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  1. That big brass lever group will be adding more than a few kgs to the Vesuvius' weight.
  2. Your review will be far from superfluous, Dave. Having your input into design features (like the variable pre-infusion) is always a big plus for me. If you do a review, will it be in the form of some Youtube clips? They have been a great reference point for me in the past. I also really appreciated having a user manual...like you did with Cafemino, Vesuvius and the Dalian Roaster? These user manuals made it much easier for me to familiarize myself with these machines. Is it your intention to do one of these with the V-L? Sounding optimistic about the likelihood of th
  3. Adjustable pre-infusion pressure would be awesome! I will keep my fingers crossed that you are able to see a way of doing this, Dave.
  4. So will the 2 group heaters keep operating once the group has achieved operating temperature?
  5. I mentioned earlier that I have a 1980's Brugnetti Aurora that has a heater installed on the group for rapid warmups. The group idles at 60C plus (from my measuring point). I have set the PID for this group heater at 58C, so that it only ever operates when warming the group from a cold start. I am making the assumption that the V-Vostok group heater operates in the same way...and doesn't turn on and off all the time like the group element. Is my assumption correct Dave? The other 2 PIDs make the operating system no more complicated than any other dual boiler machine that I have knowl
  6. Have to say that I have appreciated your input in helping develop and refine coffee machinery way back since the Toper Cafemino days, Dave.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, Dave. I am hoping to see this on the single group Vostok too. Any idea if this is planned?
  8. I am curious to know what the function of the gauge on each group is for. Does each gauge show the pressure that the spring is generating throughout the shot?
  9. The group heater/s giving a total warmup time of 15 minutes is (to me) very desirable. I have a Brugnetti Aurora lever machine with a PID'd heater blanket on its group and it totally changes the useability of a big lever machine. I haven't tried the famed La San Marco lever group yet but all readings indicate that it is a phenomenal thing. Also a real plus would be the overall quality and thought put into another ACS machine, if the Vesuvius is anything to go by. I am really looking forward to hearing more about this machine!
  10. Looks fabulous! I was absolutely hanging-out for the single version years ago. Has anyone heard if it is still in the ACS pipeline?
  11. Would love to hear how this mod. works with the Vesuvius. Did you fit the one designed for Profitec?
  12. I can't see that you will be anything other than well-pleased with the Honne. The shots that I get from it (with any of my machines) are fuller and tastier than with any other top shelf grinder that I have used.
  13. Yes...the funnel is 3D printed. It fits and works really well. It doesn't retain beans (even moist ones RDT treated). I have only had one or two truly adventurous beans that have escaped back out the chute.
  14. I am expecting a Helor Lagom P64 within the next week or so. It will be good to compare the Honne to the P64. The grinder is quiet when operating without beans. Add beans and it turns into a different beast altogether. I really like the sound. It's not actually vibrations that make the 'V8' growl...it's the unique sound (to the Honne) of the beans being turned into fluffy grounds.
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