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  1. Can't remember what machine you have, is it a londinium? If so, I would definitely agree that life will be hard with an EK and 14.5g doses, I think that would suit a lower pressure profile. I would suggest even trying a bigger basket and dose
  2. I usually prefer funky coffees as espresso (and in milk) than V60 - first espresso today was very nice 15 -> 35 in 27s - I think I could push it a bit further
  3. [emoji2373] Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  4. Had a few brews now, not espresso (yet). Flavours I've picked up at various times: Parma violet, lavender, blackcurrant, anise, vimto, smokey rubber Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  5. If alignment is better and no shims are used, then the zero point will have moved out (i.e. would need to turn a bit further to hear burr chirp). You would also expect to be at a slightly coarser setting for the same flow rate once zero point was reset. Don't be afraid of quick shots, most (not all) coffees taste best with ~20s pours for me.
  6. There is no magic brew ratio, it will depend on grind. With too coarse a grind you will have a strong-ish cup but possibly under extracted. With too fine a grind, you will have a very very strong cup and possibly over extracted. With an optimal grind, you will have a stronger-than-average cup with a good extraction
  7. Has your grind setting shifted at all since sanding? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  8. Had a better brew today (higher EY). The flavours are quite unusual, getting something like lavendar coming through today.
  9. First brew, don't think this is washed. Either a clean-ish natural or some new fangled anaerobic fermentation or similar. I get the Parma violets thing, not sure what else I feel like I'm tasting the process more than the coffee
  10. I see - no definitely don't put it in the tank! I just spoon a bit on top of the rubber gasket in the PF.
  11. The reason I asked about grind setting is that 14g is a very low dose to be using with full whack pressure from the lever machine. Personally I would try upping the dose which would allow you to grind coarser, as this may be causing channeling. In my experience you can get away with smaller doses only if you can run at lower pressure, which you can't do with a lever.
  12. Thanks, but my question was for @rob177palmer
  13. Can I ask what grind setting you're on for these 14g doses? And is the grinder accurately 'zero'ed' ? (i.e. is 0 on the dial very close to burrs touching, do you know?)
  14. Yes, when the pressure releases it drains into the drip tray. Where else could it go?
  15. I had a similar issue with the tablets not dissolving properly on my Sage DB. I now use standard powder (not Sage branded)
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