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  1. Now this is dialled in we're enjoying gorgeous flat whites. 15 to 34 in 18s. 93 degrees. Constant 64% pump power for those with a SDB.
  2. 1. Nicd2. Jason113. Zeak4. Rhys5. Salty6. Mit_hirani7. Higbert8. Sly9. SDM10.MinesAbeer11. ratty12. EricC13. Gm03119314. Filthynines15. Elmat16. Cooffe17.Mark 7018. dan1502 19.20.
  3. Unfortunately I started this after the reveal. Decent results from the off though with my new replacement machine which arrived just as my last beans ran out. Seems to be good as espresso. A touch of bitterness at present but I'm only six shots in. Thanks again.
  4. Payment received and posted.
  5. Great, I'll pm you the payment details shortly. If you want to pm your name and address in the meantime, please do.
  6. Sorry. It seems in only get notifications of replies when I am on the site whereas if I receive a pm I get an email notification.
  7. Good spot. Hopefully it'll sell now that's sorted 😁
  8. I've been waiting a couple of weeks to try mine so have some Plot Peruvian competition lot to finish first. For once I'm drinking filter as my Sage has been buzzing for a while so I thought I'd best phone them. Anyway due to Covid they're not sending engineers out so I'm getting a new one (well got one actually but it arrived scratched and dented so will need to be replaced).
  9. Oh well, at least I was of help. That's a bargain.
  10. Last of my items for sale bump.
  11. I never use anything else without mess. One note of caution though, where the button's cut off is very sharp or mine is at least. I pressed on it to push the basket in and sliced right into my finger!
  12. I have a set of 6 hardly used grey acme tulip cups and saucers at work.
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