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  1. I went from a Nikon D80 (not a great camera) to a D300, which was good but very heavy and bulky. After a couple of trips with that and lenses, flash etc. I traded it all for an Olympus E-M5 micro four thirds system. The two major revelations were (a) that I could pack the full kit in less than half the size/weight of the Nikon kit, and (b) the low light images with the prime lenses (45mm and 20mm). No, it's not quite as good for action & sports, but there's no way I'd go back... The gx80 looks like a good bet - start with that, add some lenses, and then there are a wide variety of body upgrades if/when you want them.
  2. And received in perfect order this morning - many thanks to Grimley for a smooth transaction.
  3. Hi - I'll take the machine and the included bits at asking price please - I'll PM you my details now. I don't need the bottomless filter or IMS basket. Noel Weston
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  6. Thanks DFK - unfortunately for me, however tempting this is, the look on the other half's face when I mentioned maybe buying another coffee machine (after just spending on a PID kit, tamper and chemex in the last month) means I'm out... Good luck with the sale.
  7. I'm interested as well - again, can you clarify the "tlc" bit? Is it ready to use, or does it need some work?
  8. Oh, and #LFMF - when the manual clearly says the aluminium box splits into 2 parts, don't assume it's all one and start undoing the connections to the PID with the machine plugged in (not on, though - safety first!), touch a random bare wire to a case and wonder why it's all gone dark, dropping the box in the process and then realising it's in 2 bits! D'oh!
  9. OK, so put me in the dunce class - mine took 25 1/2 hours to fit and get fully working due to some top class stupidiousness on my part. That time did include sleeping, swearing, one minor power short (more stupidiousness) and an evening out at work... The instructions were good, but apparently my brain is upside down... so when I originally wired everything I had 2 wires in wrong places and couldn't figure out why nothing was working. Figured the first error this morning in time for espresso, but then tried to steam some milk and realised that wasn't working. Finally realised that the same error had put a steam cable in the wrong place as well! So, now it's all working lovely, and as of tomorrow morning I can start experimenting. Thanks to MrShades for the excellent overall service and quality of the kit and instructions.
  10. Coffeechap - Would it be possible for you to update here with what you currently have available, and then I can decide whether to go that route or direct? Thanks.
  11. Is it possible that the thermostat has failed? I vaguely seem to remember mine going haywire when the brew 'stat failed; it might be worth changing both?
  12. Andrew - Due to complete laziness on my part, my RR45 is still for sale: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?23892-FS-Brasilia-Rossi-RR45-grinder-%A3125-00 With my classic I went from supermarket coffee through a cheap Burr grinder, then an MC2, then this - and it was noticably better and quieter than the MC2. I'm open to offers including posting, or will be in Milton Keynes, West London and Salisbury later on this month if that helps? Noel
  13. Shameless self-promotion: due to apathy on my part, my previous grinder is still for sale: http:// coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?23892-FS-Brasilia-Rossi-RR45-grinder-�125-00 I also have a classic, and over time went from pre ground coffee through a blade grinder, cheap burr grinder, MC2, then this grinder, with massive improvements in the coffee each time. This grinder is only for sale because I got a chance to get the in demand version. You haven't said where you are, but I'm open to offers on the grinder and happy to look at postage / delivery / collection options...
  14. Just another thought - you said in your original post that you wanted to learn to make your own drinks. That's not going to happen with a bean-to-cup machine - it will produce drinks/on demand easily, but if you want to be involved than you need a "proper" setup. As others have said, a Gaggia classic with a good grinder is a great starting point for a reasonable price. You don't need a PID, and the wand and OPV changes are easy. You can also make incremental upgrades very cheaply - wand, OPV adjustment, brass dispersion plate, shower screen, PID - but only as & when you need to. You will still get decent espresso in the mean time. A good grinder is needed - minimum of something like an MC2, but there are many options. A good commercial grinder will last for years, or until you decide to upgrade... You can make multiple milk based drinks - it just takes time/patience. A bigger and better machine will make things quicker and more stable, but you can manage with a classic. I've had mine a few years (with preground coffee and 4 different grinders)and am still learning. I'm now debating whether to add a PID or save up move on to something else - DIY PID is affordable but I'm not sure on my skills, but a better machine is a big chunk of cash for 4 or 5 drinks a day. Hope this helps a bit - decide whether you want convenient or learning, pick a budget and jump in! Noel
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