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  1. Looks fabulous! I was absolutely hanging-out for the single version years ago. Has anyone heard if it is still in the ACS pipeline?
  2. Would love to hear how this mod. works with the Vesuvius. Did you fit the one designed for Profitec?
  3. I can't see that you will be anything other than well-pleased with the Honne. The shots that I get from it (with any of my machines) are fuller and tastier than with any other top shelf grinder that I have used.
  4. Yes...the funnel is 3D printed. It fits and works really well. It doesn't retain beans (even moist ones RDT treated). I have only had one or two truly adventurous beans that have escaped back out the chute.
  5. I am expecting a Helor Lagom P64 within the next week or so. It will be good to compare the Honne to the P64. The grinder is quiet when operating without beans. Add beans and it turns into a different beast altogether. I really like the sound. It's not actually vibrations that make the 'V8' growl...it's the unique sound (to the Honne) of the beans being turned into fluffy grounds.
  6. I just wanted to sing a few praises of the Hedone Honne Slim grinder. I bought one late in 2019 and I am really happy with this grinder. Pluses- *minimal wastage. *really quick. *makes a really satisfying sound when working on beans. *most importantly, the shots made from this grinder reliably have more depth and ‘gusto’ than with other grinders that I have owned and used. This includes Robur, HG1, Helor Stance Motor and (dare I say it) MonCon2. Minuses- *might wake up sleeping people when grinding. It is quite loud. The Honne is my go-to grinder and I am glad that I took the plunge and ordered it.
  7. I bought one of these beaut grinders late last year and am intending to do a 'mini-review' of it. Just waiting for a replacement lid to arrive before I take photos. The results in the cup (in my experience) surpass HG-1, Helor Stance Motor and Mazzer Robur. I am really impressed and happy with this grinder.
  8. Thanks, ashcroc. You could be spot-on there. Time will tell. I will be very wary of the chaff collecting in the drawer after the next roast or two.
  9. Hi Hasi, Thanks for that information. I cleaned the vent motor and surround not too long ago but it will do it again tomorrow. I haven't checked inside the CA damper duct (ever)...so that is obviously long overdue. I will start up the roaster tomorrow and try the damper opening/closing as you suggested.
  10. I just finished doing 2 roasts with my Dalian. Whilst the roaster was cooling down, I opened the drawer to the chaff collector and had a big surprise. The last roast was a Yirgacheffe, which is always very 'chaffy'...but this is the first time that the chaff has actually had smouldering bits in it. The whole top layer was burnt...underneath was the usual brown chaff. I feel that it could have been quite dangerous...and that I was lucky that the chaff didn't actually ignite. The thing is, I didn't do anything different to the other 170 roasts that I have done with my Dalian. The only difference is that now I have a 100mm flue connected via an adaptor. It could be that I simply had too much chaff in the tray before I started roasting today. I normally empty the tray after each session (2-4 roasts)...There was perhaps the chaff from 4 roasts in there before I did the 2 today..so possibly 6 roasts altogether.4 Has anyone else had this happen? Any ideas what I did wrong?
  11. I have just finished 3 roasts with the 4" flu installed. As the flue is construced with a wire embedded into the aluminium material and spiralling along the flue's length, the end really doesn't want to compress from its 4" to the smaller diameter Dalian flange. I tried several times and settled after nipping the 'spine' in several places in the end (to break its 4" integrity a bit) that I was trying to mate up to the Dalian flange. In order to tighten the hose clamp enough to have the flue remain in place, it meant that the aluminium tore each time... resulting in a smoke leak. I threw a coffee bean bag over the leak help keep the smoke inside the flu. There must be a more effective way of doing this...but I can't think of it. HELP!! Any ideas? Does Dalian make the correct size flange for a 4" flue? I perservered with the smoke and the roasting anyway and found that (for the same beans/quantity/settings that I always start a roast) the ROR was a bit higher (1C) than with the OE flue. The roasting temperature tended to increase more readily in general. I found myself making more adjustments to the 'Cooling Air' to reduce the ROR than with the OE flue. During the 3rd roast I was able to control the ROR that was getting away from me a bit by using the power control that I installed a few years back. It was kind of like driving a different car for the first time..the inputs are similar...but different. The roasts all look really good. The proof will be in the tasting.
  12. I will see what I can do.
  13. Many thanks, Hasi. That's what I thought but it is great to have another opinion. I will roast a few batches with the new flu on Thursday and see for myself what differences it makes.
  14. What differences should I expect, Dave?
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