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  1. It's my go to. Regarding the reasoning, I've not got around to reading it yet. I watched this though but have yet to experiment.
  2. I'm at 15 to 40 in about 21s at the moment. I haven't been tasting it often before adding milk as I've been mad busy and just wanted to get on and drink it but it's tasting pretty good as a flat white. There's a video about experimentation with fast course shots worth watching but I've not bothered to get the refractometer out to experiment yet. Maybe one for later in the lock down. I've not read it but the 15g in an 18g is apparently a thing following experimentation by those who like to experiment. I was informed of it by @garydyke1 as it's what he does and he has the same setup except I have the old coffee burrs in my EK.
  3. Try 15g doses in an 18g VST. I was advised to try thos instead of 18g a while back but only recently did and I'm now convinced. I've yet to dial this in as only tried 2 shots. The last LSOL I was at about 15 to 37 in 20 to 22s so will start around there.
  4. Just checking it's the 58 mm version you want as that's what it is?
  5. Ok, Royal Mail international tracked and signed is £9.15 insured up to £50 and as I live around the corner from a post office, that seems to be the best. Pictures below. Let's go to PM if you're happy. I'm ok with the price if you're ok using Paypal Friends and Family i.e. no fees.
  6. I'll just check the delivery but that sounds fine by me. I still have the box etc. I'll get back to you shortly.
  7. Sorry, been busy trying to educate my parents about Coronavirus and sensible precautions. I've just checked and I have the tool, in black, with one use membrane fitted, which I didn't use much and hasn't been used since I changed to the Sage as it doesn't fit. It has some discolouration from coffee which happens very quickly but doesn't appear to be worn at all in comparison to the spare membrane. I'd prefer to sell them both together as I don't want the hassle of splitting and posting two items and I can understand the wish to have a spare when buying the tool. I'm not sure what the going rate for these is.
  8. Lightly used and I have spare membranes. It's black. I'll check how many spares I have tomorrow.
  9. I'm enjoying these. After a promising first couple of shots, I didn't really get on with last months. These are well balanced, indulgent with a smooth chocolatey finish. What's not to like. Currently 15 to 40 in about 24s in an 18g VST.
  10. Brand new boxed. Delivered to me 28 February 2020. Forum price £150 + postage, firm, so about £34 less than the best online prices as far as I can tell. Received direct from Fujitsu as part of a promotion, but it wouldn't get used enough to justify keeping it. In simple terms it's a well reviewed, compact portable scanner that includes a Lithium-ion battery so doesn't even need to be plugged in. It received a PCMag.com Editor's Choice. A summary of the main features as per the manufacturer's brochure is as follows: Scan everyday documents in 5 seconds per A4 page Scan wirelessly to mobile and desktop devices, cloud services and office applications Powerful GI processor for outstanding results Cordless operation with Lithium-ion battery Choice of paper paths for when space is tight or document type dictates Scan two or more small documents such as business cards simultaneously Scan A3 documents: Automatically pairs A4 pages with overlapping content Productive Win/Mac OS software bundle ScanSnap Cloud takes paper directly to your cloud Please see the following link for the official brochure including full specification. https://www.fujitsu.com/downloads/COMP/fel/scanners/documents/brochures/ix100-eng-brochure.pdf No returns.
  11. I've just started this. Boozy and floral almost to the point of being sickly. I've probably not got the best out of it yet but as a flat white it's tasting fine already. I don't think there's a need to worry too much about shot duration as some seem to be. Fast shots can be where it's at and if it tastes good then that's all that matters. I hadn't read this so the first shot was with the grind setting where I always tend to start. It was fast and long but still drinkable. The second was finer but still fast and tasted better with more to come but it seems pretty forgiving to me so far. Maybe I'll catch up one day and can join in the guessing again. Thanks again.
  12. I'm considering this to reduce the amount of plastic bottles we use. I only buy bottled water for coffee. I'm wondering whether the used filters can be recycled and how the reminerlisation suits in comparison to the Waitrose Essential I use as presumably it can't be altered (unless perhaps, the mineral filter is allowed to run out and it is done manually but that complicates use). Also it seems a cleaning kit is required (or is that included?) and filters are pretty expensive. Hmm.....
  13. Loving this. Currently 18 to 43 in 27s at 94 degrees. Just finishing my first 250g and have given 250g away so 500g left.
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