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  1. Enjoying having a natural for the first time in a while. First impressions are excellent. 18 to 40 in 24s. I'll try finer but I've been getting high EYs lately so may not need to. Thanks for the freebie cup. A generous surprise.
  2. I've not particularly enjoyed the washed Kenyan Peaberry from Hasbean and I've just started these and they're very similar but it's too early for me to be sure. I did manage to get the others tasting decent as espresso but not great once I added milk. If these don't fare better I may have to try filter but that's not really my thing. A big thank-you to @fatboyslim for all his efforts.
  3. I was running out of beans so bought a kilo of washed Kenyan peaberry from Hasbean to split between home and work but have ended up not going through as much for one reason or other so won't be trying these for a while yet unfortunately but if they are a Kenyan peaberry as one or two have guessed, I'm having success with a recipe given to me by Gary (who had the same beans) which is 15 to 30 in about 23s at 92 degrees. Apparently Kenyan's can tend to extract easily. EY of my last shot without a filter came out at 23.99%. I don't know whether this helps but might be worth a go.
  4. With the EK I'm in the 18 to 41 to 43 range and 29 to 31s. Finding straight espresso and flat whites gorgeous. I can't really comment on the Niche as I've not taken any into work but usually when I'm at 1.5 on the EK I'm around 21 on the Niche.
  5. Unfortunately the earlier machines didn't come with one. You can get matching ones. Maybe @Paolo_Cortese will sort you out directly or otherwise Bella Barista should be able to get you one. You could ask for an extra foot at the same time if you decide you want one.
  6. These smell fabulously fruity. I've only had one flat white so far but I tasted it before adding milk. Sweet , fruity floral and smooth. 18 to 43 in 33s I think. I'm guessing a natural. Could be Ethiopia again.
  7. dan1502

    Ambient Vesuvius

    Liam collected this today so please mark it sold (a pleasure to meet you Liam and thanks for a straightforward deal).
  8. Just realised it's not crank house I've been buying at my local coffee shop but cartwheel so no danger of it being one I've had before. Ooops.
  9. Yes, I knew about the ability to control pump power before buying and also that you could open the tap mid shot but only heard about the above relatively easy mod after. I'm getting excellent results without the mod and am not sure whether I want to try it during the warranty period but as it's fully reversible I may well do. The bit I probably wasn't clear about that I don't yet fully understand is how the pump power settings work and their impact of pressure/flow (I've been meaning to watch the gauge with a blind filter). @Mrboots2u Did you try this mod before buying the Bianca?
  10. Gone a bit off topic but this explains the mod. http://coffeegeek.com/forums/espresso/machines/656891?Page=139
  11. I guess after reading 47 pages I'll properly understand it. Just not had time yet.
  12. Sorry, I'm aware of the mod but haven't yet looked into the effect of the reduced pump power (as opposed to lower OPV limit) in terms of flow and pressure other than observing the gauge during a shot.
  13. You don't have to mod them to achieve this as far as I know but disconnecting the hot water microswitch so that pump doesn't run makes sense if that's what you want to do. The other thing is being able to set the preinfusion to say 60s then adjust the pump power (or flow I believe) over a wide range. I currently run mine at a constant 65% but am experimenting. I'm also told that it's possible to get seal kits for them and you can get replacement pumps, upgrade the OPV etc so I don't think they're as bad as some make out in terms of longevity despite getting parts from the official supplier potentially being problematic.
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