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  1. Curious to try it but Yemeni coffee is for the quality very expensive at the best of times. Because of the hype and marketing that has gone in to this I think it is very, very expensive. Perhaps I am wrong and it will be a game changer but I will probably wait until next year's harvest when I suspect prices may settle down a bit.
  2. Another vote for the Izzo. Even though the V2 is a getting on a bit the quality of Izzo machines is brilliant.
  3. In peoples experience who is the best courier to use when shipping an espresso machine? Thanks
  4. My other half is a doctor - she spent time studying the governments documentation about lockdown 2.0 when it was issued and has seen the affect Covid can have on people. We are following it to the letter.
  5. Hope you get sorted. Lots of great machines on the market to choose from now. It is a bit odd that the tech didn't spot such major scale problems and an unsafe boiler the first time around?
  6. The idea of the app is brilliant and I can see people getting on board with it. However I presume you would be taking a cut of the sale through the marketplace, and as such I think you might struggle to get roasters to see the value in selling with you, especially when you as the owner have your own coffee to promote. If I were you I would decide do I want to be a coffee roaster or do I want to make this app work. If it is the later I would suggest you try and populate it using a database along the lines of coffee diff (perhaps even speak to them) then attempt to monetise it through
  7. Personally I would not have this type of post on the forum. Everyone that has ordered from Horsham (and similar schemes) could post this sort of thing and the forum would just be flooded with it. I have seen it on other non coffee forums I am part of. That is my opinion though and clearly it is not shared by everyone. What I would say though is if you are personally benefiting from it I do not think it is ethical to post without making that explicitly clear. To suggest you motivation for posting this is just because it is a good discount for people is probably a touch disingenuous.
  8. Would a stuck solenoid cause the pump to continue to run though? I wouldn't think it would but I am not all that familiar with this machine. My first thought was faulty probe but if that is all ok then I would be looking at the PCB as the culprit.
  9. Is this some sort of referral you are making from? If so you really ought to make that clear. Even then for me this is the sort of spam the forum could do without.
  10. https://www.johnlewis.com/dualit-milk-frother-black/p231706525?sku=231706525&s_ppc=2dx92700055386134542&tmad=c&tmcampid=2&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4rmiofXt6wIVArTtCh3ErwuZEAQYASABEgKc1fD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds That and your Nespresso machine will produce a latte as good as Costa. Unless you pay decent money for a BTC they are pretty dreadful. If you want to learn then a Classic and Niche will beat any BTC machine on the market if you put the time in.
  11. I tried some of their coffee at home. My biggest disappointment so far. Got 3 different beans, none of them did anything for me. Perhaps the roaster was having an off day.
  12. All the machines you have stated here are dual boiler? What does this have to do with setting the group temperature on a PID Hx machine??
  13. Indeed, apologies that was not very helpful.
  14. Straight out the CI play book. I suspect they hold little if any stock and peoples orders just have to wait after they are placed for as long as it takes to have them fulfilled by the manufacturer or possible a third party. This is speculation although it would seem to fit perfectly what I read about them. What I can say though if it brings you a small amount of comfort is that you likely will eventually get your machine although it could be a matter of months. It will probably ship direct from Italy and if something does go wrong you will get zero support. Try your best to get
  15. I am sure you have the best intentions trying to help people but you are totally and utterly confused about how espresso machines work and you clearly do not understand the job of the expansion valve or solenoid. Please stop.
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