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  1. how did you get on, you dont need to take boiler off, there is a simple way. regards
  2. hi,the steam on these machines, although twin boiler is very poor, firstly when the machine is up to temp the following procedure should be followed. Before making coffee oden steam knob and release the pressure until all lights flash, no pulsing will happen, make your coffee then open steam to froth milk, a small amount of water will come out before steam steam is produced. the pump will now pulse, hope this helps. regards
  3. try contacting Saeco gaggia service in london.
  4. sounds like it needs a service, i got mine done by an ex gaggia engineer at gaggia-service.weebly.com he did a first rate job of my classic
  5. for practicality i would go for classic,it is very reliable
  6. in fact i have a classic polished about to go on ebay. lol
  7. the classic is the best gaggia manual machine by far, you could get a decent one for around £150 on ebay. but the inners are the same as baby, for looks go classic, for price go OLD baby
  8. what model is it, i think i know the problem but it would require taking the component plate off, not a big job. email me if you want any more advice [email protected]
  9. pump is the same on all gaggia machines, dont be put off the baby tho, just stear away from the new range, abs, class and twin. you would get an old style one (by far the better ) on ebay for about £80. and its a solenoid model so has less dripping, your carezza has done very well to last so long.
  10. if you have a gaggia manual machine, this guy did me a great service AND he did it at my home, he said he was a former gaggia uk engineer, see http://www.gaggia-service.weebly.com i got fed up of waiting for phillips and he came day after i called him.
  11. when you press the coffee button, can you hear a click, if so the solenoid is ok and needs cleaning, just split the main housing, remove coil then unscrew the housing, a paper clip is ideal for clearing the blockage , hope this helps
  12. should you require a service for gaggia manual machines please see http://www.gaggia-service.weebly.com
  13. i found this website if your after your small manual gaggia servicing http://www.gaggia-service.weebly.com
  14. Hi it sounds like your thermal fuse, or steam thermostat is on the way out.would need replacing. Could also be a faulty CPU board. regards
  15. the one you have is the new style, the old one is larger and fittings are the same, they were used on, classic,tebe,paros,old baby. regards
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