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  1. Mine locks at 6 o'clock, but the gasket seems to be 8.5 mm, so it's a bit confusing. I asked Lelit but got an auto-response - they just started a week long summer holiday...
  2. Does anyone know of a 3-way tap that also has a pull out spout? Only one I could find is part of a Grohe kit, but although it's made by BWT and is the same as Bestmax, the thread of the head is different from BWT and incompatible with standard BWT cartridges: https://www.plumbingforless.co.uk/?i=1683370&&gclid=CjwKCAjwrvv3BRAJEiwAhwOdMy6Q0UKFN4XF54btVq3CMjre466IPewQQi_1nl_xFYm_hUmmlr8Y_BoCCe0QAvD_BwE BWT has it's own kit with a 3 way tap - much cheaper, but it doesn't have the pull out spout and filter exchange timer: https://www.screwfix.com/p/bwt-3-way-deck-mounted-filter-tap-chrome/3900x
  3. Is the Lelit shower screen in your picture the stock one that came with the machine? Mine doesn't have anything written on it. Do you find the IMS screen hard to remove as some reports suggest? A little of topic here, but for those who also replaced the group gasket (especially with a Cafelat silicone one) - what thickness did you go for and where does the PF handle lock with it? I read that new machines take 8mm, and that once the PF/group wear out it might need an 8.5 mm gasket. However, my calipers seem to show that the new stock gasket is 8.5 mm, so not sure what size to get.
  4. Yes, it is. The steam valve needs to be closed at all times apart from when you actually steam or draw water. Otherwise, pressure in the boiler will push water out (it's just like the tap in your kitchen :-)). Also, if you leave the tap open while the machine is on, you will dry the boiler and burn out the heating element (or at least set off the safety valve). Bottom line: close the tap. :-).
  5. I used an IMS 15g basket, IMS 200 IM shower screen, and replaced the screw with an M5 12mm button head screw from here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M3-M4-M5-M6-A4-Stainless-Socket-BUTTON-Head-Screws-Allen-Key-Bolts-Hex-Marine/272855382495?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 The basket is nice, but the if you have the newer Rancilio baskets (which I believe you do with the V5), then unless you want a bigger size it's not necessary because they are also precision quality and are excellent. I inspected mine with a jewlers loop and they look very similar to the IMS basket. The IMS shower screen is also nice - it feels like it's easier to clean and looks neat, but I also didn't feel it made a difference to the coffee itself. The screw will do nothing for your coffee, but it's nice to look at if this is something you are in to :-). It also uses an Allen key instead of a normal screwdriver which is cool. It's a pointless upgrade if I am honest, but for £2.15 delivered - why not? The single most important upgrade to the Silvia is the one that you mentioned and I never got to do - the PID. The temperature behaviour of the Silvia is by far its weakest point, and temp-surfing will never satisfy the need for accuracy of the coffee nerd. I replaced a V1 Silvia with a V6 with the intention of PIDing it, and then encountered the Auber conundrum: It seems to be the easiest and most reliable option, but when you add shipping from the US and potential custom charges - it's £170 (which is probably two thirds to a half of what you paid for the machine). This is the cheaper option of brew control only. Add the steam control and shot timer and it's even more. Your other options are mecoffee (which seems to have issues and relies on an unresponsive guy from Groningen), or doing it yourself (seems pretty easy if you are handy, but setting it might not be straight forward). I couldn't decide which way to go, and eventually pulled the trigger on an HX machine and sadly sold the V6. It's a shame, because when I did get it right with the Silvia - I really liked the result, and it's built to last a very long time.
  6. I think this is normal operation. I don't have the Silvia anymore (and didn't use the water function), but from memory the button controls the temp or the pump and the tap controls the flow. So when you finish drawing water, just close the tap to stop the flow, then turn off the water button. If you leave the tap open, pressure in the boiler will push the water out of the wand.
  7. Doram

    Mara X

    Haha, all I meant was that because of heat retention, waiting time will be shorter if the machine went to stand-by recently and is still warm. So if I still want coffee say an hour after I initially turned the machine on (and it went to stand-by after 30 mins), then I won't need to wait the full warm-up time from cold again. However, if I forget about it for hours - the machine will be cold when I come back, but in this case I prefer it to turn off automatically. My smart socket can also be programmed to turn itself off after a set amount of time from turning on, so in the future if I find that 30 minutes is too short, I might use the socket to turn the machine off automatically instead (say after an hour). The point for me is that I don't want to forget the machine on.
  8. Doram

    Mara X

    Oh, I see what you mean. As far as I understand it, for heat retention going into stand-by is the same as switching the machine off.
  9. Doram

    Mara X

    Of course it will cool down, but it will heat up again faster than it would from cold. It's a personal choice. I don't make many drinks a day, so I prefer to plan ahead and/or wait a bit longer for the machine to re-heat if it went to stand-by. It's good that there is an option to turn the feature off, so owners can choose whatever suits their lifestyle and preference.
  10. Doram

    Mara X

    Exactly, which is why I like this feature. It conserves energy and hardly impacts waiting times (unless you leave it long enough to get completely cold, in which case I don't want it to be on all that time). I quite liked this feature even on the Silvia, without the e61 head which stays hot longer, and without the remote control with a smart socket. So on the Mara X it's even better.
  11. Doram

    Mara X

    I believe it depends on how you want to use the machine. If you want to leave it on all day (or for prolonged periods) so it's ready whenever you want to use it, then you need to disable stand-by mode. If you prefer to conserve energy and have the machine turn itself off after half an hour (I think mine takes a bit more than 30 minutes, which I like) - then stand-by mode is for you.
  12. Doram

    Mara X

    If it's it in stand-by mode and you turn the electricity off and on again from the socket, it will turn the machine back on without lifting the lever. I only got mine yesterday, put it on a smart socket and this is how it works for me. It means I can leave the on/off switch on the machine permanently on, and turn Mara on from the phone/alexa/google home without being next to it (because I don't need to lift the lever). If the socket is off, I just need to turn it on. If the socket is already on but the machine is in stand-by mode, I turn the socket off, then back on, and the machine starts to heat. This is very convenient for me + the machine is never left on for hours when I don't need it to.
  13. Thank you for your interest. I have just listed it, so would like to see if I can get the asking first. Cheapest price for this machine delivered is currently ~£500, and mine is in great condition with plenty of warranty and some extras. I have had a V1 Silvia for 21 years and sold it recently in perfect working order - so a few months for the Silvia is virtually nothing (It also shows I know how to look after the machine ;-))
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