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  1. Agreed, the flat white only just come into Sbux stores, however, i'm not sure on the price..! I'm aware that each partner has to be 'certified' for making these, but again, i'm not sure on the full detail of this.. My first 3/4 attempts were admireable imho, except the rosetta wasn't quite right.... a very small modest rosetta squashed at the side..! more practise i think! -Antony
  2. If I'm on the bar, and I've not finished making their drink, ie. not put the milk in, and they have brought the sugar over, I will offer them to put the sugar in first, before I add the shots/milk; leaving them no need to waste a stirrer, and personally, i always find, if i'm adding sugar, its best to put it in first! But.. if I'm on the till/calling the line, I will politely indicate where we keep our sugar..!! -Antony
  3. But thought I'd introduce myself here for all the new people that I missed..! My name is Antony and I am currently studying for my degree in Computer Science at Kent University, staying in Canterbury in halls, and finally managed to get a job back with Starbucks after trying for about 4months. I was originally employed at Starbucks back in August 07, as a barista, making my way to Store Coffee Master June 08, then leaving the company for Uni in Sept 09. And thankfully I'm hired again as a SCM in a big old cathederal store in Burgate, Canterbury. And, as you can probably tell from my timestamp, my sleeping pattern is completely messed up right now, and I think I will probably trawl through the rest of the posts on here before I even think about going to bed.. :read: But anyway, if you want to get to know me / ask any questions, feel completely free!! -Antony
  4. Hi Tom, just wanted to say a big Hello, as I am also a Starbucks Coffee Master [of one and a half years]. Im curious as to what Store you work in in Swindon, and how long you've been working there, and been a SCM? -Antony
  5. hmmm.. I am looking forward to getting some training on the Flat White.. I have been able to make make Hearts in the normal Tall, Grande and Venti cups, but as I'm only just back into the company, I missed the big hype about Flat White.. It seems all of the big players are now offering this speciality..! I'm very keep to try it, but don't want to waste my money if I get someone who makes it badly.. I'd rather be trained, then try my own.. at least that way i know it will be upto standard.. Anyone else feel this way? Or is it just me..? haha -Antony
  6. Just thought I'd give a bit of info onto a nearly dead thread.. At Starbucks they give a 25p[?] discount to anyone who brings in their own mug, for either takeaway or stay-in. I wouldn't say its a regular occurance.. But occasionally we get the odd person coming in with a T/O cup. As you probably know, Sbux do offer pernament T/O cups, which are generally expensive, and [in most stores] only have the small [Tall] size avaliable. These are all marked proudly with the Sbux logo, and therefore would only be suited to regular Sbux Takeawayers, as they would probably never dream of using them in another store! But, I do like the idea of that KeepCup, and the fact it is customisable.. if they were on the market here in the UK, maybe I would think about buying it to replace my current Tall Sbux one? -Antony
  7. Just further to that post, I have now, after 4 months of wasting time, I have managed to get a job here in Canterbury, where I am studying Computer Science at the University of Kent. I got a job in the Starbucks in Burgate, which is a nice old catherderal store, which gets very busy at the weekends! but thankfully my manager has had 5/6years experience in the store, and has great team leadership skills, driving our store into a great success, making sure that we meet the standards of Starbucks, and making sure that each and every customer gets the level of service that they expect! So, Tim, Chris, if you guys fancy popping insome time, i'm sure the store will be able to change your views of starbucks... hopefully.. -Antony ---- This is a picture of my store when we had lots of snow!
  8. Hello guys, sorry for the very long absence here; Just to answer some questions that I missed a few years ago..[was it that long?!] Tim: I've been in alot of Starbucks in the South of England.. and to be totally honest, the service has been appauling; no eyecontact walking through the cafe, barely any customer service at the till, and a quick glance 'here's your caramel mac' at the bar, generally followed by a search for a free seat and a clear of the table. The service was generally improved once i had shown my Partner Card.. but we all know that is not good enough! However, the last 4/5months I've spent outside of the company, I have not been able to use my Partner card, and therefore, I have experienced Starbucks as a true customer, not a Partner. And in that case, I do find it upsetting when i walk into a store and find messy cafes and unhelpful baristas. Chris, I know exactly what you mean; you want the baristas to be happy, chirpy, but theyre just damn-right rude. This, in my experience, seems to be a company-wide problem. However, upuntil recently, Sbux have had what is called 'Snapshot' [independant company who employ randomers to goto sbux, rate all the different aspects of the service,cafe,drink,food....etc.] which has been very.. 'rigid', scale of 1 to 5 on things, with not alot of room for comment, this has changed now, and there is alot more room for comment, and the ratings are based on actual feelings/experiences rather than trying to 'scale' the experiences. This has led to a more serious and severe snapshot, often bringing the marks down. I'm not sure how much I can say, but as im sure you expect, if the store keeps getting a bad snapshot, then obveously, it is investigated, disciplined and ultimatly shutdown. This being said, there are now 'partner incentives' which are basically, very generous bonuses given to all partners based on the score of snapshot, coupled with the store's profit. With this in mind, hopefully the stores throughout the country will start to get their act together! -Antony
  9. AntonyO

    Hes back!

    Hey guys, sorry i havnt been on for a while, been busy with college and work! Anyway, some news, I won Partner of the Quarter, as far as im aware, its out of the district [hampshire and surrey] but i may be wrong, and because of this, i get to attend a fully paid for lunch with the big bosses of the UK and the other POTQs, [did i say i get paid my hours for going,and travel reimbursed?]. Its all good! so, if any of you guys are in Bristol, let me know and well go grab a cup! Its now been a year [and a month..?] with the old girl, and things in store are still not settled... Management problems.. Anyway!, anyone hear about the [front page, two page spread] about us wasting water? any thoughts..? bet there is! Thing is, the water has to keep flowing to stop any bacteria harvesting in water/on the spoons/in the spout of the tap. seeing as the spoons are ued alot, they get dirty alot, which means the water needs to keep flowing..? am i wrong? [seriously, if i am, let me know] Off subject: Uni open days the next 3 saturdays! really excited about uni, but nervous at the same time! :/ its going to be a really different experience.. any advice? im looking at Oxford Brookes, Bournemouth, Brighton for Computing Science/Software Engineering -Antony
  10. yeahh we do that.. but if you hang onto the bottle long enough.. after it cools you dont need the lid.. and can then recylce it -Ant
  11. Glenn, The old store has been open for about 2-3 years now, to my knowledge.. and yes it still functions.. its inside a busy shopping mall, whereas my store is outside in a smaller shopping mall, literally 5min walk from store door to store door! because the new store is between the main shopping mall, and the train station, we get alot of commuters coming in, and theres an office park near to the trainstation, so we tend to get office workers coming in after theyve finished work. with regards to clients migrating over, there are a few people who i recognise, erm, Grande Americano with Soy forinstance, he comes in, and we all have a chat with him, he stands around for however long, then goes and sits down. turns out that his wife was a major love of starbucks, and that they would often go in and enjoy an americano each with soy milk.. but she has sadly passed on, and he comes in to have the memory of her[even though he visits the new store which wasnt open while his wife was here] and he also gets the nice chat.. and he also seems genuinly interested about how our college careers are going, and its really nice. Theres some other characters that ive seen in my store, but not as often, but whenever i see them in town, or out and about, i always say hello, ask how they are, and they always respond happily and i think that boosts the 'experience' they have in the starbucks store.. [ill explain about the whole Starbucks Experience in a second.] oh, btw Seamus, it wasnt meant to be bullying, jsut joking around [just to clarify that point ] The starbucks experience, is sometimes also called the Third Place, A place that is not in your own out-of-working world, but also out of your working world: somewhere to escape from your troubles and to sit, relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. To create the third place, simple things like, lighting, sound, atmosphere, temperature, tidyness, burbling of chat, clear tables, comfy seats: everything affects the feel of the third place. As a barista, we must always make sure we provide the three Legendary Service Steps which are: -Connect:eyecontact, greeted as they walk through the door -Discover: find out what they want to drink, if they dont know, ask what they like and try and fit a drink around them -Respond: by creating that perfect, hand crafted drink and thanking them for their custom So.. thats a brief bit about the 'Starbucks Experience' More coming soon! [as i stumble upon things of interest to you ] -Ant
  12. AntonyO

    Coffee Cherries

    is it possible to buy/import Coffee Cherries? because, as coffee master, i would like to experience, and share my experience of eating the fruit of our favorite plant.. ive looked all the places i can find on the internet about buying them.. but is it actually possible? -Ant
  13. Well. i have a small [crappy] grinder at home.. that i can use for now.. [its not that bad] and after a while practising ill get a fine grind.. as for machine.. i can get a Gaggia for ~£179, but i can get the Starbucks Barista for ~£150.. both machines look the same, have the steam wand[v. important for me] and im a bit confused what to do.. the starbucks machine claims it can do 4mins solid steam on one tank.. hmm. i guess its just down to the astetics? Also, on this very subject, a couple were in my store earlier today asking about espresso machines, cus they wanted to buy one.. so i talked about my Quest for an Espresso Machine [lol] and they wernt sure if they wanted a steam wand, or a throther, so i told them to go down to Whittards of Chealsea and see how they do [as they do demonstrations (Y)] -Ant So.. Starbucks barista, or Gaggia Classic?
  14. Not strictly 'Green' but food for thought.. You guys may/may not know that milk bottle tops[and the bottle itself] is made of grade '2' plastic HDPE High-Density Polyethylene which is recyclable! Well, at my starbucks store, we save all of our milk bottle tops and me and a partner Alex, spent the day down at southampton where Charity Gift of Sight are based, and we deposited them [three massive seethru bags of milk bottle tops], we went down on the train and got the bus to the General hospital where theyare based[got some funny looks on the way.. :/] Anyway, i think its a good idea, because as a cafe[no matter how big/small you are] your going to use lots of milk bottle tops, and instead of throwing these away, just recylce them, keep a paper bag near your bar, and chuck them in the bag, not the bin;). Then take them to a recycling center, or find a suitable charity to collect them for [southampton Starbucks stores collect for the RSPCA, others collect for different charitys..] Yeah? -Ant
  15. AntonyO

    Hey Guys!

    yeah a blog isnt a bad idea.. although, i may need to make it an annonmous one.. as i would probably moan a bit too much about my work collegues..? and with regards to the server space, i do have my own website..[www.ant-web.co.uk] which i havnt touched for a while.. maybe a project for when i go back to college and i guess thats a plus! i would be shot for drinking alcohol on my break!
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