 to February 05th 2013 and I planning to buy a Mahlkonig Vario and a Nuova Simonela Oscar there. Maybe we can meet!
  9. Hello chimpsinties, You have a brazilian girlfriend! What a nice surprise. Brazilian women are great. I`m from São Paulo, terrible city. And your girlfriend, were she comes from?
  10. Thank you James, Good luck with your coffee adventures!
  11. Marcos

    I`m curious

    Dear baristas Had anyone ever tried this? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2220185/Elephant-dung-coffee-worlds-expensive-hints-milk-chocolate-nuts-spice-red-berries.html Here in Brazil we have a similar process, but involving the "Jacu" (a big bird)
  12. I think the problem is the Teflon getting worn.
  13. Dear baristas, Sorry about my terrible english. I`m glad to be part of this nice forum! I am a coffee drinker since the age of ten (i`m now 46), for past 6 years I have been making coffee with my Gaggia Topazio. Now, is time for a upgrade, and this forum have been a great help. Thanks!
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