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    UK Coffee Map

    I visited three coffee shops on my recent visit to Edinburgh and would highly recommend Artisan Roast of Broughton Street who friendliness, passion and skills are second to none. A really nice coffee in relaxed surroundings. Also well up in my ratings and for me, only marginally second, was Brew Lab, in South College Street. Busier, they had no time for chat when I visited, but that detracted little from their fine coffee. Dick Edit: Grammer!
  2. Many thanks for all your comments. This is a great community! Dick
  3. I have just given my machine its monthly clean and for the first time had a critical look at the pf. To say it was encrusted is (embarrassingly) putting it mildly. I soaked the pf in hot Cafiza and it softened the gunk, which I was able to mostly remove using a bamboo kebab stick. So far so good. Having learnt a lesson I intend to clean the pf every time I clean the machine. It occurred to me that a small spiral brush would do the trick, getting inside the vertical and horizontal exit holes.. Even better would be a naked pf, but that has to wait - retirement = financially challenged. So my question is: what do you do to keep your pf clean? Do you use a brush, and if so, which one? TIA Dick
  4. In the end I bought an Auber with brew and steam control. Only been using it for three days, but have not pulled a bad shot yet! Thanks lookseehear.
  5. My next mod / upgrade is to PID my beloved Silvia, but which PID? Research on the Internet shows there are several models with differing features, different suppliers including sellers on eBay and possibly importing them directly from the USA. Being retired (AKA fiscally challenged!) means I have to get it right and buy once only. Would you be prepared to help me through this minefield by teling me your experiences? Your model, features, approximate cost, and perhaps most importantly, would you buy the same model from the same supplier again? (I am technically competent and will have no issues installing it.) Thanks, Dick
  6. I remember seeing this additional download when I visited the Behnor site the morning I went to collect my Behmor. However I started reading the manual the moment it completed downloading and completely forgot this extra pdf. Thanks for pointing it out. Dick
  7. Thanks for all your comments. I found the dry burn cycle to not be that effective and still leaves deposits which build up. It seems that the votes go for Simple Green, but in the meantime I shall try some Cafiza until it arrives. I am intrigued by the 40 cycle Super Clean (vintagecigarman) and I have just checked the manual and cannot find any reference to it. Any pointers please? Cheers, Dick
  8. The Behmor manual suggests using Simple Green to clean the inside of the Behmor. I have looked for it in the UK and discovered it IS available, but at a price! I have tried the HG Oven Glass cleaner which seems to work, but requires lots of elbow grease. I am wondering if you have any better ideas for cleaning a roaster? Thanks in advance.
  9. My MC2 has been performing faultlessly for several years. My ONLY criticism is that once finely tuned for expresso then you will not want to de-tune it for, say, a cafetiere. It just takes too many turns of the grind adjustment knob. My solution was to buy a Porlex mini...
  10. I get my greens from Hasbean. Steve guided me through my early pitfalls. I was given a cheap, second hand, De'longhi and was advised to buy my coffee from Whitards. I did eventually brew a half decent coffee, how all the factors came together to do so was, well, a one in a million chance. That one cup started me on a quest for better (and better) coffee and Steve helped me choose suitable beans which he roasted and ground to my requirements. That man has cost me a lot of money Edit: Typo
  11. I have just discovered Coffee Forums and immediately joined. I have had a Sylvia v2 for two or three years now, and have made some small mods, the most important being the v3 steam wand. I use an Iberital grinder and have just this week retired my Imex CR-100 roaster for a Behmor. Now, at long last, I can hear C1 and C2 In fact the CR-100 is the reason I found this site. I thought I would sell it, and was searching the 'net looking for a manual when I came upon Coffee Forums - I have no idea how I have missed it in the past. So I immediately stopped the pdf search and, well, here's my first post... Dick
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