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  1. I don't use it for any specific reason other than to reduce my dairy intake a little, but oatly barista is my choice of "milk" at home. If a coffee shop is using something other than oatly barista i'll order cows milk instead, had so many nasty coffees with other brands.
  2. I recently realised I've had my vario since 2012 and it's still going strong. The only gripe I have with it is even with replacement shims the grind setting levers are prone to slide during operation, so I just hold them in place with a finger on each side while it's grinding. not ideal but it works. oh and when using the portafilter holder you do get a small amount of coffee spillage on the counter top. not enough to affect dosing in a significant way but enough to notice and need a wipe down. re-calibration is simple with an allen key you probably already own if you have a bike to
  3. hi glenn. my vario is still in a bit of a state, would be interested in a set of shims. pm incoming.
  4. Glenn could you please let me know who to speak to, in order to get some shims as mine also is slipping and i'm getting fed up of holding it in place when i use the grinder on it's most used setting.
  5. given the new kit sponsorship deal between team sky and rapha (who had a run of custom giottos also) i'm surprised each team member isn't getting a custom rocket x team sky x rapha machine as part of their team kit.
  6. have had my eye on one of these for a good while now. only thing that puts me off is we have a single socket by the coffee machine and i use a switched 4-way extension socket to plug in kettle, toaster, grinder and the gaggia so if i use the timer in the wall with the extension plugged in then when one is off they'd all be off (unless i plugged it into the 4-way socket which is not ideal) which would likely incur the wrath of the missus.
  7. this is one toilets where going to a 'cupping' session would be worth considering.
  8. mine is our kitchen timer too, i got it from sainsburys for ~£4 although the stop/start button is acting up and double pressing when you press it once.
  9. in the fridge of course I have a basic 340ml narrow spout and a 340ml handleless rattleware.
  10. After buying many add-ons and gizmos I have everything I think I need so this is where I'm at and it's pretty much where I'll stay until I can justify a machine upgrade in a year or so
  11. surely as it's a list of the judges favourite coffee shops. it's entirely based on their bias isn't it?
  12. it sure is, I still want some though. but i quit my job this week to go hunting for something more interesting so expensive toys are out of budget for the time being.
  13. if your wand is undamaged i can't see why you couldn't just refit the original wand when sending it in for servicing/warranty repair.
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