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  1. No worries, I'm just a bit jealous, that's all. 🤣
  2. If you were a politician, I would start quoting your messages about the Minima back to you. Seemed like it was the best thing since sliced bread. 😉 Enjoy the new toy. Hopefully it will last a little longer. 🤣
  3. Really? Thought you were so happy with it. And you only just got it, didn't you? What happened?
  4. Got excited by this: Then disappointed by this: Was looking forward to hear of your fantastic experience with the B compared to the GC. Where is the sad face when you need it?
  5. Another option: put it on a smart socket so it's only on when the machine is on.
  6. On mine I didn't get any water from the group at all, so can't tell you for sure. However, common sense is that the solenoid is only letting a small amount through, the rest goes to the OPV. So perhaps the solenoid opens partially or is partly blocked? Maybe you can try to clean and unblock it? It can be the valve itself, or the coil, or both.
  7. I don't know what cleanser tablets are, but if they are not proper descaler - I wouldn't waste my time. Your 7 year Silvia is a toddler (I sold mine when it was 22 years old, still in perfect working order) - look after her, use the proper product. You don't need a video to descale, just do this: 1. Dissolve the descaler in water according to the instructions or just use a little less water than it says to get a stronger solution (if Puly, I think it's 1 bag to a litre, so a bit less than half the water tank). 2. Turn the machine on and let it heat a little (no need for it to be s
  8. The flat side on the metal clip looks a bit bent out. Perhaps you can use narrow pliers to bend it inwards to make for a better grip? However, even if this helps it won't fix the problem if something is wrong with the steam valve. Was it stiff or squeaky to turn before the knob came off? If it didn't turn smoothly, which could be the reason why you had to apply too much force, this could happen because of scale. If you have this problem, descaling the machine with something like Puly Descaler will help to make the valve open smoothly again. The steam valve becoming a little stiff is
  9. Thanks for checking the noise level, this is brilliant! Just a small clarification: In your message you say the noise level after the mod was 66dB (but the screenshot shows 61.4dB, with min/max/average levels under the big number). When you measured before the mod you also said 66dB in the message itself, but the screenshot shows 43.8dB as the main number, but then the average noise levels are similar: 64.2dB without the mod, and 65.8 with the mod. Can you maybe clarify which numbers are relevant for the comparison?
  10. Looking forward to hearing your report once you get to know it, as I am also considering the Coffee Sensor. Did you have to pay UK VAT on arrival/at source? Did they reduce their VAT? Also, what water are you using to have this spotless mushroom? I know your machine is fairly new, but it's nice to see no trace of scale. 🙂
  11. First of all, your mod looks great, well done! I can also see air in the tube on mine, but this has not caused any issue for me. I am guessing those air bubbles may be the cause of what some people described as a change in the noise. As you have already done the full mod, just try it and see if you have any issues with noise or otherwise (don't forget to report back). If you don't like anything, you can easily divert the OPV to the tank or revert back to stock (but I doubt you will want to once you've experienced the modded machine :-)).
  12. I do both the clacks and the rocking, in a bid to avoid the drop of grinds when the cup isn't there. Sometimes it works. 🙂
  13. Doram

    Mara X

    Everything you describe and is seen in your video is completely normal and by design, and there is absolutely no need to send your machine back for these reasons - you will be wasting your time. Which retailer saw this and told you to send the machine back? The water you see coming into the drip tray originates from different places in the machine. You can learn more about what and why (and many other useful features of the machine) if you go over the excellent review by @DavecUK here: https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpress.com/2020/03/10/lelit-marax-review-in-progress/ The one
  14. Great, well done! To check if your solenoid is faulty - turn on the brew button. If the pump is running as normal but no water comes from the group and water is pumped back to the tank from the OPV discharge tube - then yes, it is likely that your solenoid valve isn't opening.
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