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  1. I've not even started mine yet!
  2. This last one is a banger. And now I remember where I got the inspiration to guess that the LSOL was anaerobic process as this month's SSSSH are - I knew I'd read about it recently somewhere! I've not bothered to renew. I've been busy, was undecided and have about 3kg of beans at the moment. I have enjoyed most of it and more so since I've had my Sage DB as I've found it far more consistent than the V but there are so many great roasters about now I'd like to try some new and revisit others I've been introduced to through LSOL. Also a local coffee shop now stocks Hasbean so if I run out it's more than likely I'll be buying there beans from there.
  3. I think they do three versions. An Australian shop lists them. Filter, espresson and Turkish, with different tightness of the spirals.
  4. It's sold now (which I'm happy for him about) but at the current exchange rate it was so close to new there wasn't enough incentive for me to buy used. On the other hand his EK was virtually new and offered at a more than generous discount. I'm in no rush for one anyway so will just pick up a new one in due course if I decide I definitely want one.
  5. I'll leave my off on the table as that's too close to new price for me.
  6. I'm undecided. I've bought from Hasbean for a long time but am wondering whether to switch to the in my mug subscription, continue or just buy from a variety of roasters. I think the latter is the way I'm heading as there's so much choice out there now and whilst I get to try a lot through SSSSH, there are plenty more I'd like to try or revisit. I'll still buy some from them though, especially as if I am disorganised and run out of beans there is a coffee shop near work that now stocks their beans.
  7. Which version is this and how much did it cost new?
  8. Ha, finally got one right that isn't an Ethiopian natural. It was a bit of an educated guess regarding the process though as I've been reading about this process very recently.
  9. I've not had many yet. I think I'll go for Colombian anaerobic washed as it's not tasting like a natural to me and I've had a few anaerobic washed beans lately and I'm think Crafthouse might've been one of the roasters mentioning it on a social media post I read recently.
  10. Try setting pre-infusion to 60s and the pre-infusion pump power to about 65 (i.e. a flat reduced pressure profile). I've not tried these beans yet but tend to find somewhere around 18 to 38-42 in 25 to 28 seconds is often there or thereabouts (I find myself tending towards a slightly higher yield with my EK than the Niche).
  11. I was supposed to be buying some beans as a present for someone else but ended up giving an early Christmas present to myself as well.
  12. I should add that for me this definitely improved with age. I finished the half I had at home a week ago and have just brought some back from work and they've definitely improved (with both grinders). I've ended up really pleased with these. Thanks again.
  13. Enjoying this month's as flat whites. A touch on the roasty side but that's ok with milk.
  14. I replaced my Vesuvius with one of these and also bought one for work. So far I have no regrets. I've reduced the pump power but not touched the OPV or done the flow profiling mod. The sticking puck was annoying but when it happens I just use a straightened paperclip to poke the puck and it releases the pressure and the puck drops out. Wiggling the pf around worked but left coffee all around the seal so was a pain. I paid this price for stainless.
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