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  1. Does the water tank in the video have any water in it? (I looks empty, but the water LED is solid, so maybe I didn't see properly?) I never used the filter so don't know for sure, but I think you need to soak it in water before using it. Did you do that? Maybe it had air in it and now you have an airlock in the system? Did you try filling the tank with water and running the pump (lifting the lever, without a blind basket) for 20-30 seconds to see if you can get rid of the air and water starts coming out of the group? If neither of these things help - wait for @DavecUK to rescue you.
  2. ^^^ (What @MediumRoastSteam said) + The reason you mentioned for getting the Rancilio @KnockBox (that it delivers 9 bars of pressure out of the box) is, IMHO, quite meaningless. Not only that it isn't that important, in most cases adjusting the pressure is a matter of simply twisting a nut on the over pressure valve. JH made that a big deal on his review, and I am sorry to hear this influences potential buyers' decisions. Fortunately, I am sure the Silvia Pro is a great machine nonetheless. I had a non-pro Silvia for over 20 years and was very happy with it, and the Pro is surely very capable. I think you can very soon be making coffees you will enjoy.
  3. Easy: block the spouts with your hand at 8.9 bar and see if it pushes you away. 😉
  4. A few people mentioned the expensiveness of good knives, but one has to remember the good ones will last a lifetime if looked after. My Wusthof Classic chef knife is 22 years old, used every day and still as good as new. I expect it to serve me for the rest of my life (and someone else after that, lol). I have no idea how much I paid for it in 1999 but in todays prices it cost me less than £3 per year up till now, and that will only go down in the future. My point is: buy a knife you enjoy using and that will last (and look after it) - it's a life investment. If you do it right, it's one of the cheapest things you can get in terms of value for money. I have a Victorinox knife and like it too, but it's a simpler knife. I also own a Zwilling, but I think mine isn't from their top range and I like the Wusthof more. Final thought: unless buying for display value, I prefer getting the knives I need/want rather than a set which will probably includes ones that I might not need.
  5. You didn't get to try your machine yet. Neither with the grinder that isn't capable to grind for espresso nor with the pre-ground coffee. Unless something is broken, you will be able to get any shot time you want with your Niche. However: 1. Time isn't everything, far from it. A shot doesn't need to take X seconds. It needs to taste good. So yes, 9 seconds is probably too fast, but don't think that getting 25 or 30 second shots is everything. 2. The volume coffee takes doesn't only depend on grind size. Some coffees take more/less space in the basket. The basket size/recommended dose is a reference, not gospel. 3. Your Niche will be a million times better than what you tried so far, but it will be new and will need breaking in (with a few kilos of beans) to show its full potential. If you have some old beans to put through it, you can speed this up. Otherwise just use it as normal and remember it will get a bit better and more consistent after a while. Your new machine and grinder are very capable, enjoy your coffee journey! 🙂
  6. 21/22 Doram - Lelit Mara X @dfk41 - This list might get long with repetitions. Perhaps it would be easier to list the machines and have owners add their names next to what they have?
  7. @Enel, I read your question, thought of a reply and then saw that @MediumRoastSteamtook all the words out of my keyboard. I didn't test the exact same coffee on both machines with all the conditions the same, but I would say that this is quite meaningless as so much will vary based on the coffee as MRS explained. I also agree that if you need to push the grinder to the finest setting (on any machine, with any coffee) then it's not great. I would think that any espresso-capable grinder/coffee combination should easily be able to completely choke any machine on the finest setting. I don't know anything about your grinder, but if you have to use the finest setting and a hard tamp to slow things down on Silvia, perhaps this is your weaker point and should be looked into before a machine upgrade?
  8. Fair enough, but it would still be interesting to find a sciency-ish explanation to why a thin screen with holes creates faster shots while a thicker mesh screen would have the opposite effect, wouldn't it? Can't coffee be a little simpler? 🤣
  9. The effect on shot speed is puzzling. It seems that everyone on this thread (@MediumRoastSteam, @ting_tang, @GrahamSPhillips) report that shots run faster with the puck screen (both mesh and holes types). However, a few videos I have seen report that shots run slower, for example: I thought common sense is that if the puck screen reduces channelling as it claims to do, that should result in slower shots, or am I missing something? Yet some people are getting the opposite. It is interesting that the science behind something which looks so simple isn't that simple after all.
  10. It seems the jury is still out on this question. I was asking myself the same, and currently waiting for delivery of a knock off of the mesh-type screen from China. 🙂
  11. Showed the Cafelier C2 to my son yesterday, and he said it was like a large electric toothbrush. I guess if you have one it can also be useful for keeping your larger-than-usual pet dental hygiene in check.
  12. I actually contemplated titling the post "Coffee - cleanliness is next to stupidness" as a nod to your formative thread, but then thought i'd better not offend said discerning owners. 😉 Maybe we can do a group buy - get one and share it between us?
  13. It's a group brush. And it charges and spins! It will leave you very clean; of £324 (but hurry, it's on offer, the regular price is £349): https://www.shopcoffee.co.uk/news-updates/the-cafelier-c2-group-head-cleaner-is-coming-to-the-uk/
  14. I backflush with water after the last shot of every day. When doing it, there is always some dirt in the blind basket, so I assume it is doing something - I prefer to have this dirt out of the group than leave it in. 😂 Obviously dropping the screen for cleaning does more, so I do that too, though not every day.
  15. I have often seen the claim that "IMS baskets have a greater range than VST" because VST give a 3 gram range (X +- one gram), while IMS give a 5 gram range (X +- two grams). Common sense is that any basket has a set volume that doesn't change, so how can there be a difference in the rage that can be used in either brand? Am I missing anything? (Personally I find that the dose range is merely a recommendation and varies greatly by type of bean, roast and grind. I have used 18g in my 15g IMS basket, where the same coffee and dose just got lost in my IMS 18g basket).
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