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  1. I was pretty underwhelmed by colonnas on a recent visit. Best experience I had was in nearby Frome in a place called Frama - delicious clever brew of a colonna roasted coffee, and the flat white from their decent espresso machine was the best I can remember having in some time Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  2. Hi all, Sorry really noddy question here, I've searched but can't find an answer. Just taken the group seal out for cleaning and now can't remember which way round it goes - is it smooth side facing up or down? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  3. Sorry, yeah into deionised water Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  4. Never tried this before, but received a sachet as part of James Hoffman's world cupping thing. Mixed as per instructions and made a couple of brews, which tasted really bad. I did a GH/KH drop test on it and it measured 10 GH (general hardness) and 1 KH (carbonate hardness). These are weird numbers, and not what I would be looking for. Even if I measured my water incorrectly, the ratio between these numbers is surely not right
  5. Thanks, will get it sent this week Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  6. Found it lurking at the back of the drawer, Chinese knock-off tamper 58.5mm - height adjustable and sits on top of the basket edge so guarantees a level tamp. £15 posted.
  7. [emoji102][emoji897] Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  8. I've been running a bwt for a couple of years. Am watching the peak water project with interest and would replace it with one of those if it does the job. In my experience the cartridges don't last as long as stated and there is a gradual decline in taste (of coffee, not the water). How hard is your water? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  9. I get a 2.5 litre bottle of de-ionised water from Wilkos
  10. I think it's a nice idea and fairly well priced, will definitely join in. Don't really get the posh jibes personally, he seems like an intelligent guy and generates some interesting content Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  11. Can't remember what machine you have, is it a londinium? If so, I would definitely agree that life will be hard with an EK and 14.5g doses, I think that would suit a lower pressure profile. I would suggest even trying a bigger basket and dose
  12. I usually prefer funky coffees as espresso (and in milk) than V60 - first espresso today was very nice 15 -> 35 in 27s - I think I could push it a bit further
  13. [emoji2373] Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  14. Had a few brews now, not espresso (yet). Flavours I've picked up at various times: Parma violet, lavender, blackcurrant, anise, vimto, smokey rubber Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  15. If alignment is better and no shims are used, then the zero point will have moved out (i.e. would need to turn a bit further to hear burr chirp). You would also expect to be at a slightly coarser setting for the same flow rate once zero point was reset. Don't be afraid of quick shots, most (not all) coffees taste best with ~20s pours for me.
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