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  1. Hi All Dale from HasBean here - huge thanks to all of you guys who took up on the VST offer, and of course Dave who has worked really hard to make things happen smoothly for you all Unfortunately we have had a couple hiccups.... firstly we were 16 baskets short in one style, these have been ordered and I believe are arriving with us early next week - as soon as we receive we will send the incomplete orders out direct to those of you waiting secondly - as some of you chaps who received 18g ridgeless baskets have noticed there is a problem with some rogue baskets that were not meant to have been shipped with your order.... The filters are VST 18g filters, produced to the same rigorous specification as all others - the certificates match the units, but the printed serial information on the basket has a fairly glaring error We had set aside a few 18g units marked incorrectly as 17g baskets that VST recalled last yr, (due to a typo that occurred when they changed to a new laser engraver, and the operator accidentally typed the wrong number vs loading the saved engraving parameters - VST believe there are approx 150 of these in the world but due to shipping to 53 countries were unable to locate them and asked resellers to check their stock) Any of you affected with these baskets please drop a mail to [email protected]hasbean.co.uk and I'll get a double checked basket sent directly to you along with an envelope for returning the offending items alternatively if you wish to retain the limited edition '17g' version please feel free to present it at me at any public coffee event where I shall inscribe an apology and my currently worthless signature across the side with a sharpie - ebay is bound to pay loads for these one day! yours Dale
  2. Cheers Glenn - was a great heat with 5 or 6 amazing routines - sure a stack of them will be repeated at the semis coffee I used was from Finca Santuario in Colombia - some of you may remember the typica and bourbon selections we carried from there last year it's an amazing farm, and really tasty coffee sig drinks - not best commenter as missed the first days completely but some real interesting ideas - Ambers breakfast martini was incredibly tasty and interesting - i think key thing to remember if you're planning to compete is every idea has been done somewhere, somehow - make something that feels tasty and right to you and deliver it and you'll be grand someone once told me 'a couple people have served coffees from brazil before'....
  3. as far as I know Coffeehit/Brewed by hand are the distributor for Hario, TKC for aeropress and we (hasbean) distribute Kalita and Chemex - w/s prices available dependant on volume - hope helps
  4. I'm working on chocolate flavours with my coffee for the UKBC heat this month - finding a dark chocolate flavour in my esresso, maybe milk choc to caramel as a cappucino and my sig drink, a variation on affogato definitely has a feel if not the flaovour of white chocolate!
  5. pretty sure espresso warehouse can do this at quite a good price?
  6. i wonder whether my wife thinks i lose the flow when i wiggle
  7. is westcoast experience a great name for a covers band or what?...
  8. Also attended Glen! We maybe need pics on here as I may have recognised you and some others had I seen your face before! Alternatively I suppose I could start being more conversational... lots of Kiwi's present! I arrived late and missed the first 2 shots, generally thought of as best, but I tasted 3 and 4 and found them interesting, if a little bright for my taste. Had a good chat with Gwilym and others and fell for the Synesso (If only I had a shop to put one in!) Thanks to Square Mile for encouraging education and bringing people together and I look forward to the westcoast experience
  9. just wondering how you all feel about your nakeds? Firstly, though they're aesthetically fantastic do they add anything to the cup in terms of flavour or quality? Secondly, as a training tool do they offer anything you're unable to demonstrate in terms of teaching good extraction that you can't with standard bottoms?
  10. sounds like a fantastic opportunity for learning, tasting, and involvement in encouraging improvement(?) in the product we all benefit from... where do i sign up! logged off at about half 1 so maybe I'm a little bit cooler
  11. I'll be a first time competitor along with the pair of you, and though I have dreams of winning and getting to Atlanta the thing I'm most excited about is just hanging with other people who don't judge me when i talk about dosing technique! Ian B just sent out an update with the news that square mile are looking for a 'competition level' barista to fill a role in their business. I wondered what everyone, including James, feels this description 'Competition level' means within our industry (not in the context of the vacancy!) Is it someone who win's? displays skill and competence in their 15 mins? just has the pride or confidence in their skills to stand up and be judged? or a general understanding of coffee beyond the actual requirements of working at a bar? JH - I'm available for dishwashing if needed!
  12. i feel it's all about context. free pour latte art is beautiful and shouldn't slow you down (says an amateur) and certainly (IMHO) etching or anything that prevents a drink being served when it's at its best should be dropped from a cafe environment. however... extra flair has it's place, like trills in a piece of music it can add individuality and an organic element to the 'art' of making coffee - I was amazed the first time i saw someone roll a pf whilst making a drink. it took no time and no thought on the baristas part, just a natural flowing movement as he went to insert, but it looked the dogs bananas. i still can't do this... also we can learn from great mixologists (like the word) and bar staff. Flair (when done as part of efficient working) can add to the customers experience of buying a drink and further warrant any premium charged whilst also building a relationship leading to repeat custom. my biggest problem with latte art is most people within the industry can pour or are familiar with it, most people outside have never seen a rosetta... what can we do to change that?
  13. I'm on and enjoy the interaction with Baristas from other countries especially those I'll probably never meet - definitely room for UK to grow on there! agree with you about posts etc but I find if you ask a specific question you can get interesting answers and BX has a good mix of roasters/baristas/farmers and everything inbetween to add to your knowledge. all good fun anyhow!
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