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  1. Doram

    Black Friday

    Posted this separately, but might as well mention it here: 10% off everything code for Black Friday at Blue Star Coffee (https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/). Code is: BLACK10, valid until midnight 30/11/2020. They do loads of stuff: Accessories, parts, baskets, cups, scales etc. etc. Shipping is from Ireland, I think.
  2. Could be...if that's the case you will have to route it back into the tank. @iseebirdsfly I Never had any such issue. Mine is just working exactly as it did before the mod (just not wasting the water). No idea why you would have air in your system. Did you check if you crossed the hoses and somehow restricted the flow in them?
  3. Flick a switch on the side of the Mara X, and boom - you have a traditional HX machine with a PID. (not that I know anyone who owns a Mara X and uses it in steam priority mode, but the option is right there if it helps anyone in a multiple shot situation). I therefore think if Mara X is too limiting, the next option would be a dual boiler (such as the aformentioned ASC Minima, Elizabeth et al).
  4. Good question. I don't know the answer (but would love to know too). Maybe @DavecUK or someone with a group thermometer can answer that? My guess is that a shot on it's own wouldn't be enough to cool the group, and that once in operation the machine will race to reach steaming pressure, but exactly how long you have before the group is too hot I really don't know.
  5. I didn't test this situation either, but it might be useful to know how the machine works. My understanding is that in brew temp priority the machine keeps the group head in the set brew temperature you chose (between 3 settings). As soon as you use the machine in any way (lift the lever to make coffee, purge the steam wand or draw water from the tap) - you 'wake' the heating element, which starts to heat the boiler to get it to steam pressure. While this is happening, the brass keeps the group in the correct brew temperature for a while (a few minutes, but not sure exactly how long), s
  6. 😲 Coming from a 'normal' vibe pump, the X is so quite I can hardly hear it. If one is after completely quiet, maybe a lever is the way to go? Then you only have to build a sound proof box to put the grinder in. 😉
  7. It works well, providing you accept the following: To keep the brew temperature right, you need to give the machine a little 'warning' a few seconds (maybe a minute) before you steam. This 'warning' can either be lifting the lever to brew coffee, or purging the steam wand or the water tap (a very quick purge will do). This then 'wakes' the heating element, and a minute later you are up to steaming pressure (but now your group is starting to heat, and this is why you have this '5 minute window' to brew more shots before the brass in the E61 group becomes too hot and you need to give it time to
  8. Reading between your lines, I think you want an E61 group, but fear the Mara X will limit you in pulling batches of shots. You therefore consider double boiler, but don't want to spend on a Bianca. Is that correct? If so, maybe something like ACS Minima from @BlackCatCoffee will do the trick? https://www.blackcatcoffee.co.uk/products/acs-minima?_pos=1&_psq=minim&_ss=e&_v=1.0 (@DavecUK review: https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpress.com/2019/03/06/acs-minima-final-production-machine/). If you are still considering the Mara X, I believe if your routine is 2 consecutive flat w
  9. I am sure you will enjoy the machine, didn't mean to suggest otherwise at all. I Found your analogy of Android and iPhone interesting, and if I borrow it - just wanted to share the experience of someone who had one and thought I can't change, then changed and found there was nothing to worry about... 🙂 Last thing is the side of the steam wand. I had the same worry as you. I was used to the Silvia's wand being on the right side of the machine, and thought a wand on the left side (mine has a wall to the left of the machine) won't be good. My Silvia used to get milk to splatter when ste
  10. I loved the Silvia. Had one for over 21 years - most of the time with one of the earlier V1's, then a few months with the V6. The Silvia is a super reliable machine, and if anything goes wrong - a handy person can usually sort it out, so they can have a very long life (and I didn't even spoil her with fancy soft water, just fed her with hard tap water and descaled when needed). When I replaced a V1 with a V6, I was surprised (disappointed?) to see that actually not much has changed - they were essentially the same thing. So I completely understand why Silvia owners would think the next step mu
  11. You can probably make good coffee with a good grinder and no espresso machine (pour over etc.), but not the other way around. So as other have said, getting the best grinder you can is probably not a bad idea whatever brewing method is available to you. If you get a proper grinder (hand grinder or Mignon as other have suggested), it will enable you to explore and find the limits of your espresso machine (without a good grinder you will never know). If you will, at some point, want to upgrade the machine, you will not have to worry about a grinder at the same time. However, the danger is that o
  12. Forgot no retention? I used to pick the MC2 after each grind, tilt it forward and bang it on the worktop/grind cup to try and get some of the ground out, then get the vacuum cleaner to the spout to hoover. There was still plenty left inside after that, getting stuck at the top of the spout and in every corner of the chamber (which you couldn't get to for cleaning, because you would loose the grind setting and it would take ages to find again).
  13. Doram

    Mara X

    Just looked at mine (~an hour after a shot) and it seems dry. Haven't noticed anything like this. I do leave the wand above the tray, so I wouldn't necessarily noticed if it dripped, but I don't think it does. You do purge the wand after steaming, right?
  14. Just got a 10% off everything offer for Black Friday at Blue Star Coffee (https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/). Code is: BLACK10, valid until midnight 30/11/2020. I Took advantage of this offer last year to get some bits and pieces and it worked well. I think they ship from Ireland, and have competitive prices, at least on some of the products. Enjoy 🙂
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