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  1. Whilst I admire anyone that puts in the effort to start their own business the speciality coffee segment is a very crowded marketplace and popping your logo on someone else's coffee and charging a premium for it is going to be a very tough sell indeed. If I understand correctly from reading above the owner has visited the site. If they do so again and read this I would strongly advise them to forget the white label model, invest in a small roaster and work your way up. Many roasters have done it this way, just look at HasBean - he started in his garage. Purchasers of speciality coffe
  2. Limini offer drop shipping and the packaging is identical just with a different logo plus a lot of photos and coffee descriptions are all lifted straight from the Limini website. I guess they could just have taken stuff from there but it does appear to point in that direction. Lots of companies operate like this nowadays though.
  3. As per title. If you have one knocking about I will happily take it off your hands. Thanks
  4. davril


    I appreciate this is possibly not the kind of advice you are looking for but I would say return it to the store and treat yourself to a separate espresso machine and grinder. You will get infinitely better results out of a say a Gaggia Classic and Eureka Mignon combo plus they will last much longer, be more reliable and hold their value should you ever wish to upgrade.
  5. As far as I can tell the Quickmill is only available from one retailer that drop ships to the UK and pretends they are UK based. Reviews on said retailer can be found on here and they are FAR from glowing. As for the Crem, I am sure I read a review saying there is no safety valve on the boiler. I know they have other systems in place but it just seems madness to me for want of a dirt cheap part. I am sure we have all seen pictures of the Sainsbury’s machine after multiple failures caused it to explode. I appreciate the safety valve was one of those failures in that case but I am just mak
  6. I think I am right in saying the Quickmill isn’t available from a UK based retailer so I would take the Crem out of the two. I wouldn’t actually pick either though if it were my dough.
  7. Bit harsh. While i personally would have no problem buying I do understand why someone might have legitimate concerns. You are handing over £500 to a company and agreeing you aren't actually making a traditional purchase with them.
  8. Add to that - Steam wand only no water outlet User directly adds water to the boiler No pump Dipper style Pre infusion from boiler pressure Along the lines of the little La Pavoni That is all according to Reiss himself. Now the price point makes a lot more sense.
  9. I had these too. I have to say, not blown away by them either. Not bad, just not particularly memorable. I didn't get vegetal or grassy flavours personally.
  10. Curious to try it but Yemeni coffee is for the quality very expensive at the best of times. Because of the hype and marketing that has gone in to this I think it is very, very expensive. Perhaps I am wrong and it will be a game changer but I will probably wait until next year's harvest when I suspect prices may settle down a bit.
  11. Another vote for the Izzo. Even though the V2 is a getting on a bit the quality of Izzo machines is brilliant.
  12. In peoples experience who is the best courier to use when shipping an espresso machine? Thanks
  13. My other half is a doctor - she spent time studying the governments documentation about lockdown 2.0 when it was issued and has seen the affect Covid can have on people. We are following it to the letter.
  14. Hope you get sorted. Lots of great machines on the market to choose from now. It is a bit odd that the tech didn't spot such major scale problems and an unsafe boiler the first time around?
  15. The idea of the app is brilliant and I can see people getting on board with it. However I presume you would be taking a cut of the sale through the marketplace, and as such I think you might struggle to get roasters to see the value in selling with you, especially when you as the owner have your own coffee to promote. If I were you I would decide do I want to be a coffee roaster or do I want to make this app work. If it is the later I would suggest you try and populate it using a database along the lines of coffee diff (perhaps even speak to them) then attempt to monetise it through
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