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  1. If for some reason the cherub didn't go I'm still interested, having shown interest on your valuation thread.
  2. I'd potentially be interested in the cherub depending on location and price.
  3. I'm potentially interested in this for asking also if phario doesn't take it.
  4. A coarser grind would be better, I have tried the 2filters method previously and for me never worked, but you may have some more luck than me.
  5. I had exactly the same issues with my aeropress, a new bung later and it was good as new again
  6. If for some reason the sale falls through i would be interested too. Saw the advert earlier but was too slow on the uptake as only just joined and had insufficient posts
  7. I have a few bags of beans which seem to have benefited from a months rest and give a better flavour imho, just not a great crema unfortunately.
  8. 1471 Delicatessan 101 Church Street Tewkesbury GL20 5AB Lovely coffee plus is a deli aswell stocking a variety of specialist items.
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