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  1. Thank you all for your comments. I prefer to buy better used equipment such as the virtuoso in the for sale section (but not sure I can convince the Mrs to pop to London for my Christmas present). Will have a closer look at the wilfa svart. Appreciate your time to comment. Thanks Adam Sent from my SM-A507FN using Tapatalk
  2. I have been making more brewed coffee using a clever dripper and a Hario hand grinder. It takes me about 4 mins to hand grind beans which is difficult when rushing to work and dealing with a child. So have been thinking about a powered grinder. I'm acutely aware that success is predominantly down to the grinder and am wary about buying the Baratza Encore if it is not up to much. I have espresso based drinks pretty much nailed with a big old Eureka Mythos. Just wondered should I opt for the Baratza Encore (it's £129 and the right price for a Christmas present). Grateful for any comments / insight. Thanks Adam Sent from my SM-A507FN using Tapatalk
  3. My advice would be to buy the best you can but buy used - then upgrade to the next best you can used. Espresso wise - I went from a crappy krups grinder to a fiorenzato f5 (bought for £230 and sold for £180) (which was good but wasted a lot of coffee), then upgraded to an old Eureka Mythos £350 (big step up in quality in the cup and consistency). To be honest I have no particular desire to upgrade now as I can achieve very good results with my set up. Hope this is of help. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  4. Yes you're right - what was I thinking !
  5. Saw this and thought it was interesting - I think it's an ultrasonic bath for a steam wand. Basically just like ultrasonic bath they use for cleaning jewellery - it's filled with water and ultra sonic vibrations remove dirt. It's been designed to suit a steam wand but at a vastly inflated price. Think there might be a place for this ! http://dailycoffeenews.com/2017/06/28/pucmug-ultrasonic-steam-wand-cleaner-launching-this-fall/
  6. If anyone is going to Lisbon I can recommend this place for wood fired neopolitan pizza - with wheat beer on tap ! Off the beaten track and very much a local place. Great seafood pasta and the pizza is spot on ! Be sure to book otherwise you won't get in ! http://www.fornodoro.pt/
  7. Nice to see this - a trip to a city usually involves me dragging my mrs around some researched coffee places. I visited last year and visited fabrica which I enjoyed also. Nice vibe there - found them friendly too. Craft beer there if you fancy it. I also visited the Copenhagen coffee lab place which I found very unfriendly - sort of too up themselves and all white decor sort of place. Also visited a coffee / chocolate place which was good (cannot remember the name though)(good coffee when the better barista was making the coffee). Chocolate was nice too - they give you a small piece to taste. Lisbon has cheap accommodation, cheap beer / wine some good food - a great city break !
  8. Stopped by today for my second time with a work colleague - flat white was spot on (think i need to work on my own milk texturing at home). Colleague really enjoyed her hot chocolate. Handy for Hagley Road / Harborne /Selly Oak area of Birmingham if you're not local to the area - easy to park outside. I reckon an "A" board at the junction with the pub would bring in some passing trade who may not know they are there. You can tell they just want you to have a perfect coffee. Coffee enthusiasts will be very happy. Thanks to Gary !
  9. The goose island was nice very dry and good with food I found. Some special offers with waitrose online over Christmas too.
  10. I had a fair bit of the blue moon over Christmas but never with the slice of orange - will be trying that !
  11. Looking forward to a good place outside the city centre. Will it be easy to park up nearby ?
  12. Right - will give that a try ! Just find wheat beer so much more interesting.
  13. Thanks for the replies. I'm amazed that the banana taste alters or dissapears depending on the food water with it. Generally try to avoid the banana taste so will try the more Belgian stuff. Thanks. Want to hone on on something good before the Christmas break.
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